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  1. Looking for 2 electric Scotty downriggers. Would like 2000 series but will take 1116 model. Cash in hand or can trade 2 cannon mag 20s with some cash. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. When fishing browns in the spring with stick baits do you remove the front hook to reduce fowl hooks? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Fish Hawk x4 lcd display and power chord for sale. $250. This is display only no probe or transducer. One used one season, still has protective cellophane on screen, works as should I just upgraded to the x4d. Will ship GreasyLuck
  4. Fish Hawk x4 PCs head unit and probe for sale, only the two no transducer or power cable. I upgraded to the x4d. $500 +shipping or pick up in Oswego GreasyLuck
  5. I’ll take box 2 GreasyLuck
  6. It was a terrible day for kings out of Oswego went 100-600, stayed around 375 for awhile with nice green water no takers but did manage this beauty Atlantic 32” and 13#. GreasyLuck
  7. Fish Hawk x4 lcd display and probe for sale. I have upgraded to the x4d. Unit is one year old and works great. Display lists for $350 and probe $200. I’m asking $400 for the pair. I can arrange pickup or shipping. GreasyLuck
  8. Fish Hawk x4 display and probe for sale. ONLY the display and probe, no power or transducer cables. Unit is one year old and works as should. I upgraded to the x4d. $500, can be picked up in Oswego any Saturday or Sunday or can ship at buyers expense. GreasyLuck
  9. Sadly there are many times I’ve been almost run over by large charters. But thankfully I’ve met many more great and helpful charter captains over the years. GreasyLuck
  10. What would your go to bait be on your copper set up? Because it’s so much to feel and change, what the lure or combo FF you would put on majority of the time? GreasyLuck
  11. I’d be available for any tournament from Rochester East to Henderson. GreasyLuck
  12. How would someone go about becoming an observer during any of the salmon tournaments this summer? GreasyLuck
  13. I have a Scotty downrigger that the swivel release lever broke. Anyone know a place that can replace parts or sells parts near Mexico, Oswego area? Thanks in advance GreasyLuck
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