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  1. The weekend may not be lost.
  2. Got out once for browns before the flood. Looks like I won't again until it's over. Going to be a short season.
  3. State Park launch yesterday. The beach is gone.
  4. The launch is fine but the docks are only about 4 inches above water. We just trolled West Friday and Saturday. Picked up 4 nice Browns just around the last bluff before Port Bay. All on Bay Rats. We were in close but the power cord on my graph shorted and had to troll blind. New cord came today. Hope to be back out Sunday.
  5. Went 4-5 Friday and Saturday trolling for Browns West to Port Bay from Fair Haven.
  6. Just one out of Fair Haven last summer
  7. Looking forward to getting out on the ice. New tip-ups and replacing the throttle on my power auger.
  8. I have a 90hp 4stroke Merc and I replaced a regulator rectifier last year and could have bought the part from Yamaha. They made the power head. The rest was made by Mercury. Mine is a 2000 model year maybe they don't anymore. Other than that one part it has been a great motor.
  9. The Mercury 4 stroke power heads are made by Yamaha.
  10. I have a 2000 90hp Mercury 4 stroke on an old 18 Starcraft Holiday. It will troll down to 1.5 mph and uses far less than my old 15hp Johnson kicker. I have a 12 gallon fuel tank but only use a 6 gallon tank that came with it. In the years I have had it I have never came close to running out in a day.
  11. I was also out there and brought a second boat. One release between the both of us. Marked a lot of fish but they didn't cooperate.
  12. Went out late this morning and didn't mark any Kings or bait. Did get a 30 inch Laker on F/F.
  13. We did keep going. Sunday we boated a 28" Brown and this afternoon a 28" King with 4 releases. Best weekend ever even with having to sit out Saturday with wind. All fish taken on spoons.
  14. Good day toady. 3 Steelhead 22" 26"& 28" one 4# Brown. All on spoons.
  15. My mistake. After looking at the picture the fish was an Atlantic not a Coho.