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  1. That's the other boat I was looking at when I bought my Lund (same year). I have an almost identical setup, and I only wish I had more time to use it. Too many toys lol. Good luck with your sale. Yamaha 115 engines are bulletproof.
  2. Our subtroll lasted forever, but I don't regret switching to the X4D...yet. That coated cable was the cause of at least three probes that reside on the bottom of Lady O. At least they were only $199 as opposed to what...$349? That'll take a bite.
  3. Yeah, it was a long time ago...did you see that picture of Gambler? He was only a wee lad then lol.
  4. I contacted Chad yesterday. Both Maxwell and Maxwelll- two accounts created in early April for the sole purpose of stealing your money - have been deleted. But it's up to us to be aware. This brave new world we live in doesn't always play nice.
  5. Everything Justin said is spot on. I use the VMC boxer heads from 1/8 to 3/8 depending on conditions, and both the swing impact and fattie are go-to rigs. I particularly like the smallmouth magic when fishing multi-species.
  6. I'd want to know where my seller was located, so that I could perhaps arrange pickup rather than shipping. If they won't say, then it's a no go, particularly if the seller isn't a known entity on the board. I had a guy ship me an empty downrigger box once (from Louisiana) - I had filed an initial complaint with PayPal after not receiving anything, and the guy started sending pictures of the box ready to be shipped, waiting at the post office, etc... Eventually, he quit responding and PayPal refunded my money. It is amazing the lengths people will go to perpetuate a scam.
  7. What a coincidence! You looking and Scotty selling at the same time.
  8. Shot not have to dock next to a newbie! I'll be happy sitting between Scotty and Brian - if we bump uglies, it's nothing that hasn't happened before lol.
  9. It doesn't take much to remind us we're not immortal. Critical safety equipment in every kayaker's go bag should include a tow rope, a whistle (by law), and a hand pump. And I agree that everyone should swamp their kayak at least once to see whether they're capable of recovery from in the water. Inflation bags bow and stern can help sit-in models. Most importantly, have a plan. You were smart with your rescue approach. He's lucky you were there.
  10. What he said, except that we like 8' inside and 9.5' outside rods. Deploy them out slowly, too. I will often let them spool out under drag on their own while setting other rigs.
  11. Somehow, I don't think Brian's going to agree to be part of this deal lol. But if you want to drop the hooks with Tommy next time you're there, I'll have him front the $ and catch up with him when I'm at the marina. Unless somebody else wants them prior to then, in which case no big. Thanks!
  12. Would you take a Gambler lap dance for the Blood Run hooks?
  13. Try to match the other guides, but use something with a silica nitride or silica carbine (SiN or SiC) insert from Fuji or a Tungsten Carbide from American Tackle. There's a variety of options for heavy duty boat rods, but I'm assuming you will be looking for a spinning rod type frame. Mudhole Tackle is a good place to start. John Powell is on the board and can likely repair it. I think he's over by you.
  14. As long as you're jigging them, one at a time is how you will roll lol. I dream of being able to jig lakers off Sandy like we used to off the Niagara Bar...hundreds of fish a day, literally. But the current over this way makes it a different game. Give a shout next time you're going to do it, and we will share what we know. You're always welcome on Nothin' but Net, as well.
  15. We used to hunt them all the time, and it was a blast. But I have a buddy who bowhunts but won't hunt crow on his land because of a childhood experience. He lived in northern CA, and there was a crow that they'd feed by hand, his sister and him - it would return year after year and walk to school with them - this went on for five or six years, until the crow presumably died. So yeah, I'd say that they are pretty smart birds. I still shoot them when I can.
  16. I noticed that our own Legacy's picture made it into the NY Outdoor News this past issue. Best buck entry. Of course, the deer looks happier to be dead that he does to be holding it lol. But we know he's smiling on the inside...
  17. I recall asking fishermen on here to keep lamprey for us to clone a particular types of channel from their blood cells - which unlike mammals are nucleated and contain genetic material. It was actually a success, though the project didn't go anywhere.
  18. Only academic liberals are allowed to fish from college property. You have to take a test and they give you a card for your windshield. lol
  19. DEC website is referring specifically to the zones North of the buoys that mark the travel boundaries - very small portions of each lake. The rest is fair game.
  20. I recall there being a few threads that discuss this topic in even more depth than the excellent suggestions here. Take a quick search and I bet you can find them. We use 8' and 9.5' rods as suggested, short inside deep run toward the stern with rod holders 18" apart on the gunnel. #1 and #3 settings. Don't mix wire and brain or mono. Let things out slowly, avoid gnarly current days.
  21. Okay, that's just funny. I've never tried to type the word S E X in a thread before, and it got changed to fun loving. Obviously I'm not referring to the act but the physical descriptor. Deer don't have gender, since they don't have self-perception, and so the S-word is appropriate. ROFL.
  22. I try to forget my past year's struggles as soon as they're over lol! I keep photos of my DEC bowhunting log from forever, and my records show three weeks in October this year that rotted. This coincides with camera activity. Past years generally had more sightings, but less time overall in the woods too, so it's tough to compare, and there are always factors beyond the pale that impact perceived success. For example, last year during the peak rut it seemed like I couldn't sit in a stand without a neighbor shooting and tracking a deer right under me. Go figure. It's also easy after the season ends and the doe have herded up to have a skewed idea of numbers, particularly if you're on the best food source in town. I will be interested in seeing final harvest numbers from DEC, but even that doesn't tell the entire tale. How many of us here pass on bucks until we see our "shooter"? The bowhunter sightings logs are at least unbiased in terms of your decision-making - it's based on how many of what fun loving deer you see while in the stand, on a per hour, per location basis. I have never tried to access that information myself though. Anybody else tried?
  23. So, from what I know, COVID doesn't have a clinical manifestation in deer. They can carry it, but don't suffer the consequences we do. And I haven't found any dead deer on my properties, despite lots of walking over the past year and a half. We saw and shot more deer this year than most. I've heard similar from a bunch of folks, but the opposite from others. It's seemed like quite the feast or famine out there. Certainly the wife and I saw ample tracks in the snow this afternoon at our Albion property, so they're still around. I suspect that the crazy wet year and lack of mast significantly impacted normal patterns. It's just so tough to tell what's going on from a single year's experience...
  24. Yeah, that makes sense. I've had the broadhead break off inside before. If you positioned in next to the broadhead, or even made a broadhead that had something itself...it might even give you better punch, being slightly heavier. Sounds like an opportunity for a young inventor/investor.
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