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  1. One on each downrigger and a leadcore down the chute. Leadcore sits up on top of my t top so its out of the way when the downriggers go off. It was a bit of a rodeo moving rods around and trying to pull up the down riggers while driving and keeping the line tight, once it gets to the back of the boat and the net comes out all hell brakes loose..... but having a center console makes it easier to manage
  2. hahaha its funny i use to be the guy that sat at Taughannock checking boats when i was a undergrad in 2013. I guess i taught her well
  3. Quick solo outing with my pup from 6:00-7:30 to beat the rain. 2 for 2 on kings in 105 FOW down 80' with a salmon candy Warrior spoon off the downriggers. Temp was 52 down 80 feet and no current going with the waves or against. Reeling one of the kings while driving into the waves was a challenge, maybe time to justify autopilot..... Missed all the rain and when i came in was the only truck in the lot, weird to see Sandy empty.
  4. Thanks! East of Sandy Creek. You can see the GPS coordinates in the Lowrance picture Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Headed out at 5:30 pm fished till dark. Went from 80-170 FOW and the best screen was in close 80-85'. Didn't move a rod until 8 PM picked up a big female and then another skipper as soon as the rod hit the water again 60' down over 85 with a green dolphin spoon trolling 2.6 mph. Temp break was at 65' and all bait and marks seemed to be in close, 47 degree water down 70 feet.
  6. Great work! We were out last night too, only had one salmon hit that tangled every rod in the boat, and swam to the bow, attempted netting it off the bow and it swam back through down rigger rods and crossed lines and broke, looked like a 20+. Temps and currents were all over the place. found 48 degree water down 90 in 102' of water but that wasn't consistent, small pockets of cold water all over the place but very patchy. Awesome screen at 100' of water but we didn't find that patch until 8:45 PM. Seems like you guys found good water in 200', I should have checked further out.
  7. https://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/page/lakeontario_map/ You can see the Sandy web cam here to look at waves real time. Just scroll down past the map
  8. One small shaker king in 450 FOW on a 7 color, tough bite this AM in Sandy. Temp down 100 feet, fleas minimal. Lots of marks out in 400 + down 20 feet but the water there is 74 °F so not sure what that could be, bait?
  9. Nothing yet, tried 180-100 didn’t move a rod, out at 350 now blank screen. Temp has moved down a considerable amount since last week Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. 7/9 Sandy Creek still hot! 150-180 FOW, spoon bite. Colors are rod father, salmon candy, blue leopard and orange crush. 40-60' down. Downriggers, copper, leadcore they all fired
  11. Quick outing from 6-8 pm, trolled 150-170 FOW. Picked up one steelhead and one king. King on 10 color with blue leopard spoon and steelhead on 150 copper orange crush spoon. Strong cross currents consistently tangled downrigger lines so no takers there. West troll speed was 2.8 mph temp was 47 down 55 feet, fleas minimal. Best screen was at 165 FOW. Hope this helps
  12. Yup silver backs and glow backs, good luck! Anything with green or blue and black spots seems to be the ticket
  13. The one i use is by Dreamweaver and my mistake its called blue leopard https://www.fishusa.com/Dreamweaver-DW-Series-Trolling-Spoons?quantity=1&L-Size1=444&L-Color1=9849&gclid=Cj0KCQjwl4v4BRDaARIsAFjATPnXM_BjzRevk-MfDWycKrb-4j1k-UiELJzvWbWC_gRJGl6uPvpmQz0aAgx0EALw_wcB
  14. Solo fished (with my dog) from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm on a flat calm lake. Started a North troll from 200 to 300 FOW. Hooked a small king in the prop wash while setting up my downrigger right away. Didn't move another rod from 200-300 only saw a few marks as well. Decided to turn around and go back through into shallower water. At 200 dropped a steelhead on 150 copper off the big boards. Set back up and at 190 had a 150 copper and an 8 color double up and scream. Manged to pull one steelhead in but couldn't fight the other at the same time so it eventually popped off. Ended up with a 31" 9.1 lb steelhead. 48 degree water at 65 feet, trolling 2.2-3.0. No hits on downriggers with FF or spoons. Copper and leadcore with orange crush and blue leopard spoons, blue leopard magnum has been hot for me all season.
