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  1. Thanks buddy! Just looked back at a memory and my previous boat best was 8lb 9oz caught today!
  2. Went to do a little recon mission yesterday. Launched at 630 and pulled lines at 1100. Slow pick however the few we got were quality. The water is changing fast and the next few weeks are when it changes the most so from here on out it can be different every day for a few weeks. We landed a boat best 9lb landlock that was just full of piss and vinegar from the hit to the net. Also a 7lb brown and a 4.5lb landlock and a 5lb laker although we were doing our best to avoid them. All fish were released to fight another day!
  3. That's good news! That means the Margeit derby will be August 10th and there will be no interference
  4. Was good to meet you fisherdude and Billy it was good to help you feast on some of those fresh perch!
  5. On a side bar I cant wait to see the results of the spring barney and bears derby. I've heard of more big browns coming out of cayuga than ever before and plenty of great Lakers too! It's going to be a showdown for sure
  6. I believe in this for Lakers and bows but its irrelevant for browns and even landlocks for that matter. Once they hit 6lbs they tend to add girth quicker than length
  7. I'm gunna throw it out there and say 27inches and this shape that fish is 10.5 or bigger those football shaped fish are really hard to judge
  8. Ditto on 12lb seagaur. I run different weights for different applications on the finger lakes 10#,12#,15# and 20#. All red label seagaur. I also double and triple check line often. Any knicks, knots, or off coloring I change it out and dont risk it!
  9. There we go Brian! Do they still make the spin n glows that are the size of a cue ball?
  10. Joey you stay outta here! There's no such thing as suspended lake trout!😂
  11. Often our best days we fish in 300-450fow with gear down 80-120 Brian and its simple fishing. Our biggest boxes this year came from doing this and some of our highest quantity catches
  12. This is a very interesting post. Seems to be about a 50/50 split of guys who catch bigger fish off the bottom and guys who catch bigger fish suspended! Guess they are both places
  13. Theres a big difference in Lakers on Ontario vs the fingers. In the fingers often those suspended Lakers are pretty easy to catch. Run a spin doctor and fly or the right spoon in the area your seeing those marks ESPECIALLY from July through September when those Mark's are 80-100 down over deeper water
  14. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up do NOT use the far south launch ramp at Treman. There is a log at the end that myself and another boat both kissed with our props this morning. No damage was caused at least to my rig however I would hate to see someone do damage! Water is still low aswell so be careful on any of the ramps and on your way out!
  15. I agree with nick here. Kings are a dime a dozen big landlocked Atlantics are far more appreciated in my book! As far as fishing them it's very similar to fishing kings. One thing to remember is if you can catch quantity while trolling drop your baits down deeper and often you'll find the bigger ones there!
  16. Are you asking about the different strategies to fish each?
  17. You can always find a place to cast at tughannok park
  18. Anyone who is interested in these riggers i highly recommend them I use them on my boat and they are the best manuals on the market! Really solid too. I wouldn't hesitate to run a 16lb ball if you wanted to! Good luck with sale!
  19. Theres no hook requirement anymore. However your limited to 5 lures
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