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  1. With less than 8 hours to go witch one of these teams will take the win?? Good luck to all teams! See you tomorrow!
  2. Last day to pay entry fees this year is Thursday 8/4 as seen on flier above
  3. Last day for venmo payments! As of tomorrow only way to register is by the other methods on the flier. Doing this to avoid paying out of pocket for quick transfer fees on venmo like I had to last year! Thanks to all see you Saturday!
  4. Are these sold? If not I'm corning and would gladly come to Addison for them
  5. No. $60 per track. They sell for 70 each and are still in the package
  6. Brand new Big Jon dual planner board mast with reels and pulleys $420 Also have a Big Jon mast without the reels but it has pulleys I'd let go for $100 Local pick up only near Watkins Glen
  7. A pair of brand new cannon 24"tracks $60 per track pick up only near Watkins Glen
  8. 6 Bert's ratcheting track mount rod holders-$350 Pick up near Watkins Glen
  9. Sounds like everyone likes that event aswell! That's 3 biggest kings correct?
  10. Really like the sounds of that. Sounds similar to the Finger Lakes Trollers association tournaments we fish but on a lake o level. Think I'll be adding that to the list for sure!
  11. Curious aswell on pics and how old it is
  12. Don't imagine the terrova is a model with spot lock is it?
  13. Bobby I'll be down on the west end this year too. Feel free to reach out. Still deciding what port but leaning toward the oak myself
  14. Alright guys I have been a long time finger lakes angler and occasionally lake o. However I recently just upgraded boats and plan to slip on the big lake and fish there all season next year. This past season we fished the Fairhaven challenge on a buddies boat and had a great time. I also learned a ton from tournament fishing the finger lakes and would like to do the same on Ontario. I'm willing to take losses to learn. Would like to hear what everyone's favorite events are on ontario to get in for next year! Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for asking the question in here to clear it up Mike it gets asked every year!
  16. Today the last full day to sign up for the tournament via Venmo! After 9am on 8/6 the only way to register will be direct at the South Seneca Sportsmans club!
  17. Thanks Les! Definitely a shout out to Dylan Margeit and Corey Redditt as well!
  18. Robert-DePue-1. Please include team name and names of all anglers on the boat
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