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  1. Agreed, it was very cold out there last night and on Monday. The fog bank on the lake last night and right now is thick, cold water and hot air sitting on top. I could not find water warmer than 48 degrees yesterday from shore to 150’. Surface was 48 bottom was 41. Lakers were the only thing willing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Slow day today. Fished from 80’ out to 480’ only two steel head in 5 hours on a FF and a steelhead candy down 60’ and 120’ on riggers. Temp was down 85’ nearshore but offshore it was down 130’. Lots of bait and good marks from 90-120’ but wouldn’t fire. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Hopefully the thermocline moves back up. Those fish at 100' are in bathwater right now. Better to fish for browns there than kings. South wind should help to move the water out by this weekend. If you cant get the stagers to hit, go deep. Good luck!
  4. Quick outing solo tonight. Thermocline is 120’ down 70 degrees above that. Fished 100-150’ lots of marks but nothing would fire. Moved out to 400-460’ two steelhead right out of the gate. One on downrigger down 90’ and one on a 10 color core with a 3 Oz snap weight to get deeper. Speed was 2.9 at the ball in ~55 degree water. Move offshore if you are looking for a consistent bite. Kings are stacked in close but the bite isn’t there near Sandy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. kicker motor is on the other side of the main, never had an issue with interference
  6. Front mounted connection is easy on easy off with a ball joint and much cheaper than the EZ-steer if your motors are both in-line. I use the iTroll for speed control, similar to the troll master but has a few extra settings. Good luck with your restoration.
  7. Following up with this issue. Called Lowrance and they could not repair or replace transducer because it was 1 year out of warranty. I ended up using 3M 5200 on the mount and the backside of the transducer to seal the transducer back onto the mount and filled torn out threaded inserts with 5200 and inserted screws back in. It seems to be very sturdy but time will tell. Its not pretty but it works. Reminder to check your mounting screws on your total scan transducer boys, hopefully this was just a defect on mine.
  8. My transom is similar in shape to yours. I was able to previously fit a 2015 Mercury 15 hp and this year fit a 2021 Yamaha 8 hp by the main motor. When the two are connected to each other they turn at the same time so there is no issue with the big engine hitting the kicker. Your transom may have less space compared to mine but the new Yamaha's are very slim. Weight is another consideration, the further from the center you put your kicker the more the boat will lean/roll. I got rid of the mercury because it weighed 45 pounds more than the Yamaha and that made a big difference in weight distribution on my 19.5' center console aluminum boat, just something to consider with a bracket on the edge of your boat.
  9. Went out on Monday and noticed my Lowrance Ti-7 was a bit 'fuzzy' once i stopped to start trolling. Figured i had some weeds on the transducer so i went to clean them off and realized the transducer had separated from the mount and was pinwheeling behind the boat. It appears the screws holding the transducer to the mount loosened over time and as i was motoring out on the big motor, the water pressure separated the mount from the transducer enough to rip the two apart. Unfortunately, the pressure was severe enough to literally pull the threaded inserts out of the transducer, making it impossible to buy a new mount and screw the transducer back in. The only good news is that the transducer still works fine. It doesn't look like the transducer hit anything in the water because there are no scratches or anything on it and its slightly higher than the bottom of the hull. The transducer is a Lowrance total scan with down scan and side scan and of course it is out of warranty. I called the Lowrance tech team and they said there is nothing they can do because its out of warranty by 1 year. Since there is only one insert left to screw into, i guess ill just buy a new mount and 5200 glue it back on and see if that works, otherwise its a $300 replacement transducer. Anyone else ever have this problem with the new total scan Lowrance transducers? If you have one of these i suggest checking the screws every few trips to prevent the same thing from happening to you. Anyone have an extra they want to sell?
  10. The Sandy Creek (Hamlin) cam is in the "Maps" tab right on the top of this website. Hit that tab and scroll down https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/page/lakeontario_map/
  11. Round two from Sandy today, took the afternoon off and fished with my boss (Aug- 25). Got a hot tip at the dock to go check out 150' near braddock. We boated over from sandy and picked up a double right away. 21.2 lb king came on a 10 color off an inline board with black NBK spoon (45-50' down) and the 16.8 lb laker on a green FF at the same time 120' on a down rigger over 150'. Went in after that, got blown off the lake by a Thunder Storm. Speed was 2.8 at the ball and the king was in ~55 degree water.
  12. I have a 20' aluminum center console which gets pushed around easily by wind and waves but having the wheel in the middle of the boat helps with fighting the fish and steering, usually running two riggers and some sort of junk line on an inline board when I'm solo.
