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  1. What would your go to bait be on your copper set up? Because it’s so much to feel and change, what the lure or combo FF you would put on majority of the time? GreasyLuck
  2. I’d be available for any tournament from Rochester East to Henderson. GreasyLuck
  3. How would someone go about becoming an observer during any of the salmon tournaments this summer? GreasyLuck
  4. I have a Scotty downrigger that the swivel release lever broke. Anyone know a place that can replace parts or sells parts near Mexico, Oswego area? Thanks in advance GreasyLuck
  5. Anyone fish the bay out of fairhaven state park for Browns this time of year? GreasyLuck
  6. I’d like to fish thru October for Browns in Oswego. Once water cools do you go back to shallow water with boards like spring? Any tips will be helpful GreasyLuck
  7. 16’ trailer, new tires and wheels, working tilt jack, hand winch, lights worked last fall when parked. $550 GreasyLuck
  8. Tournament in Oswego Saturday, just a heads up to the extra traffic GreasyLuck
  9. Is there a way of identifying if a particular spoon is uv or not? I have over 400 in a bait file. GreasyLuck
  10. Looking for a 300 and or 400 copper set up, rod and reel preferably. Message me or txt 607-643-2321 GreasyLuck
  11. Went out of the beach this morning, easy getting in not so nice taking boat out. Picked up two browns early then back to back small Kings in 65fow down 45 on riggers before the heavy rain. Green alewife spoon. Probably not going to be able to launch at the state park by next weekend GreasyLuck
  12. Anyone know if the state launch in Fairhaven park is open? GreasyLuck
  13. Fished 9 hours Monday from 50-150 trolled all directions tried many different sets and spoon patterns never moved a rod east or west of the shoot. Just goes to show you every little detail matters and some days you can’t catch em and the next boat is doing great GreasyLuck
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