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  1. I should probably clarify, I'm talking sandy creek west of braddock bay, north of brockport, in western Lake Ontario. I'm in Brockport most of the week.
  2. Does anyone know of any dry boat storage (e.g., marina parking lots, barns, garages, gated storage centers) to rent which are accessible to frequently trailer boats in and out of and leave the boat during the week while not fishing, in the Braddock Bay or Sandy creek area? I have a 19 ft boat that i fish in both Lake O and the Finger Lakes. I store the boat in my barn on Cayuga Lake but i would like to leave the boat on Lake O. frequently instead of trailering back and forth. Looking to rent out a spot to park my boat rather than leave the boat in a slip. If anyone knows of anything like that or has some barn space.....ha..... please let me know. Picture included to give you an idea of the boat size.
  3. That looks like an awesome paint job, did you use a sprayer or hand roller? Came out beautiful
  4. I haven’t run it in a few years but if you want it I’ll just give it to you for nothing, was cleaning out my garage and I’d rather see it go to someone than trash it. The blades are brand new if nothing else Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. If buyer provides cost of shipping that is fine.
  6. Selling my fish hawk X4. Works great just upgraded to the fish hawk X4D so im selling my X4. This is the complete set up, probe with break away link, X4 display with mount and sun cover, transducer, user manual and power cable. Selling for $500 for the whole package. Pick up in Brockport, NY
  7. StrikeMaster 10” gas ice auger. I haven’t used it in about three years and I don’t need it anymore. Brand new blades, Free to someone who will use it. No one picked it up this spring so I'm refreshing this post. Pick it up in Brockport if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I was out on Cayuga yesterday (12/26) and had a few hook ups. In a couple hours of fishing we landed a landlocked, a brown, and a laker and lost two more browns at the boat. We were using medium sized ~4" stick baits in fire tiger, silver, and goby brown colors, the fire tiger had 3/5 hookups. Trolling my planer boards as close as we could to the docks ~10 FOW around 2.3 mph with lines between 100-75 ft behind planer mast. Marked many fish where streams fed into the lake. Fished from 11:00-1:30. No big fish but it was fun almost hitting the grand slam. Hope this helps as a starting point.
  9. Had an opportunity to hunt in Indiana, and though its not a NY buck thought i would share since the experience was awesome. Took this buck with my Mathews bow on the second to last day of archery in west central Indiana on a property I was living on while in grad school at Purdue University. Chased him around for two years and he finally gave me a chance on a late afternoon cold front. 25 yards and my search was over. Now headed back to NY cant wait for the thanksgiving gun hunt. Nothing better than filling the freezer!
  10. It still had adipose, both pelvics, both pectorals, dorsal, and anal fin. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. A little late but still might be helpful..... Took my girlfriend's dad out last weekend out of Deans Cove and fished south around 180-140 FOW, riggers parked at 120 and 90. Fished for 2 hours and only had one hookup at 165 FOW on a green FF. Lots of bait near bottom and top of water column with marks all around. Water surface 52° F and 120 down 45° F. No takers on spoons or stick baits. Decent fish but really nice colors.
  12. Bimini Top and Center Console Seat Selling my bimini top and center console seat with rotating back rest. I removed the center console seating from my boat so I no longer need the seat. The seat could use some upholstery work on the back rest but the aluminum frame and seat cushion are sound. Seat cushion also folds up for storage underneath and backrest swings either forward or back depending on which side you want to sit. Bimini top came with my boat but I had a T-top installed instead. I have never used the Bimini and it looks brand new. Asking $80 for the bimini and $50 for the seat or $100 for both. Pick up in Oswego or Trumansburg.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Entsport-Gripper-Professional-Stainless-Grabber/dp/B01C7BTT6U/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1503001423&sr=8-4&keywords=fish+grips\ 12 bucks on Amazon
  14. I had the same thing happen to one of my Cannon Mag 10As and eventually I could smell something burning. Turns out there was a ton of corrosion at the terminal where the downrigger cable met the fuse box which caused too much resistance and overheated the wire. Cleaned it off and the rigger started pulling again, weird the fuse never blew...... Maybe something similar with yours?
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