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  1. March season definitely isn't the best for it either but at least then the limit is only 5 and you need plugged guns however unfortunately we know New York won't take any responsibility for ultimately having a big role in this problem. I'm sure September season will remain the same days and March won't change because too many people complain about goose poop in parks and think of geese as a whole instead of the differences in the migratory and resident populations
  2. Kevin this has been a topic of discussion recently with alot of my hunting buddies. Hate to say it but New York needs to take a little responsibility for killing alot of Atlantic flyways migratory canadas during last 2 weeks of September every year for the last 2 years our state is just as much at fault as Canada. Just my opinion however 50-100 bird piles 90% of the time are not resident honkers
  3. There is another guy in trollers association that runs rigs off otter boards aswell. Interesting to see it done and not easy to duplicate. Yet highly effective. Makes those high water column leaders more productive being away from boat aswell
  4. Awesome feather pattern on that banded bird we had a good hunt this am aswell not amazing numbers for us but ended up with some jewelery. One banded and one banded and collared
  5. A lot of the typical 40,60,80 birds feeds this year but I will say I'm happy with the amount of 100+ bird feeds and the 250-300bird feed im watching now aswell! Dont usually see those so early in September
  6. Ok who's with me? I'm getting antsy Sept. 1st can't come fast enough!
  7. I will say though Brian I've watched your videos and it's highly impressive!
  8. Same thing happens on my boat I've just gotta crank it up by hand haha it is faster than most electrics just tires you out after first 20 fish hit the deck then it goes a little slower
  9. I use manual scotty's and bring a gallon of water to drink makes a man outta ya
  10. I use manual scotty's and bring a gallon of water to drink makes a man outta ya
  11. Highly recommended Garmin products!
  12. Sampson is open or was yesterday atleast
  13. Regular size dreamweaver always do well on my boat in many colors aswell Michigan stinger scorpions
  14. Fished yesterday and absolutely destroyed the lakers doing east/west and west/east troll between tfalls and the east side plenty of big ones just put Spin Doctors 100-120 ft down and hang on when we hit fish (usually 2 or 3 at a time) I'd Mark on GPS and every time we'd hit waypoint again it was always same fish on same rigs of the same size class
  15. it was epic for sure we had over 36lbs and got our butts kicked!
  16. Very good report! Enjoy the learning curve it's the best part about finger lakes fishing take it one step at a time!
  17. Looking forward to it Kayslay! Final week guys get those entries in!
  18. Thanks Les it was a grind for sure we didn't catch that fish until like 3:20 he made us work for it!
  19. Update: Gambler Rigs has donated a BUNCH of his rigs and Harvey O'hara has donated a set of his rigger weighs! Don't miss out on your chance at some great prizes and plenty of cash!
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