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  1. GreasyLuck

    Summer boat parking

    Anyone know of a place you can rent a space to store your boat in the summer near Oswego? Someplace you can pull the boat out when you want fish and bring it back. GreasyLuck
  2. I have 2 Great Lake Angler three rod adjustable trees. $100 plus shipping or local pickup in Utica or syracuse. GreasyLuck
  3. Looking for two planner reals with line and pulleys. With or without the mast, want to mount them to current rails. Pm me if you have anything GreasyLuck
  4. Where are you located GreasyLuck
  5. 10'6" rods still for sale? Where are you located Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. GreasyLuck

    Meyers 8/26

    Fished out of Meyers north this morning. 6am-1, 340 fow 2 lakers and three small LL. Dipsys 244 and 270, riggers 100-60. Gold and orange spoon and lemon flutter devil took all Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. GreasyLuck

    Cayuga tips

    Hi all, I'm headed to Cayuga this weekend since the wind is stirring up lady O this week. I'm planning to launch out of Treman state park on the south end. Just wonder which side of the lake to go up first thing and any ideas where to set up? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. im new to fishing Ontarioand kings, I've gone out of Oswego and Fairhaven. I have a day off tomorrow and was looking for any helpful advise to get me started in the morning. Obviously I expect to guess and experiment but anything someone could offer would be greatly appreciated to cut the time down.
  9. Fished out of Oswego this morning, was it slow for everyone or just me? Saw a couple boats hooked up but had no luck. Wasn't sure it the front from earlier this week was still effecting fish