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  1. I-bay launch

    They have one dock in. Put it in today when they closed the bridge.
  2. Looking to dip the new boat.

    Ok thanks for the heads up. Going crazy wanting to trying out all new gear. Maybe ill settle for Ibay then.
  3. Looking to dip the new boat.

    Looking to dip the new boat. With weather pending, I plan on dipping my new boat this weekend in the north end of canandaigua before she hits the big lake for some spring browns. i plan on taking some fatheads and some light tackle in hope to find some perch. Was wondering if anyone could put me in a ball park of fow to start looking in? Thank you.
  4. When to put your boat in the water?

    Was wondering the same thing!
  5. Crow

    That looks like a real good morning!!!!
  6. Do you have the base to the mast?
  7. Looking to buy planner mast Looking to buy a planner board mast in the Rochester area. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  8. 2016 duck season

    Had a blast with a buddy on this cold snowy morning!!!!