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  1. I also found the spring brown season to be very good. Nearly every one had a lamprey with some having two or even three small ones. I think some of the programs were suspended during the pandemic.
  2. Trolled out of Mexico today for 6 hours 30 - 70 ft of water. 1 king a little over sixteen lbs. Only hit. Hardly any fish marked hardly any boats out on a friday afternoon lake like glass marked almost no fish. Report of not many fish in the river. Looks to me like a very bad year? Been out for 3 weeks fishing? Getting late in the season now.
  3. There were charters fishing in front of the river. They could be doing well early/late in the day. As I stated we fished mid day but I'm retired and live close by so I was just doing a recon trip to check it out. We marked very few fish and the reports on the radio were not promising. Just honestly reporting what we experienced. Will be going again after the weekend I'll report my findings then. Good luck to all.
  4. I fished out of mexico the last 2 days for 3 hours each day(middle of the day). Fished from Selkirk up past the big river in 40-80 ft of water. Not a hit either day. Only marked a very few fish each day. Saw 1 fish boated each day one in 40 and 1 in 60. Not many fish at all in the river. They seem to be running late this year. Looks like quite a bit of rain coming next week may be whats needed to cool things off.
  5. Sounds like a fun morning. I went out of Mexico earlier in the week just for a trial run more than anything just got my boat running good after working on it. Went towards the plant and fished for three hours 3-6pm in water from 80 to 120 ft. Never caught a fish but the main thing is it was a nice day and the boat ran great. Marked a few fish at the 15 - 20 foot range? Also had a couple of small marks on the bottom. I know this is a poor time of day for laker fishing but I did expect to do something. Gonna try the other side of the bay in a week or so the salmon should be showing up over there pretty soon.
  6. Wow! I'm impressed thats some day of fishing. Great job!
  7. I caught 3 the other day the first one had 3 small ones on it didn't see any on the other 2.
  8. I was there today and I don't see any reason you could not launch. There is one small dock in and nothing is blocked off. Nobody there today, probably because of the 10 foot waves!
  9. Ditto Mike we'll have a couple beers and share some good stories. Good luck fishing I'll be going soon I hope & will report the results. Till then.
  10. Mike, I apologize if you took my comments to heart I did not mean them to do that. You can do as you choose I'm all for that just not for me. I admire your desire to die in the outdoors I wish the same for myself you will never see me in a nursing home. I'm just not one for unnecessary risks at my age maybe earlier in my life. Your choices are entirely your own and I respect that. But as far as everyone's psychic ability....well stick to fishing. I'm a lifelong republican, Trump supporter from a very small town. I hope you accept my apology and we all get back to fishing. I've fished Ontario for over 40 years although not as much as some of you guys I'm sure.
  11. You are correct whaler everyone has a choice just wouldn't be mine. Hopefully he doesn't go enough to get caught in that one unpredictable situation that will eventually happen on Ontario if you spend enough time there. The bottom of the lake is littered with small boats not motorcycles. God bless all the fisherman and hope everyone returns safely. And remember the weather reports are always 100% accurate!
  12. You can't fix stupid. No respect will get you everytime. Hopefully you live to tell your grandchildren what a brave man you thought you were.
  13. Congrats. You are now living the dream. Enjoy it life is short.
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