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    Skaneateles SKAN 12-15-21

    Tried from shore again this morning for a couple hours. Southeast wind was stronger at sunrise than expected and shifted to a pretty strong south. No hits but water clarity was very poor beyond casting distance due to the high water and wind. Probably the last time out, but I have caught 'bows between Christmas and New Year's before.
  2. Not large, just 16.5". I typically would have released the fish, but it was hooked badly and bleeding.
  3. Fished from shore on the mornings of 11-16-21 and 12-5-21 for rainbows. No hits in three hours on the first trip. Yesterday produced two hits and one keeper. Both mornings were light winds. Hope to get out again.
  4. Not an expert on Otisco's eyes, but I do know they are alewife feeders. Lots of marks near the bottom along shore as well as some suspended fish adjacent to schools of bait. There were quite a few guys fishing just off shoreline on Saturday.
  5. Trolled Saturday morning in search of walleyes. Only landed a 27-inch catfish on a stickbait. Lots of marks but could not get them to hit. A few other guys out trolling as well.
  6. Yes, I have heard browns being caught in Skan, but I have never landed one. Glad you got into some fish. I will try again when the lake cools a down a bit.
  7. Launched out of State Ramp this morning and went south in search of RT and LLS. Never connected after 3 hours of trolling. Marked quite a few fish down 80-90 which were probably LT. Only a couple of marks higher. Water clarity is poor for Skan, which for me typically means poor fishing. Quite a few bass guys out. Surface temp was 65.
  8. walnut109

    Sold / Closed Otisco 9-11-21

    Fished from 6:30 to 12:30 today. Good screens, but only managed a 32 inch tiger, a 17 inch smallmouth and a 23 inch catfish. Lost 4 fish. Quite a few guys trolling. Never saw a net move. Not much on the screen over the deep flats.
  9. Great rainbow. Glad somebody is getting out on Skan. Heavy rains have always slowed the fishing for me. Hope to get out soon. Any yes, Skan RT and LLS are very good table fair.
  10. Fished out of state launch from 5:45 to 9:45. 2 smallmouths, 1 laker and 1 undersize rainbow. Fair amount of perch fry 20 to 30 feet down on west side. All fish caught on riggers down 35 feet. A couple other guys trolling today too.
  11. Yes, both female and both had nicely formed egg sacs.
  12. The bullhead was released. Got a couple in October last year that I ate. Pretty good size and delicious table fair.
  13. walnut109

    Skaneateles SKAN 12-13-20

    Fished a couple hours this morning from shore. Only managed one large bullhead. A few light bites, but nothing substantial.
  14. Here are some caught in 2019. Much fatter.
  15. Today's fish are definitely thinner than the last two years. The flesh is also not the bright orange I am accustomed to, but they will be great table fare anyways. Unfortunately I did not get out this summer and only tried from shore this past week, so my overall observations are limited. Great rainbows any way you look at it.
  16. 11-30-20: Fished from shore in the morning for 3 hours. No hits except for tiny perch stealing worms. 12-6-20: A bit cold, but better bite. Four hits and landed a 22" and 23" rainbow. Both are thinner than I would have expected. The lake is low, and just like last year I found fish to be out deeper.
  17. My deer season so far. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Caddyshack+You+Will+Get+Nothing+and+Like+It&&view=detail&mid=093C1B14E5F54580E477093C1B14E5F54580E477&&FORM=VRDGAR
  18. walnut109

    Skaneateles SKAN 10-6-20

    Launched out of the State ramp today looking for LLS and RT on the southern half of the lake. Trolled from 7:00 to 10:30. Surface temp was 62. Lots of marks down 75 to 90. Nothing high. Had one hit high is all. Dropped down to see if any LT would be active Unfortunately, they were not. Switched to perch and only managed some smaller ones, rock bass and a pickerel. Found some schools, but they were finicky at best. The lake is low and I heard south end launches are not accessible. Definitely my worst outing for coldwater species in years. Should have stayed on the north end maybe. A few perch guys out. Nobody else trout fishing that I saw.
  19. Happy to hear you got out. I have not been out yet this year, which is unfortunate. Skan can be tough or great. Three years ago I ago we couldn't keep the rods in the water one day and then only two fish the next day. The weather and wind was nearly identical, so I have no idea why fishing was poor the second day. Fish should be feeding heavily on perch schools now and the key is to locate the bait. You may also have been running a bit deep for RT, but since I have not been out I may be wrong. I would have started up higher, as typically this time of year the active fish start to run higher. Fishing should only get better as cooler weather is coming and the boating crowd will be less. Looking to get out next week for a try.
  20. I have not been out yet this year, but agree the last couple of years have been a bit tougher trolling. LT are pretty easy, but RT and LLS have been a bit tight lipped. The last 2 years there were perch fry everywhere, and that makes it tough. Also, I found that fishing full moon phases can really shut the bite down. Also feel the clearer the water the better fishing for us. The recreational boat traffic seems to begin earlier and be more intense as well. The fish are there, just have to figure them out.
  21. The launch is now open. https://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/2020/08/dec-opens-up-new-622000-boat-launch-on-otisco-lake-for-public-use.html
  22. Here are photos of the No. 777. I have also attached an image of my No. 4, which has a different type of stamping. It is Generation 4, but the stamping is rotated lengthwise to the spoon and is the only spoon I have seen stamped that way. The number is also beneath the text. Unfortunately the image is not the best.
  23. Troutman 87, 777 spoon received. Thanks, it makes a great addition to the collection.
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