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  1. looking for fish hawk 840 probe in working condition. My old one finally gave up. Thanks in advance
  2. They can keep it until I get a boat that can't fit under it! but in all reality that place couldn't handle the traffic it would get if you could get any boat out of there. It would make deans cove look like a private launch when it was all said and done. Its bad enough sometimes finding parking there if you done arrive early due to the amount traffic the park itself sees. I love that place but if the launch access was easier it would not be pretty
  3. Here we go! Ready for another great derby. Please contact myself or Dylan Margeit to sign up. Or go to the South Seneca Sportsmans club to sign up in person. New for this year we have added a Venmo option for registration fee, as well as we would like to receive the names of anglers fishing as well as a team name at the time of registration! Can't wait to see you all there!
  4. Bump. Will have derby flyers available this week. Sorry for the late update. Also set up Venmo as a method of payment and this year when you sign up we're going to ask that you give a team name as well as the name of the anglers fishing!
  5. Quick everybody go fish Canandaigua now! Rumor has it its the new hot lake time to leave Cayuga
  6. It just amazes me that they can run this derby and not have trained eyes on board for fish id. Its really not that hard to tell them apart but yet this is an issue every year
  7. I saw that. Thats wild. All I know is it sounds like those guys had a hell of a weekend and were on a good pod of fish. I assumed bait fishing with how many fish they had on the board. Almost a surprise to that they were trolling! They were definitely doing something right!
  8. nice slam there Nick! That ain't easy on the "on life support sea"
  9. There's another on here for 150. I'll give you $175
  10. I dont understand how a derby thats been run for however many years and is as traditional as it is can be run so poorly.
  11. I couldn't help but notice the first fish to lead the derby this year was originally marked as a brown then as it got bumped down it fell into the landlock category???? According to the standings it won the landlock division. Is this just a miss print on the site or the yearly mis-identification that takes place in the NLTD?
  12. I've had quite a few over there this year. Mostly small ones but that one you have there looks pretty big
  13. I'll actually take it even if I have to pay shipping
  14. Interested. Where are you located?
  15. Nick mentioned mags but don't be afraid to go small either. Stinger scorpions are great spoons for browns throughout the season. Also a good tactic while fishing where proper temp meets bottom is to "jig" your rigger ball 3-5ft occasionally. Raise it then wait 3 seconds then lower it back to where you had it ect. Browns often bite when the lure changes speed or course. Make "s" turns aswell. Driving in a straight line on auto pilot is rarely best
  16. As more guys get geared up for the year and start using this site again I want to bump this post to the top. ^^^^
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