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  1. Thursday can come soon enough, be there Thursday to Sunday morning
  2. Happy young man , nice to see good reports, heading over from Michigan in the morning
  3. Made one but have tried it out yet, slide it in a track
  4. Was going just buy one but over 300.00 , I have 130.00 in this one
  5. There actually pretty nice , they have several different types
  6. Salmon candy website, holds 27 flashers and got one that holds spin doctor
  7. I figure I would get some sd in similar patterns and run one side sd and the other flashers and see which ones work the best
  8. Been ordering a bunch of flashers and flies , hope not a waste of money but can’t be any worst then the 100 crank baits for walleye fishing 😂
  9. Look up Russell Gahagan on YouTube, you can change the flies but use the same leader , he from Wisconsin,
  10. Any certain colors on Lake Ontario , we only get to make a few trips a year so I’m trying to up are game a few notches
  11. Appreciate the come backs , didn’t really think about all that, all I’ve ran up to this point was spin doctor and meat Riggs with the big flashers
  12. Over the winter I’m getting a selection together, what do you preferred to use and why , I’ve made the trip to Lake Ontario for 4 years now and did pretty good but I know I could do better , I kinda like the salmon candy line , can switch flies without having to re tie the leaders , what’s you thought.
  13. You are right , I’m in the automotive business and I’m always spending money on wire schematics from all data ,
  14. I can say the dealer I bought my from has went way beyond what most dealer would, boat was 1 yr old , started went out , every dealer was a 2 week out , he got me one and installed it the next day , then I crack the hull , he went to bat for me and when we figure out the problem I drop the boat off at Starcraft and was back on the water the next week with a new hull , even 7 year later he helps if he can , just this year I had a fuel problem and he talked me through it to find out the problem and sent me the part to fix it when ever place around me told me no parts are available , a good dealer will help you even after a purchase.
  15. Try this # Joe Worstler 574-831-7061 I believe he the Service director
  16. Same boat as you , we usually go to Lake Ontario but with the east winds this weekend we will be in Manistee , also live in Michigan lol
  17. What the weekend weather look like as far as wave height , making the trip from Michigan thanks
  18. We had a evening last year , something like 3-12 and every body at the dock was having the same problem that night ?
  19. Thanks Jeff , sounds like I have everything set like that , I’ll ck it out tomorrow when Fishing
  20. I have a lowrance gen 2 , I have no problem marking walleye on Lake Erie but when it comes to salmon I hardly ever mark them , I don’t lose the bottom, I just don’t get it
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