  13. Thank you, its a blast. The last couple of years I've been considering auto pilot to make things easier when fishing alone. I think it would be a game changer regardless of whos on the boat
  14. Fished solo from 6:00-7:00 PM tonight. Boated out to 135’ dropped the down riggers down to 100’ and 2 minutes later while I was letting out a 10 color, line started screaming. A bit of a circus getting the fish landed but that’s solo fishing. King took a DW mag rod father in 46 degree water going 2.5 mph at the ball. By the time I was done bleeding it out and cleaning up, I decided one fish was enough and headed in. 21.1 lb male with nothing in the stomach. Not a ton of marks but I only fished for a total of 10 minutes so they may be stacked up and staging out in front of Sandy. loop Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. After the rain stopped last night i went out for an hour or two. Lake upwelled, it was 41 degrees nearshore and the fish scattered. There was a 2.0 mph bottom current coming from the west so trolling west was slow and quite a bit faster going east to keep the spoons at the right action. I figured the upwelling and cold water might bring staging fish closer to shore but no dice. Fished 90' to 35' sprawling the water column and only picked up a single brown trout down 15' over 45'. Didn't have enough time before dark to head out deep. Hopefully the lake will set back up after the weekend. Lots of Inconsistent weather this summer moving water and fish around. Thermocline was around 15-20' nearshore
  16. The best thing to do if you are looking for an answer to your question is to call their boss. As great as DEC creel clerks are at recording valuable information, they are typically recent college graduates and not the biologist managing the resource. They might point you in the right direction but their boss will be able to give you the best information. Its not us vs. them, we are on the same team. I'm sure they want a kickass fishery just as much as we do.
  17. Had a buddy from grad school visit this past weekend with the intent of filling his freezer until next year. Fishing nearshore (90-150') was very slow this weekend with only a brown, lake trout and small kings coming to the boat. Mix of lead core and down rigger bites from 60' to 120' down with spoons and cow bells. We didn't wander offshore until Saturday afternoon which was a mistake. From 360-480' we had great screens with rainbows and kings. Most came on down rigger down 60' or 80' with black spoons and green dolphin. We did have one double header on steelhead on a 10 color and a downrigger that was a blast. Speeds ranging from 2.0-2.8 at the ball. Cold temp was consistent around 80'. Biggest were 13 lb king and 8.7 lb steelhead
  18. Went out for a quick troll from 6:30-8:30 PM last night with my Fiancée and got bounced around. Only had one hit the boat but it made the whole night. New PR steelhead for me at a chunky 14.7 lbs, came on a warrior Rod Father down 60' over 115' in ~60°F water, 2.2 mph at the ball. Only hit the surface at the boat no jumps. Revived the fish in the live-well (which didn't fit very well) and swam away for another angler to catch. I usually fish 3-4 nights a week but this year has been complicated, felt great to get back on Lake O for the first time in a month. Cold water was down 90'-100' pretty consistently, bait was sporadic
  19. Biggest brown for us on Sunday but not big enough for payout, put him back for next year. Caught off one of the points south of Dresden with a greasy chicken wing stinger and 3 oz snap weight on a board. No lamprey wounds, but most of the LL we landed did
  20. Not sure if your big boat and small boat are near each other but you could always buy just the fish hawk transducer and a new power cord for the fish hawk and then use your existing display and probe from your big boat. The screen pops off the mount easy enough and then just grab your probe and you can use it on either boat. New fish hawk transducer is ~$200
  21. Selling my Orvis Clearwater Spey/switch rod. Bought it brand new from Orvis and used it once. 4 piece, 12’ long 8 weight. Comes with Array Taylor Fly Fishing 8 wt. reel and fly line. I don’t fish the rivers enough to use it. Comes with rod case and reel case $400. Pick up in Hilton, NY Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  22. Still low but not terrible. The river current was very strong and there is a ton of debris floating Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. Fished from 1-4 pm solo. Browns were stubborn even with good color and warm shoreline temps. Scooted out to 100-120’ and went 9/9 on Lakers. Cowbells and green spin and glow took all but 1 laker with rigger 5 feet off bottom. 1 laker on F/F with white/gold fly down 30’ on the Downrigger. Nothing on leadcore or boards. A lot of fun pulling them up but no silver fish to be found, probably out deeper. 1 wild fish and the rest stockies, all fat and healthy without lamprey wounds 6lb-12.5. 46 degree water on surface 42 down 90’. Speed 2.0-2.6. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  24. Looking out my window now, its very rough. May lay down around 6-7 pm
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