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  1. You got it man! its definitely nice to network out there. You really helped us out on that deep bite as well.
  2. Me and my buddies did our annual Spring Kings trip. Wed 5/18 - rolled into town from Pittsburgh, checked into the motel, launched in Olcott around 430 PM til 8PM. Fished a lot of water from previous years successes, but was pretty dead this year. Went 4 for 8 on all smaller ones, all spoons, none in the box. Thurs 5/19 - launched from Wilson at 430 AM. Went a few miles NW of the harbor, set down in 140' and stared catching fishing before the last line was in the water around 530 AM. Glow spoons and FF in the morning on 300 copper and outside divers, UV spoons and FF in afternoon. 190-200 outside divers, riggers at 55-65. Fished til 130 or so, ended up 22 for 28 with 11 nice kings in the box. No giants, but a good number of mid-teens. Stayed around 100-160 FOW all day. Fri 5/20 - launched from Wilson again at 430. Same area as the day before, started in 160 and trolled between there and 240 or so. More of a spoon bite, but did take a number of good kings on FF. No meat bite to speak of. Same depths as the day before. Stayed on the water til 2:30, finished 21 for 28 with a 17 lber and a few other mid teens fish, but many small ones mixed in. Killed 10 fish in the box. Some nasty weather blew through around 11, but it calmed back down enough for a few early afternoon bites. Sat 5/21 - very strong W wind in the morning, slept in, didnt launch til 6:30 and started the slow ride out to the same area as the days before. Went further west and started on long East trolls. Slow pick, mostly all meat bite. took a few kings on mag DW rod father and roy boy. Rig going the most was a chrome green dot stinger sidekick with attomik stud twinkie rig. our big fish came on that one. A front blew through and blew us off around 2 PM. it got nasty quick and we had a wet ride back. Ended up with one 20.7 lber (DEC weighed it at the Fort Niagara station), one 10 lb er, and a couple teenagers in the box. 11 for 16 on fish and hits and killed six. Overall great trip. For the out of towners, only cleaning station we found open was fort niagara. Best baits of the trip were: Spoons - Mag DW Rodfather, FF - Black Green Dot SD with a Shred Pro Am fly, Meat - Sidekick with Atommik Stud twinkie rig.
  3. Added a tower, some rod holders, lights, and some new cisco planer reels and pulleys. Ditched the old bimini and planer masts/rod holders. Shook her down last week, she'll be splashing in Wilson in a week.
  4. I always assumed the answer to this is NO based on the rule "May enter fish on the day caught" Most of the weigh stations close by 8 pm or earlier, so it would be impossible to enter a fish caught after closing time. Now if you caught it at 12:01AM, i assume its fair game to weigh as soon as the stations open.
  5. $100? I dont know what these things are worth. Make a reasonable offer and its yours. I added a tower to the boat and this is just taking up room in the garage.
  6. I'm going to be listing a pair of 4' great lakes planer plus masts/trees for sale as soon as I get my boat out of storage this week. They are used, but not abused. Selling for $500 for the pair. Bottom rod holder is pinned and horizontal to fishing as a dipsey rod holder. Top of tree can also be used as a rod holder, so you can fish three board lines and a diver off one set up, plus your big boards. Come with track mounts. Not sure where you are located, i'm in Pittsburgh PA, but fish Erie PA often and will be in Olcott/Wilson the third week of May. Pictured on my boat in action below.
  7. Bimini and stainless frame from wellcraft 220 sportsman. Good shape, had some stitching reinforced two years ago. No boot. Includes stainless mounting hardware. Located in Pittsburgh PA but I’m in Erie PA often. Will be in Olcott/Wilson fishing the bar the third week of May. Willing to meet within a reasonable distance. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. everyone runs things a little different. as long as cross currents arent too bad, and i'm running my gear greater than 40' feet or so, I always run: Inside 9' rod, wire, mag dipsey (deeper diver 124 mm), 1 setting Outside 10.5' rod, wire, regular dipsey (deeper diver 107 mm), 2.5 setting approximate ratios of 2:1 on inside and 3:1 on outside. far from an exact science, but it gets close, and then we repeat what works. watch your turns carefully, especially in cross currents. We dont tangle often, but I've had some nasty ones.