  15. If you use the regular pinch pad clips that come with the offshore boards and a fish takes out line, the board can dive under the water and easily disconnects your line if you don't wrap it around the clip a couple times. If you add on the OR16 clip it has a pin in the middle of the pinch pad that helps prevent the line from coming out of the clip, i was not using these types of clips and when the steelhead dove down, the board went under and came off the line. With a 6 rod spread and reeling in the fish it took us a while to turn around to find the board. By then the glare from the sunset and the waves made it very hard to find. I like offshore boards but i prefer my planer board mast and wooden planers which you don't have to worry about loosing. When I'm in a hurry to fish before dark i tend to use the offshores because they are quick to set up compared to my mast. Hope that helps
  16. Speed on surface was 1.9 and speed at ball 100' down was 3.1 on a north troll. Without one you would have no idea what kind of action your spoons are having down at 100' if there is a current. Do you need one, no, but they are helpful
  17. Forgot to mention the water fleas are back along with cotton wood on surface, had to clear my lines every 20 mins or so
  18. Went out from 6:30 PM - 8:00 for a quick troll. Set up in 160 and trolled north to 220. Surface 65, temp down 100 was 59 the whole time, only saw a few marks. Picked up a steelhead on a 4 color with a DW blue jaguar and lake O claimed my offshore board before i could pick up my 6 rod set up and turn around to find it. Rainbow pulled it under and popped the board off. Enjoy the board if you find it! Trolling 2.2-3.0 and the current was ripping down at 100. If you are looking for cold water and kings, i suggest you take a ride out deep > 250, good luck
  19. Left the dock at 5:30 PM and went out to 190 fow, temp was 43° 50 feet down. Caught a rainbow while setting up the spread on a 6 color with blue jaguar DW magnum. Pulled in 3 more kings on riggers 40' and 80' down over 200 fow with a cisco pattern spoon and blue chilly willy. Went in to 90 feet to end the night with lakers. Water temp was 39° on bottom in 90 fow hooked two as soon as the lines were set on DW green dolphins. All a west troll 2.2-2.6 mph. Nothing over 7 lbs all spoon bite none on FF and blue seemed to be the winner
  20. Fished from 7:00-8:30 pm. Temp was 58 degrees down 80 feet, 62 on top. Lots of bait and marks from 90-130 FOW but no takers. Sandy Creek Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. I just got my 2019 archery buck back as well. Made a pedestal for it out of an old fence post and some other materials for the base. Came out really nice!
  22. Fished from 6 - 8 pm between the park and Sandy as well from 80-140. Bait seemed to have scattered by then but marked a few fish and bait schools near 90. Landed one king on a 10 color with a black NK with a green ladder back in 120 FOW and one laker on the rigger down 90 over 95 on a green dolphin. No takers on FF or spin doc. Speed 2.2-2.7. Not a ton of action but a great night to be on the lake.
  23. 1 footers or less... I would go https://marine.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-78.71978&lat=43.34395#.Xr7nmai6NPY
  24. I have a 19 ft center console with a t top and with the t top off i couldn't get under the bridge, i launched from Treman on Saturday and was the only boat out there all day probably because of the 30 mph winds and snow flurries.... South end was STACKED with fish and forage, all the warm water was pushed down to Ithaca with the North wind, lots of trees and branches floating everywhere. Unless you have a bass boat or a boat with short gunwales don't count on getting under the bridge for a while. I still think they should make that bridge taller or get rid of it, taking your planer board mast or top off or down every time you go under it gets annoying.
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