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  1. So I made the switch, to USCG approved LED distress signal / flare replacement. Was wondering if anyone else made the switch and what you thought about the electronic device vs the standard pyro flare? If you haven't seen them yet, check out www.siriussignal.com . Aside from remembering to change out dated flares, I didn't like the idea of a hot fire on the boat when you are already in trouble.....
  2. Launched out of Wilson around 7. Found a nice inside bite 150-250 FOW. Lots of bait and the steelies were aggressive. Also managed 2 kings. All on dipsies, out 130-150. Spoon bite, Purple and black early then the Fat Nancy produced for the rest of the day. Boxed out at 2pm. Great trip.
  3. Went out of Oswego last week, found a few browns around the harbor, but we worked for them. We wanted to check out the Nine Mile power plant discharge area, but that is apparently shut down for repairs, so no warm water there.
  4. Did this same job to an old Bluefin I used to own. (1996 I think, boat was a 1985) Remove the old plywood carefully, it will become your template to cut out the new pieces. My plywood was riveted to the stringers, I had to buy rivets from Fastenal, there was nothing at the local hardware store that was even close. I bought the vinyl floor covering and glue from Bass Pro, they had an exact match for my boat. Take your time and use stainless hardware to upgrade anything that wasn't originally stainless, mine came out great, better than new and it was a great experience. I had zero problems with it and sold it in 2015 to buy a bigger boat.
  5. The Trench is between Stony Island and Stony Point near Henderson Harbor.
  6. Anyone having any luck with the browns from Fair Haven to the trench? Thanks.
  7. That's awesome! We were a little further West in front of the stacks, had some knock offs in 100' but never got hooked up... Maybe next time.
  8. It's actually a municipal launch, with room for about 10 rigs, not too big.
  9. Sounds good. FYI also forget about Sacketts Harbor, the launch is under construction, not sure when that will be ready. That was the launch I picked until we got there......
  10. My son and I were just up to Dexter a week ago. We launched at the ramp next to the falls. Trim your motor up, there are some skinny spots with submerged rocks. Be SURE to stay between the bouys as you enter the bay. We saw some nice marks suspended but couldn't get anything to go so we messed around with the perch near the bay mouth.
  11. Just wondering if anyone is having any luck?
  12. I saw several cats cruising in the Stony Creek access while heading out to the lake that were just enormous! I'd love to tangle with one some time...
  13. Anything good happening out of Sodus or Fair Haven? Thanks in advance.
  14. Any luck? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Very weedy out by the point, the fleas were almost non existent, but I was clearing weeds from rigs constantly.
  16. Had planned to go out of Oz until I read about the closure, (Thanks Bigwalleye) . Then figured everyone from Oz would go to Mex, so instead we went up to Henderson to check out the Trench and then do a South troll toward the Salmon river. Found a ton of boats working Stony Point, but no rods or nets moving... Temp in the trench was bathwater 80 on top and 75 at the bottom. Made an attempt to head out of the mouth of the trench and was greeted by 4' swells, the wind was now south blowing right at us from the plant at Oswego, so we hung out around Stony washing lures and called it at 3. Better than mowing grass I guess.....
  17. 160' was a good place to start out in front of the plant...
  18. I was up on the 10th. Launched out of Oz, couldn't ask for a nicer day..... Started searching around 150, and set up around 180. Fish were scattered, (as were the boats) and the temp break was easily seen on the graph, confirmed with the Hawk. Lots of fleas and we had 1 hit on a dipsy out at 150 with a chicken wing and one it on a lead core out 10 with a flasher fly. Slow day. Trolled out to 525, before calling it.
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