  9. Toyota did update the motor for 2022. I get around 16 mpg with my 2017 tundra, even with oversized bfg at’s. I’ll be a toyota owner for awhile. Pulls my boat a heck of a lot better than my 1500 silverado as well, with better gas mileage. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. CK3080

    Sold / Closed 2003 Seaswirl Striper 2101dc

    Great looking boat. I was looking very hard for one of these a few years ago before I found my Wellcraft, one of the easiest dual console boats to put a kicker on as well if wanted in the future. Looks like its priced very fairly as well. Good luck with the sale!
  11. small Spro swivel at mainline to leader connection, 10' fluoro leader, duolock snap to spoon. Thats my setup and have never had issues with it.
  12. We do as well. Have run spoons/ flashers / paddles with meat interchangeably on the the same side. i like to deploy inside rod very slow to make sure its diving. outside rod gets deployed faster, letting it get some room behind the back of the boat and stay higher in the water column before it starts to dive down and out.
  13. I tip my rods the other way, but same idea setup as others above. 1 9' rod, 1 10'6" rod, mag dipsey inside on 1, regular dipsey outside on 2.5.
  14. By inlines, do you mean inline weights or inline planers? What you have depicted there are what most call big boards (regular planer boards). Inline boards are small plastic contraptions and are attached to individual rod lines, not the planer line. What you have depicted there will work for sure, but getting reset will be an issue. I normally fish three lines similarly off big boards, but say Rod 1 gets hit, it releases and you reel in the fish. You are now at a risk of a major tangle if you re-deploy that rod at the same depth/set back as you previously got hit on in the inside position without pulling in the other two rods first. Not an issue to reset all the lines, just making sure you know the situation. If i deployed that setup and rod 2 got hit, I'd probably pull in rod 3 and reset it as the same set back and depth as rod 2, then send them both back out. Doing the same for Rod 1 eventually. If you know what setback and depth is working best, set all the rods the same and keep hauling in fish. I too fish Erie (Lampe Marina) and once you know where the eyes are and what they want, its all production with big boards.
  15. I bought a 22' 2004 Wellcraft in 2015 on halloween for considerably less than your budget. Keep an eye out this time of year and deals can be found, just have to jump on them quick. Although mine is a dual console, its the same hull as the 220 Coastal, and I have been more than pleased with the boat and engine (Yamaha F200). Wellcraft makes (or used to make) a very solid boat.
  16. I know this topic is almost a year old, but how has the top held up? Anything you wish you would have ordered different? Getting very close to pulling the trigger on one of these myself, and have a very similar boat (Wellcraft 220 Sportsman).
  17. Great rig! Sorry to see it go, Dev. To any potential buyers, this boat is rigged to the gills. Having fished on it several times and being an engineer myself, I can attest that no detail or expense was spared. Does surprisingly well in the rough stuff too.
  18. What does your transom look like? Im all for stationary bracket whenever possible. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  19. Why not yamaha? I brought a brand new yamaha T9.9 long shaft electric start in 2015 and its been great. Keeps batteries charges while trolling and starts at the push of a button every time. Plus many yamaha mechanics around Lake O and NY in general. Not a bad price either.
  20. Straight 20lb mono to run a 40 or 50 jet diver. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. x2 on Wellcraft. I would look hard at any 232 Coastal's that may be on the market. I wanted a dual console, and went with the Wellcraft 220 Sportsman, and dont think I could get a better trailerable big water boat for what I wanted. I too have an F200 and a T9.9 kicker. Does everything I need it to and more, just no cuddy. I currently tow with a toyota tundra (5.7L, 4.30 rear end), and not sure I would want to put much more boat behind it. Wellcrafts run heavy.
  22. The Prop-Healer in New Haven reworked and re-hubbed a SS prop for me a few years ago. Not sure if he is still open. Great work and very reasonable.
  23. Bought my current boat in Atlantic City New Jersey on Halloween 2015. Putted around the marina, wrote a check, put her on the trailer and drove her home. Price was right though and I knew there were likely going to be issues with the early 2000s yamaha four stroke (which finally reared their ugly head this year). If the price is right and you are prepared for possible costly repairs, send it! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  24. Ive had a pair of grundens petrus that i’ve worn religiously for the past five years. Have served me very well and def got my money out of them. Got a new set of simms challengers for this year that im excited to try out. We shall see. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  25. Wire on all four dipseys. Inside mags 9’ rods. Outside regular size dipsey 10.5’ rod. This is for fishing down to 100’ or so and not too bad of currents. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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