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  1. It's just another local spoon painter. He does great work and is very reasonable on price. Not to mention the owner is a great guy which makes it very easy to support his business.
  2. Would be really rare for a king or kings to make it through to cayuga. Not saying it couldn't happen but I doubt it would be enough to effect anything
  3. No problem. I know Roy's marina on Seneca as well as fishy business on Keuka both carry them. Best way though is if you have a Facebook contact him there through his reel rage page. Scott Baldwin is an awesome guy to deal with. I use his standard size spoons as for colors you can't go wrong with any of them however a few must haves are Two face, Showcar (color in pic), rod father, and electric muffin. He has many colors and some great quality paint! Out fishes my Michigan stingers when run side x side which is saying something!!
  4. Will do! She's a great small water rig and I've taken her to Ontario aswell on calmer days. Got caught in 5s and 6s out there one day though. That wasn't pretty. However I'm ready to upgrade from the 14ft tiller boat to something a little more comfortable
  5. Yeah only reason I noticed it was the rod tip had a weird vibration to it. Would've been shocked if I caught a giant because the fly was tipped with it 😂
  6. Had a fun morning with my dad fishing Owasco. Wind was a little strong so we didn't travel far. Lucky enough for us we didn't have to. Ended the morning at 10:30 with 5 browns, 8 Lakers, a nice rainbow and a mudpuppy that we caught when a diver with flasher fly kissed bottom in 90ft. REEL RAGE spoons outfished everything else by far. I highly recommend getting some of these if you don't already have some! Also lost a nice bow at the back of the boat that if we weren't just "fun fishing" and were in a tournament we definitely could've got in the hoop. Pleasure boat traffic was a mess at the launch when we got back in but we weren't in a rush after making a short morning out of it.
  7. Thinking out loud here so don't shoot me but maybe Seneca would benefit from 2 or so years of king salmon stocking. The bait population could use some reduction and the lamprey would prey on them and take some pressure off the current fish in the lake until proper lamprecides could be applied. The kings would also did out after 3-4 years with minimal success in spawning so it's not a permanent change. Would also give that lake some awesome sport fishing for a limited time. Could be crazy but then again it could also curb some of the lakes problems and if its an issue where fish literally can't sustain life for more than a few years kings are perfect anyway...
  8. Just stumbled accross this post. I have the same trouble it's rough. However I'm not sure of the age and size of your son I just know it's hard to find them for a 7 year old to allow him to tag along and be comfortable and warm
  9. You apparently don't fish Cayuga
  10. It's addicting. Good try though. I recommend getting yourself a decent Jake decoy. I like the avian quarter strut. Seems every single time I get a bird to see that with a decent looking hen decoy it's game over.
  11. The people in charge of the laws now clearly have never spent any time watching migrations. Something needs to be done. Seasons and bag limits are screwed up from Canada all the way down the Atlantic flyway.
  12. Agree with you 100percent. Rarely ever hear of a bird banded in Quebec/Ontario being killed I'm September either. It's crazy that guys can sit behind a desk and make all the decisions. I honestly hope the populations continue to drop under these new regulations so maybe they can realize just what joker's they are and maybe they took the wrong route
  13. I tagged out on day 2 at 6:25. Took my 7 year old son out on his first turkey hunt(he's been on alot of waterfowl hunts and a few deer hunts). Lots of birds gobbling off the roost and had a couple birds coming. Thought they were longbeards the whole way in, they never once had bad sounding gobbles and at first I could just see their heads and they were big snowball white heads. Then they crossed out infront of us at 10yards and popped into strut and I could tell they were Jakes. I informed him that normally I'd probably let those birds go but they were infact legal birds and would eat good. His heart was racing and he was shaking so hard as he told me to shoot! I let them beat up the avian Jake decoy for a big before I picked out one to take. At that point I could care less if it was a longbeard or a Jake I was honestly more excited on that bird than on Fridays longbeard. Hunter is hooked now and I had one of the most fun hunts of my life and a great memory that will last forever with my son.
