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  1. Sounds like everyone likes that event aswell! That's 3 biggest kings correct?
  2. Really like the sounds of that. Sounds similar to the Finger Lakes Trollers association tournaments we fish but on a lake o level. Think I'll be adding that to the list for sure!
  3. Curious aswell on pics and how old it is
  4. Don't imagine the terrova is a model with spot lock is it?
  5. Bobby I'll be down on the west end this year too. Feel free to reach out. Still deciding what port but leaning toward the oak myself
  6. Alright guys I have been a long time finger lakes angler and occasionally lake o. However I recently just upgraded boats and plan to slip on the big lake and fish there all season next year. This past season we fished the Fairhaven challenge on a buddies boat and had a great time. I also learned a ton from tournament fishing the finger lakes and would like to do the same on Ontario. I'm willing to take losses to learn. Would like to hear what everyone's favorite events are on ontario to get in for next year! Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for asking the question in here to clear it up Mike it gets asked every year!
  8. Yes this is a Cayuga lake specific one man legal limit!
  9. Today the last full day to sign up for the tournament via Venmo! After 9am on 8/6 the only way to register will be direct at the South Seneca Sportsmans club!
  10. Thanks Les! Definitely a shout out to Dylan Margeit and Corey Redditt as well!
  11. Robert-DePue-1. Please include team name and names of all anglers on the boat
  12. Alright here we are less than a week away from this event! I would just like to touch base and thank all the people who make this event what it is ahead of time. A ton of great folks donate great prizes for this event and deserve recognition for it. Please check out the some of the following products for some great gear proven to put fish in the boat time after time! Thank you all! Brian Gambell- Gambler rigs& death traps Scott Baldwin- Reel rage trolling spoons Dustin Lott- dlott custom spoons Pat Reynolds- Reynolds custom jigs Harvey O'hara- Troutman87 weighs Last but not least thanks to the South Seneca Sportsmans club to providing a great venue to continue this even year after year and a great chicken BBQ for us hungry anglers! Can't wait to see you all Saturday! Good luck and stay safe! I'll update the payouts on this post Friday when all entries are counted! LET THE ROLL CALL BEGIN!
  13. You can launch anywhere on cayuga lake. Just have to be to the south Seneca sportsmans club before 2pm for weigh in. Fish must be in a cooler on ice
  14. Another week closer! Pic of last years board and payouts! I did realize this is actually the 5th annual coming up! Time flies putting on this great event! Hard to believe its been this long already!
  15. looking for fish hawk 840 probe in working condition. My old one finally gave up. Thanks in advance
  16. They can keep it until I get a boat that can't fit under it! but in all reality that place couldn't handle the traffic it would get if you could get any boat out of there. It would make deans cove look like a private launch when it was all said and done. Its bad enough sometimes finding parking there if you done arrive early due to the amount traffic the park itself sees. I love that place but if the launch access was easier it would not be pretty
  17. Here we go! Ready for another great derby. Please contact myself or Dylan Margeit to sign up. Or go to the South Seneca Sportsmans club to sign up in person. New for this year we have added a Venmo option for registration fee, as well as we would like to receive the names of anglers fishing as well as a team name at the time of registration! Can't wait to see you all there!
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