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  1. Fantastic dogs. This is what they look like when they grow up:
  2. Thank you, Justin. I appreciate the suggestions. I checked out your website, and Otisco Lake looks like it could be a good option for us to take in some more fishing while we are in the area. I'll talk it over with my friend and get back to you if we decide to give it a try.
  3. Thank you both for your reply. Yes...but we already booked a charter out of Mexico Bay. Because we fish the SR, it is more familiar territory for us, and we were hoping to add in some dropback fishing. Also, we are located in eastern PA, and so a straight shot up I81 is closer and more convenient than fishing western NY. I hope we didn't make a mistake in our choice.
  4. Hello, My friend and I are taking our sons on our first-ever charter for Spring brown trout in mid-May. They're graduating from high school this year, and it's sort of one last hurrah before they are out of the house. We have had them steelhead fishing the Salmon River and smaller tribs several times over the past few years. We would like to make it more than a one-day trip, and so we are hoping that there might be a chance to catch dropbacks at that time of year, although it might be getting too late for that by mid-May. In the event that dropbacks do not cooperate, what other fishing would be available at this time of year to keep teenage boys occupied for a few days? I was wondering whether brown trout would be catchable from the shores of Lake Ontario at that time of year. We are coming from PA, and we are not too familiar with the fishing at this time of year. Other than the charter, we would be relegated to shore or wade fishing. Also, we are hoping that mid-May is normally a good time for brown trout fishing. Between work schedules and school activities, it was about the only time we could all get together. Is mid-May usually a good time to get on the lake for trout? I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you.
  5. I'll take the set, please. PM to follow.
  6. Well, I might have gotten a bit hasty, but today I ordered a 12" track from Traxstech, along with a 6" swivel downrigger mount and a 12" backing plate. My plan is to remove some flotation foam from under either the rear or middle tank seat and anchor the track and backing plate to the seat. At this height, the downrigger should just be over the top of the gunnel according to my measurements. Should I mount it to the driver's seat (rear) directly across from where I sit or the middle seat? If the middle seat, which side (I sit on the right side of the rear seat)? I think I am only going to mount one rigger for the time being until I learn the ropes, and until I recover, financially. Would anyone have any concerns running an 8 lb. ball from such a set up? My trolling won't be very deep, probably 30 feet at the most for brown trout and walleye. I'm hoping the 12" track and backing plate, along with the aluminum tank seat, will be up to the task. The nice thing is I can remove the downrigger when not is use, which will probably be most of the time I am using the boat.
  7. Thanks, all. I like the idea of using a board bolted through the existing oarlocks, and I will think about that some more. Another idea I had after posting was to have Big Jon's available 4"x4" mounting plate welded to the aluminum (I think) bracket or brace at each of the rear corners. With the bolts and nuts running through the transom and gunnel to anchor this piece in place, I do not believe there would be enough room under this brace to get the four mounting bolts through with nuts on the underside. However, I am pretty sure the top surface is large enough to accomodate the 4"x4" mounting plate if it was welded on. Of course, this is dependent upon finding a good aluminum welder that wouldn't cost a small fortune. Good or bad idea?
  8. Hello, I have an Alumacraft V-14 (aluminum utility with narrow gunnels), and I just bought two manual Big Jon Gadabout riggers (first ever) from the classifieds on the LOU forum. Trouble is, I don't know how or where to mount them. I'm afraid a board across the stern may interfere with steering my tiller motor and/or my transom-mounted electric motor. Also, it may be in the way if the motors need to be tilted. Another issue is that I may at times have my two kids, and maybe my dad, in the boat while fishing, and so mounting on the middle seat may be problematic as well. Plus, the Gadabout has a short boom, and so the cable may rub the side or bottom of the boat while turning if mounted in the middle. Are the available clamp-on mounts up to the task? Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  9. I'll take the riggers for $120 shipped without the bases. PM to follow....
  10. How much for the pair if I can pick them up instead of having them shipped?
  11. Hello, Are these riggers still available for sale? If so, would you consider selling only one? I am new to controlled-depth fishing, but I would like to give a downrigger a try on my small boat. I see that you are from Nicholson, PA. I would like to fish Harvey's Lake in Luzerne County, but it's one of the very few lakes where I would use a downrigger, and so I think starting out with one rigger might be a good idea until I learn what it's all about. Thanks.