  14. Crazy. More AP birds are killed in the last 2 weeks of September than during March and that's undeniable. Piles of ~100 geese and they tell us the March season and regular season are what's hurting the population. Let them go back to the 8bird per person per day during September and put the plugs back in if they want to see a difference....
  15. Jigger is you're part of this group I'd kindly like to ask you to please bring up the March goose season in the southern zone. Extremely disappointing that they got rid of that. It's far more successful in helping to control the populations of the "park geese" that don't leave those parks all September long. If banding data helps, which is what it's for, I'm sure there are many of us I'm the southern tier with band report after band report of local geese killed in the March season. Id bet money that it's more successful than September season is.
  16. Was running late this morning so I decided to run to a spot I saw a gobbler with a hen yesterday. Got set up after the awful walk through a plowed cornfield. Heard some gobbling on roost but they couldn't hear my calling I'm sure due to being roosted over a creek flowing like a river. Made some calls every so often with no response. Decided to get a little aggressive with the calling and throw out some heavy cutting. They hammered 50 yards away up field edge where I couldn't see em. Looked out in field and saw 3 hens coming on a string then looked over my right shoulder and had 3 deer coming at 15 yards and looking right at me. Thought I was screwed then 2 longbeards popped out on field edge to my right and ran at the avian Jake and began to kick the crap out of him. (Pour guys has had a bunch of a** kickings) was picking which one to shoot when another stepped out that was a bit nicer than the other 2. Then to my surprise the other 2 laid down in full strut next to Jake decoy while the bigger boy started pecking mud off his own toes. Waited til he stretched the neck out and let it rip. Scared the hell outta the deer that were 5 yards behind me at that point and the other 2 birds milled around in decoys for 20min (The one day I didn't bring a buddy to try for a double). Was a great morning though and makes me laugh at the guys who think they need to spend $10 per shell to run TSS through their 12gauge. When you can get em in to 10yards any ol load will do. Dead bird by 6:10! Awesome opener!
  17. Like Mike said ramps are open so this is no longer an issue however it's the country I love too. Myself and many others wouldn't be too coward to stand up for something we believe in. Especially if it hurts literally no one!
  18. Are you lake Ontario only or do you fish finger lakes aswell? If you fish finger lakes occasionally i second the 300 and 200. If you're lake o only the 300 and 400 are my vote
  19. Good news! Remember your state officials tried to pull this come next election
  20. Saturday April 25th let us show these state officials that they are over stepping their bounds and stepping all over OUR freedoms. They can NOT keep us off OUR property. At 7am sharp on April 25th us as boaters can calmly protest our rights while still maintaining social distancing guidelines and following the 6ft rule. Arrive at any launch across the state, launch your boat and go enjoy your day. You will not catch this virus on the water in you're own damn boat. We can all sit here and try to be internet hero's or we can stand up for our freedoms. It's your choice. They can't and won't stop us all!
  21. I feel ya. I was hoping for a good surface bite too but I fished flatlines April 1st and March 26th with only 4 fish each day then a half a day Saturday that was looking like similar results. Knew it was time for a change. Water temp needs to come up a hair yet then it'll be game on.
  22. Fished south end Saturday went 14 for 17. 10lakers 4 salmon one salmon was 6lbs. Biggest Laker probably 8.5lbs. we opted to ditch the flatlines and run more cores and a short copper out a touch deeper and did better. (We pulled flatlines til 9 before switching over)
  23. suttontroller94

    Sold / Closed 22' Sea Nymph GLS

    Do you have a pic of cuddy?
  24. O I agree it's foolish for a captain to take it. I'd imagine merchant Mariner would probably qualify for boaters safety. That's something to look into but you'd think
  25. I agree with all that. I was taught the same way. My issue is the people who come to the finger lakes from the city and elsewhere who hardly ever operate a boat but maybe once or twice a year
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