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  1. I can say I'm blessed. I'm 34 and still have my grandparents. All of them. Not many people can say that
  2. Thank you... I Want to say thank you for everyone that gave me tips and advise last week. I took my grandfather up to the big lake, in my own boat, it was 22 years since we have fished it together. We limited the first day, He landed his personal best at 9.10 lb brownie and I broke the 10 lb mark. During trolling, he looked at me and said , "well bud, this may be the last time I'm on this lake, (hes 81) this was the best trip I have ever had out here". So to everyone that helped me, thank you and I am completely in debt to you. God bless, good fishing, and calm seas!! You made it possible for me to make memories with my best friend that will never be erased.
  3. I was told that there was a floating dock in sodus bay, the public one, across from armies?? And they told me that is still being used as of now...... any validity to that!?
  4. Which one was the municipal launch!? what options does this leave us with!?
  5. Just called them thank you. They had no other information. They didn't know what was open or nlt
  6. Okay guys need alittle help. I'm not looking for fishing info, lures, speeds, anything. I'm just looking for a place to launch AROUND fairhaven. I just called the state park and they obviously closed the launch. I heard that turtle cove is also closed. Does anyone know of ANY launches near fairhaven that are open before we make the 2.5 he ride with my grandfather!?
  7. Right on. Thanks so much!!
  8. Advice Hey guys I am not new to the forum but forgot my password and had to reset my account I have a 17 foot StarCraft. I'm bringing my 81-year-old grandfather up from Saratoga Springs to fish the lake on Tuesday and Wednesday . We will be fishing the South Shore between Oswego and Fairhaven. Looking at the Windsor right now they're calling between five and 10 out of the west northwest . For the guys that fish that lake a lot how sporty does that make the leak coming out of the west northwest at 5 to 10 with my 17 footer be able to handle it as I do not have much experience on that lake in the smaller boat .thank you so much for the replies guys much appreciated
  9. Great report!! Really excited to fish up there question, I will be coming up next week with my grampa. I know fairhaven launch is closed, can anyone please assist me with another launch in that general area please?!
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