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  1. That is correct. Hit the AP button on the head and then change course and speed with foot pedal
  2. It’s working great! The auto pilot has made fishing with my fiancée so much more enjoyable…. the boat goes straight now when I’m setting up.
  3. Quick trip out from 7-8:30pm. Temp break was down 100 but variable. Only landed one teen on Frog/glow FF 2.3 at rigger dragging bottom in 140’. Flees were minimal and not a lot of current. Nothing on lead core or spoons.
  4. It’s changed fishing for me. I’ve been fishing my boat since 2017 without AP and just got a Minn kota a couple weeks ago.Auto pilot with an electric trolling motor is the way to go. I have a 19.5 center console sea nymph with a 2022 Honda 75 HP with troll mode and use my main engine to push the boat while the Minn kota steers. Trolling motors with AP and spot lock are my best investment so far.
  5. What we are currently seeing is likely Cercopagis pengoi (Fishhook water flee) and its spike in production is pretty much the whole month of July. It should start to decrease in the beginning of August. The larger of the water flees Bythotrephes longimanus (Spiny water flee) doesn't pop until the end of August and these don't usually gunk up lines and downriggers as much because they can be flicked off easier while reeling in. Either way, they are both a pain to fish around but they are a major source of prey for alewife. More zooplankton = fatter forage fish
  6. There is a $10 launch fee but free to Oswego city residents
  7. That's the one! I wasn't saying you were responsible for the rotted transom in the previous post, i'm sure its been owned by a handful of people since 1987. I just like finding out the history of the boat through LOU. I originally bought it in 2017 from the fella you sold it to and discovered that when i was searching LOU for ideas on how to restore a sea nymph and saw your 'for sale' post from 2016. Its funny how GL boats never seem to leave, just passed to the next guy. I love the boat, thanks for passing it along! Good luck out there this year
  8. Thanks Todd, i believe it use to be your Sea Nymph before i owned it
  9. On the water at 4:45am and ran out to 140’. Picked up a small king right out of the gate on a 10 color with rod father mag Warrior. Fished north to 200’ and nothing. Ran back to 70-90’ for browns and landed a brown down 70 on a rigger and mag green alewife and another small king down 65’ with salmon candy warrior. Temp break was around 120’. 60 degrees and up everywhere else. Speeds from 2.2-2.7 at ball. Couldn’t move a rod after 9:30am. Looks like we should have ran out deep but the waves kept us close. Water fleas are back and noticeable after 10-20 minutes of the rod being down.
  10. I had an itroll on my Yamaha kicker and it was awesome, I loved it. No complaints at all. I also had hunt mode and for me it wasn’t worth it. You have to reprogram it every time conditions change like wind and current speeds pushing the boat. I could never remember how to do it quickly and when I finally did, it never caught me anymore fish than just turning the boat.
  11. The best chance of survival for a released lake trout seems to be a hookset in non-vitals (which you cant really control when trolling), reeling in slowly to account for barotrauma, and larger sizes seem to survive better. Other than that, mortality has been measured between ~14-40% post-release and it doesn't seem like surface or deep-water releases matter. Lake trout can burp their swim bladder so as long as they are reeled in slowly they will be able to compensate their buoyancy and swim down when released. You can also burp the fish (gently squeeze the center of the fish) to release air from the swim bladder if you pulled the fish up too quickly and that will let the lake trout swim down faster and get back to colder water and avoid getting pecked at by birds. Anecdotally, we catch adult lake trout with gill nets and rod and reel, put acoustic tags in the fish, and release them and have 100% survival years later. Some of our tagged fish are going 8 years now of providing data and are still alive after being caught and surgery performed to insert tags. I attached PDFs from two studies on post-release mortality. One is for angling and one is for gillnets set for research purposes. Here is a section on depth from the Loftus and Taylor paper (25' to 160' depths) Loftus and Taylor, 1988.pdf Ng et al., 2015.pdf
  12. Check the seam between the inside of your transom and the transom splashwell. Before i repowered and replaced my transom and resealed that seam on my Sea Nymph it leaked like a sieve anytime i used the boat and waves or rain washed into the splashwell. Even when your boat is tied up any movement of the transom in wind or waves can cause the transom to dip low enough for the splashwell drain holes to take on water and if the seam between the transom and splashwell is not water tight, water will leak into the boat. Seal it with 3M 5200 and you should be good to go, if thats not the issue, back to square one. The transom rotting and pulling away from the splashwell was the cause of my issues by the way, may want to take a look at yours if thats what it turns out to be. Good luck! Here is a link to a post from my Sea Nymph repower and transom repair which may help explain what i'm talking about.
  13. Switch to braided downrigger line and you will never hear the line sing again. Scotty brand 250 lb is thick enough to keep flees off and it’s easy to re tie if you ever need to switch out terminal ends.
  14. Picked up the boat today with the new Honda mounted and gave it a couple hours of riding for the 10 hour break in period. Man is this thing quiet! 40 mph winds on Cayuga didn’t play fair but in a short burst the engine pushed the boat faster than my 90 hp two stroke around 38 mph. Can’t wait to start fishing
  15. I rebuilt the transom and repowered my 19.5' boat with a new outboard this winter as well. Since the 1980s outboard companies use the same bolt patterns on their motor mounts so unless you went with a drastically smaller engine or an engine pre 80s, the pattern should be the same. The only difference will be how high or low they mount the engine based on the shaft length. The standard bolt patterns are 12 7/8" spacing for the top two and 9 7/8" for the bottom two. Your new outboard will match that pattern but i would confirm with the marina installing your new outboard so you don't have to do any more work than you already have to. Replacing the transom is a labor intensive process but if you are spending the money on a brand new outboard it may be worth the investment of time and money so you don't have to do it down the line if you see any rotten wood. Also, some folks use pressure treated wood to rebuild transoms and pressure treated eats aluminum causing it to corrode and pit, If that's what's in your transom now, you want it out before it causes any more issues. Good luck with your repower!
  16. Trumansburg. I’ll be around Friday and Saturday if you want to swing by
  17. I’m not sure, the labels that identify the exact model are long gone.
  18. Two reels with lead core are sold. Two with 20 lb mono are still available.
  19. Congrats on the new rig! When you replaced your floor, what did you use? I replaced mine in 2017 with 1/2" ply coated in epoxy but looking back should have used something closer to 3/4" to get a more stable platform, bit of a sag near the edges of the gunnel in two places.
  20. Warm weather this weekend allowed me to prep, seal, and paint the transom and get it ready to mount the motor. Also installed splash well drains and put together a transom backer plate for the engine out of 1/4” aluminum to help distribute the load. Nothing left to do but repower. Getting close to brown trout season!
  21. 2 Daiwa Sealine size 47 for sale, older model. $30 each. Two with leadcore are SOLD, the other two have 20 lb big game. Pick up near Ithaca.
  22. Finished off the pre-motor wiring today and the NMEA backbone. Lots of zip ties and crawling on my back
  23. I bet that turned out great! I considered it but like others mentioned, the transom is not sealed so the poured material would run through the aluminum frame on the inside of the boat. I also considered composite but that was 10x the cost of plywood and the reality is I won’t be keeping this boat forever.
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