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  1. It's always worth revisiting this information. Two common types of insidious approaches that I've seen used recently, which may apply to items purchased here indirectly in one case, but just an FYI in the other. You may receive an "invoice" or notice of payment in your messages thanking you for your purchase, but you didn't purchase anything. And so you try to follow up to figure out what's going on, and that's where they get you. Never click any links provided or provide any information to these clowns. Delete, ignore, move on. You may get a phone call from somebody who sounds like one of your loved ones - common themes are relatives who've been arrested or in an accident and need money for lawyers, hospital, etc...grandparents are perfect victims here. Taking two seconds for due diligence is the smart play. We recently had some friends nearly fall prey to this scam, and even as bright, educated individuals, their emotions got the best of them. The scammers, who were supposedly municipal employees for the police department, said they accept payment in Bitcoin, and that's a red flag lol. They simply picked up the phone and called their son, who was fine and oblivious, as college students are on Saturdays...
  2. Free to a good home. This XL vintage jacket was my Dad's...it's used, but clean. There are no tears, the buttons are intact, and the inside looks perfect. Given that it's been in my basement for twenty years, it may need to have some wax applied. Pick up in Rush or I can probably get it somewhere up by the lake like Sandy Creek. Pm me, and I'll post once it's gone.
  3. IMHO, it's going to matter what kind of conditions you're fishing. Calm to slight breeze, spot lock....sure. Easily. Twenty mile an hour in-your-face stiff breeze, trolling using the motor...maybe, maybe not. That's where the boat you're fishing will kick in. I'd bet good money that you'd have power to spare with a 16' Lund. But try the same with a 21' Ranger and it might be a different story. Also, although there are significant weight savings to Lithium and, unlike alkaline batteries that provide less top end power as they discharge, lithiums give their all right down to being completely depleted. Still, at the end of the day, 100 Ah is 100 Ah.
  4. When I went on Avid Armor to check out models, I got sucked in by this "Magic Vac" made in Italy that they offered through their site. It sounded great and was steeply discounted. Over the course of a month it developed two issues. First, a burr showed up under the sealing element that began to burn holes in the seal itself. This is something in the bar itself and isn't cleanable. It likely requires replacement of the entire element. Second, the vacuum began to release prior to the seal being tight. May as well have been using zip lock bags. Bottom line is avoid Magic Vac. It appears that Avid Armor has discontinued handling their brand, and perhaps the reason they were discounted was because they're a POS. This opinion does not extend to Avid Armor itself, as I've heard nothing but good things.
  5. Can’t let my buddy see this. He’ll be out there shed hunting tomorrow.
  6. I should just take the rest of the cell cams down now. It's all over but for the crying.
  7. You know the season is over when a buck shows up on camera for the first time in weeks...
  8. Holy crap. I don't think I've taken that many pictures in my entire life. It looks like you have a great year! I particularly like the muskies, and kid pictures are a perennial favorite. That last one pulls the heart strings.
  9. I agree with Chowder regarding emerging fisheries, but I think that Brian is referring to more susceptible niche populations of fish where the pressure suddenly explodes. In many cases, the increased traffic is simply due to increased exposure and an "exploitation of convenience" by regional anglers who suddenly become aware of an opportunity. Everybody should be able to enjoy our resources, but I strongly feel that value and respect is proportional to effort, and it doesn't take much to read a hero post. Recent advances in electronics means that there's nowhere for fish to hide anymore. Internet exposure is like painting a target on their backs.
  10. Reminds me of an old Pat McManus story about borrowing his buddy's gun and being able to clap behind his back using his shoulder blades after sighting it in, but never getting up the courage to pull the trigger during the season - even when a big old buck presented a shot opportunity lol. My slug gun was my best buddy and worst nemesis. Since the advent of rifle hunting here, it's been either my MZ or .270, and I haven't shot a deer with the slug gun in years. I haven't missed it at all.
  11. Looking forward to lots of sausage at the BFF weigh-in.
  12. I've shot the Barnes SpitfireMZ with 110 grains BH209 for years with great accuracy and deadly results. Caveat here is that I'm not trying to group a round of six; I generally only shoot two and if they're both within an inch of center at 75 yards, I'm good. On the other hand, I have a buddy who grabbed a CVA Accura LR (long range) and has had nothing but issues with it when shooting BH209. It appears to leave an oily residue in the barrel, and his groupings can only be called that in theory. Eventually, after a few shots, there would be a lag in firing, as if the powder was having trouble igniting, and yes he uses shotshell primers. He did install a muzzle break, which I've no experience using with MZ, and the BH209 was new from the factory, so it shouldn't be the power (but both bottles performed the same). Eventually, he changed out the breech plug and moved back to Triple Seven. It does kinda negate the benefits of having the LR model, but at least he was able to dial it in. So, there's another example of an Accura with issues, though perhaps not quite the same? Unless Rob, were you observing an oily coating at the end of your barrel after shooting? Maybe there's something to this idea of a bad batch of guns.
  13. It sounds like your Dad was a man who thought more about others than himself - he had to know he was in rough shape, but he really wanted you to get that opportunity, and fate or a higher power delivered. Prayers.
  14. Congratulations! Rob will be proud...she kept a straight face for photos lol. I love the whole Dad panicking to make sure all the ducks are in a row and the kid just getting it done. Been there. Big trust builder.
  15. I pulled at least twenty off the dog yesterday, including one embedded in his belly, after hiking the hills above Canadice. I can't believe how bad they are this year. I've never had a tick on me once in the years we've owned land on the West side, and I work outside with a chainsaw year round. And yet Brian picked five off his clothes last week there. It's Tickagheddon.
  16. Lithium batteries will break the bank. Get a 10Ah 12V and run it in a Remington gasketed ammo box. The entire setup is ~$60 (less if you go with an 8Ah battery - I use Nermak), it's bulletproof, lasts the entire season, and should keep on keeping on season after season. And you can use the batteries during ice season to power your other stuff. Remember that lithiums do require a unique charger, and make sure that the power cord adaptor is the right size for your camera (build your own or buy cheap from Amazon).
  17. And I heard the other one tried to pass a counterfeit $100 at a bowling alley or something. Once a cheat, always a cheat.
  18. Ticks have been active with the warmer weather. Be aware and check yourselves over, particularly in the short nasties. Lyme disease is no joke.
  19. Lots of small bucks walking around. Zero doe for three guys though. Out again this evening. Rob - were you using that Ozonics that you got delivered on the 14th when you shot your buck? I use ozone on my clothes, but never in the tree. Not something I'm likely to use, just wondering.
  20. Ditto. Does have become more scarce and button bucks are running hot laps around the woods.
  21. OMG, that struck a funny bone this morning. So true...DG is everywhere.
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