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  1. The airmar tm150 is a Chrip, I think it sucks for deep water
  2. Thinking about installing a p66 on my Garmin units , I went with the tm150 and not impressed
  3. I’ll be out of Olcott at the same time as you are , we’re running 2 boats so we should be able to put something together, I’ll pm you my number
  4. I’m in Michigan but Lake Ontario blows Lake Michigan away
  5. Head east , ck your lines often, a lot of little ones , are best was in front of the power plant
  6. I’m the area for 2 days, thanks for the report
  7. A buddy had a 9hp on a bracket and never removed it
  8. Over here on the Detroit river you can fish the Canada side if you have a license and you don’t touch the ground
  9. I bought the livescope, not impressed for trolling so I just purchased the ps30 but I’m mounting it like the ps31 , I have it hooked to the 106sv , like it much better then the uhd93
  10. Thursday can come soon enough, be there Thursday to Sunday morning
  11. Happy young man , nice to see good reports, heading over from Michigan in the morning
  12. Made one but have tried it out yet, slide it in a track
  13. Was going just buy one but over 300.00 , I have 130.00 in this one
  14. There actually pretty nice , they have several different types
  15. Salmon candy website, holds 27 flashers and got one that holds spin doctor
  16. I figure I would get some sd in similar patterns and run one side sd and the other flashers and see which ones work the best
  17. Been ordering a bunch of flashers and flies , hope not a waste of money but can’t be any worst then the 100 crank baits for walleye fishing 😂
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