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  1. Did my annual camping trip with family at the state park. A gorgeous week of weather.. The fishing? Not so much... Fished Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - probably 20 hours on the water - without a bite. Disappointing is an understatement. I guess we hit the dead zone that seems to occur at some point every year. Saw plenty of boats out every day, but can't say I saw a net move. Ran everything we could, fished as deep as 500 fow, mixed up baits, speeds, etc. Did talk to one other boat that got skunked over two days, so perhaps not just us. Cut bait seems near impossible to find at this point, but we did buy a couple soco hard baits at Screwy Louie's. I'll be back for a week next year. Hopefully they turn on soon. Good luck to all.
  2. Can someone tell me quickly if the Irondequoit Bay launch on the north end ( marine park) is open? I know it was being renovated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I bent my ss prop in a couple spots. Nothing severe, no cracks - just bent in a couple places. Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop to do the work, preferably local to Rochester? I see a shop in Canandaigua, so not too far. Thanks in advance.
  4. Did a quick morning trip with my brother this morning straight out to our waypoints from Friday in 185-205 fow. No fish there, so we decided to just point north to see if we could find anything worth working. The lake was calm, so no concerns with conditions offshore. Pretty much a blank screen the whole way to 525 fow, but hooked into a nice king (21 lbs) in 500 fow, and a steelie trolling back south on our way in. Both took spoons down about 90 feet. The king hit a magnum gator-type spoon - half green, half white, with black dots. Nice to get another quality fish while I was up for a few days with my brother. The weather cooperated, too.
  5. About the same story for us, we set down at one of our waypoints from Friday, in 185 fow, and hit a small king before our second line was set. We thought we might have good action, as our three waypoints in 185-210 still showed fish, but couldn't really get them to go. Ended up with a good sized laker ( about 15 lbs), and 3-4 lbs steelie and king for the morning. Fished from 6-10. Hope to find another screamer in the morning tomorrow. If anyone is wondering, the fleas are pretty bad. If you're not checking lines and cleaning them off fairly regularly, you could get bound up and it could cost you a fish. Good luck all.
  6. Fished from 6-10 this morning with my brother straight out of port. We set up in 150 fow, but found fish in 200-235 fow. Went 4 for 4 with two Steelhead, a 10 lb and 22 lb king. The kings hit a blue spin doctor and fly off a chinook diver on wire out 225. The steelies hit spoons fished off the riggers down 50-100 feet. Decent action for the first hour, then very slow until we got the larger king to bite. A comfortable day on the water with a nice breeze and much better temps than yesterday. Good luck all and happy 4th of July.
  7. Yes, that's the one. Nice launch, fee $6, two docks/three ramps. Not too busy today, but it can be, depending on your timing.
  8. Got out with my brother fairly early this morning, fished 6 to 11. We motored a little west toward the river, and set up in some nicely colored water. We ended up working the 85-95 fow range mostly, in the green and brownish water. Surface temps were 52 to 54. When we ventured in the clearer/darker water, the temps dropped, and we had no luck. We finished 3 for 3, with two nice kings and a chunky laker. The kings came off magnum spoons, down 70 and 35 feet. One off a green and white spoon with black dots ( frog-type), and the other off a pink and black with silver spots. The first king jumped 5 or 6 times, and put up quite a fight. The laker hit a dipsy out 100 with a wonderbread spin doctor and fly. We had two other hits on dipsies with FF, but short hits and no hookup. Successful speeds from 2.4 to 2.65. A beautiful day on the water.
  9. Thank you, tech2526. I'm reaching out to them.
  10. I'm having trouble with a Big Jon captain's pack downrigger, and have pulled it from my boat. Does anyone know of an outfit or individual in the Rochester or Finger Lakes areas that services them? I see there are no dealers or service shown on the Big Jon site in the area. Thanks
  11. My brother and I got out for our first big lake trips of the season, out of Braddock's on Sunday (first time there), and out of Hughes Marina yesterday. Out of Braddock's, fished out near the fleet in the 130-175 fow range, couldn't get any of the bigger fish to bite, but got a couple decent steelies; one on a caramel dolphin near the surface off a planer board, and the other on an NBK spoon down 30 feet on a rigger. We also picked up a skippy king. It was nice to have the lake mainly to ourselves out of Hughes yesterday morning. We started about 100 fow at 6 a.m., and ended 4 for 5. We caught a couple kings in the 8-10 lb range, lost one about 13-14 lbs that decided to go ballistic at the boat and ended up wrapped in the prop and breaking off (white spin doctor with black and green dots), a nice 20 lb king off a natural-colored, alewife-looking spoon, and a laker about 12 lbs. Most of our action was in the 50-60 foot depths and the fish we took were in the 190 fow range. We saw a couple boats working about 100 fow as we were trolling in at 10:30. A couple nice days on the water.
  12. Thanks for the input, guys. I thought I had posted this in South shore Ontario thread, but I guess not. I was looking at Friday, and it seems the wind is supposed to be a southerly, so I think I will plan on the brown program fairly close, as rolmops suggested. If you're seeing different wind forecast, please point me to the site, but looks doable right now.
  13. I may get the boat out on Friday before winterizing for the season, and am looking for advice on a program. I will most likely launch out of Sodus or Williamson. Is my best bet to run a brown program close to shore (browns and maybe steelies), or head out deeper, say 100+, for some non-mature salmon and other species? If you think I'd be wasting my time on the big lake, and should try a Finger lake, let me know. Thanks in advance for ideas.
  14. Went out with my brother Tuesday morning, same 120-140 fow, good action continued. Caught a nice coho at 9 pounds, king at 15, a steelie, laker, and a baby king before pulling lines at 10. A little choppy out, so we had enough. Spin doctors on dipsies out 275-320 again did most of the damage, although we dragged the baby king around for a while on a glow frog spoon, and the steelhead was taken on a spoon. Riggers at 100-115. Wednesday picked my cousin and his girlfriend from Seattle up in Syracuse, spent some time at the NY state fair - hot! Got back to camp and decided about 5 to try to hit the water for a bit. Pretty good rollers out of the northwest, but fish were where we left them, and we took a nice king about 40 minutes in to our troll. That was enough for me, and headed in to just beat some more rain. Fish came on yellow and green spin doctor with black dots and a fly, out 300 on a dipsy.
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