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  1. if we could find a way to get together id buy this but you live a long ways from me can we figure this out?
  2. if boat is still availeable am interested we need to chat
  3. I wioulod be real interesested when can we meet up ley me know if its already sold! rick garbutt
  4. ill take it for 7500 write me back if still availeable
  5. concider these sold please get back to me when you can..
  6. if this boat is still available would like to see it and talk about purchase
  7. so we need to figure out we can get together at some point
  8. would like to see it very interested.. is out at point breeze?
  9. 135a Whitehall dr. Rochester,ny. 14616... rick garbutt
  10. I will take 2&3 for 35 a piece will have the check on the way by the weekend
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