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  1. like bob says MANNERS just remember lead by example but make it known
  2. Cayuga lake, lake trout .went out today to pull boat out as we only had dock space for the weekend so trolled solo from king ferry to long point got two more lakers and one landlocked fifty down over sixtyfive fow all in all not a bad weekend
  3. first report fished long point to power plant today best bites running north at 2.3 gps speed 100 down in 100 to 130 fow silver prism flashers with blue and silver stingers went 10 for 15
  4. how many roehmers?
  5. love to catch silver but any fish you catch is better than work
  6. welcome aboard new myself excellent info here on Ontario as well as other fisheries

    david johnson 152 braddock rd rochester ny 14612

    1. linemankj


      thanks will get check out asap

  8. check what is address?
  9. lets support this makes it easier for small boaters in thousand islands area
  10. interested what are payment details