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  1. Fair Haven 7/26 & 7/27 We're camping at the state park this week, but it's been difficult to get out with all the rain and wind. Wednesday we got out both morning and evening. We took mostly small kings, including a few skippys, working from 150 fow to 500. Plenty of other boats in the morning, but it seemed many were searching. We couldn't find any good marks. My cousin from Seattle was out for the second consecutive year, and so we were hoping to get him a nice king like last year, but it wasn't to be. We did get one 8 or 9 lbs. Thursday afternoon we went out after the rains and the wind died some, but there were still 3 foot rollers from the nw to start. We set up in 60 fow, and trolled north, thinking maybe we'd see some browns. Other boats started to motor out, heading deeper. We marked a waypoint with a nice screen of marks in 75 fow, but no takers. So we headed north with the rest. We trolled all the way to 250, with a baby brown and a skippy king to show for it. Turned and began the slow troll back to port, to our previous waypoint, and the fish were still there, and it included kings! We made 5 or 6 passes, and had a fish almost every time. We would have worked it more, but no time. My niece did a great job reeling in her first mature king ( with the assistance of my brother). We took two 20 lbers and one at 10. We took fish on a wire dipsy with a dark green spin doctor with fluorescent green dots and fly, out 190; a magnum carbon 14; a magnum pro king spoon in green and white; and a stingray in blue and yellow was a break off at the leader. We only had one meat rig out over the couple days, but we think it got hit just once ( no hookup).
  2. Hughes 6/10 afternoon My brother and I launched at 11 and set down in the vicinity of a half dozen boats in the 130-150 fow range. Deployed spin doctors and flies off wire dipsies, spoons on riggers, and a stickbait and spoon on inline planers. Marked fish and bait in the top 60 feet, but couldn't get them interested, except one chunky laker around noon on a dalmatian spin doctor and fly out 190. Pulled them at 3:30, since there was no action, and only the flies were biting.
  3. Hughes was fine last weekend. I was only there briefly, as I launched the boat and discovered quickly I had no steering, but docks and launch are fine. Ditto what Hassellmania said on the coast guard dock. The public launch by Arney's marina, coming into town, was fine. I used that one.
  4. I'll take the lot, will pm you.
  5. Thank you for the replies, gentlemen. I might drive the west side of Cayuga tomorrow and check it out, maybe cast a few.
  6. North End Launches Can anyone provide a status of any of the north end launches on Canandaigua, Keuka, Cayuga, or Seneca? I have a 19 foot fiberglass, and can trailer it to any of those. I saw Darkwater1 posted that Dean's Cove is doable on Cayuga (thanks, Darkwater). Any info is appreciated. I can call the various state park launches, but if anyone has any first hand knowledge, I'd appreciate it. I'm hoping to maybe get out Sunday. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for all the input, guys. I'll be out for my last couple trips of the season on the weekend. I'm thinking I'll try LO out of Irondequoit for some browns on Saturday afternoon, and am considering both Canandaigua and Keuka for Sunday. I'll be trolling. I know Keuka really slowed down from a couple years ago. Which would you guys recommend for decent action, as I haven't been on either this year, Canandaigua or Keuka? Any general areas I should try south end of Canandaigua, as I've never been out there. Thanks.
  8. Thanks, guys. I take it you're both referring to the north end launch in Canandaigua, and not the Woodville launch? I've only launched from the north end. I thought if it's as windy out of the south as predicted on Sunday, I might try the south end for a smoother boat ride.
  9. Does anyone have any recent update on the launchability from Woodville or the marine park at the north end of Canandaigua? I am thinking of heading down there on Sunday. I have a 19 foot fiberglass, not heavy, but I'm not sure of the draft. Thanks.
  10. Went out with my brother for our last LO fishing of the season Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Saturday we fished just east of port in 110-125 fow. We went 2 for 4, with a 12 and a 21. We lost two fish on a wire dipsy out 290 with a blue dolphin sd and blue atommik fly. One shook and one broke us off. Both felt like in the mid teens range. The break off of the fly was due to a small piece of wire on a swivel. The 21 lber came on cut bait, out 285 on a wire dipsy with a golf flasher. The 12 took a magnum 42nd spoon down 90. Worked a couple waypoints, and had some action. Returned this morning to the same general vicinity and had a good fish hit our wire dipsy out 260 with a mtn dew sd and atommik fly at 7:30. It's nice to have a wire fish take good line to start-you know it's a pretty good one. It was 24 lbs and is dark with some red on the belly. That was our only hit for our 4.5 hr trip. Again, marked good bait and some marks in 100-120, but they didn't seem too interested. Sounded slow on the radio. A decent couple trips for us, good luck to all. Here's a pic of the 24.
  11. Seneca

    Thanks for the opportunity to post this -I saw this guy on my fencepost when I was walking my beagle about a month ago (NJ). When we finished, I went back and was able to get a decent picture on my phone. If it rotates, the shell is pointing skyward. I have never seen one at quite this stage before.
  12. The picture is taken from the east beach at the state park, looking west. The north end of the bay would be just left of the crashing wave against the pier. Still breezy here.