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  1. Thank you all. I actually found just what I was looking for on eBay. So appreciate all of your input. Thank you again!!
  2. Hi Guys, Thank you all for your input. I finally just contacted Netcraft today directly. They do have flipper blades but they are red and plastic. Seeing if they have what Sk8man has. Thanks again! Bob
  3. Exactly!!! I will call them today. Thank you!!!!
  4. Thanks for the replies. Checked out both websites but still coming up empty. Not the end of the world. Tight lines! Bob
  5. Hi Gang, I got a question. On some of my old Diamond King spoons, attached to the split ring is a small blade that flickers when trolled. I'm looking to see if anyone has any idea where I might buy these or something similar. I contacted Luhr Jensen and they can't provide/sell them like that. Thanks, Bob
  6. Thank you for everyone's input. Windburn, I think you nailed it and I soo appreciate the time you took to respond. Thanks to all!! Regards, Bob
  7. Hi Gang, You're gonna laugh. I am trying to replace the depth counter on my 35-year-old Cannon Unitroll downrigger. These are SOO manual. Anyhoot, I'm at the point where I unscrewed the handle and took the plate off the other side. Being these are 35 years old and Cannon no longer makes parts for much of this, I'm leary on "just going at it". My question is how do I remove the "axle" from the rigger so I can then get to the depth counter? I'm not sure if I just tap it out or if something else holding it in place. Looking for advice. Much Appreciated, Bob Lyons
  8. Thanks, Guys. I think between the large rains causing washouts and weeds being cut in surrounding bays, we possibly found the answer to the cause of this. I was out last Saturday in the same zone, I was still seeing some but nowhere near the intensity of it when I first encountered it. Hopefully, this is behind us going forward, at least this year!
  9. Hi, Are these still available? Thanks, Bob
  10. Bad Habit, I know a scum line when I see it. There was no cold water meeting warm water. Also, the scum line is usually visual on the surface. This was not that for all the reasons you listed. Hoping this is not our new reality going forward. Bob
  11. Hi Gang, Went fishing yesterday and was in the 60-90 fow range east of the channel. I came across acres and acres of the water column filled with weeds and sticks. I don't recall ever seeing something like this. I wonder if LO has had a repeat of what Canandaigua had. I did manage 4 fish and one hit that really ripped on my leadcore off my outrigger but no one home. Anyhoot, just beware if you are fishing there...avoid it. I've had to pick weeds and sticks etc. off my rigger wires and fishing lines. Unfortunately, there's nothing indicated on the surface depicting you are approaching it until it's too late. One positive, I did see some nice schools of bait. Tight lines, Bob
  12. Hi Guys, Thank you for all the great comments. Totally appreciate the feedback. Regards, Bob
  13. Hi Gang, I have a 19' Aluminum Sea Nymph boat. We, (my son and I) have a Minn Kota trolling motor mounted on the Bow. The issue I have is the motor was mounted like 10 years ago. I rarely ever used it but my son is a HUGE bass fisherman and it's now being used all the time. The issue we have is the bow mount needs more reinforcement so it doesn't flex when steering/using the motor. My bow is nothing but a sheet of aluminum. It just needs to be reinforced and was looking for any suggestions on who is competent doing this. Regards, Bob
  14. Hey Guys, Thank you to all three of you. Much appreciated. Bob
  15. Hi Gang, A simple question. My son and I have been fishing for bass in Ibay since the big lake has been almost impossible to get out due to the wind and the fishing has been SOOO thumbs down. Anyhoot,, the question I have is we see a bunch of boats by the channel markers and was wondering what they are doing. We never see a fish caught and my son saw a bunch of boats out there on a Wednesday. Thanks, Bob
  16. Hi Gang, You're gonna laugh but I have a 1982 Jennings Shooting Star compound bow that I want to use for shooting carp. I just want to have it checked out first to make sure it's still safe. Any Bow shops in the Rochester area that you could recommend? Thanks! Bob
  17. Ditto! At least when I go out tomorrow, I'll have my cannon balls this time. Yes, not much of a picture out there at all.
  18. Heading out of Ibay tomorrow morning for the maiden voyage. Not sounding that encouraging and we know the east wind is a downer mostly for this area at this time of year. I'll post my report tomorrow. Went out today....maiden voyage and realized when I got to the boat at Mayers.....I forgot the cannonballs at home!! Irregardless, I went out this morning and used my boards, and then graduated to dipseys and leadcore. Wound up with one king and FAR from a major. Took him on wire diver, no ring on 2 at 125 feet out over 175 fow. Just so you know, I started inside this morning. The water was crystal clear. I could see the bottom in 50 FOW!! The east wind is sooo not our friend!!
  19. Great to hear that. Appreciate all of your good luck. Amazing what a different location can offer. Thank you again!!
  20. Heading out of Ibay tomorrow morning for the maiden voyage. Not sounding that encouraging and we know the east wind is a downer mostly for this area at this time of year. I'll post my report tomorrow.
  21. Hi Gang, I have a Minn Kota 55 that is probably at least 12 years old. Based on the price of gas and all the "blow days" I had last year, I'm going to do some bass bugging with my fly rod inside the bay (Irondequoit) ,which is a total gas!. I would normally plug my motor in via a hookup I created when I first got it. It worked fine but it is SUCH a hassle taking the battery out of the transom area and then having to recharge it after heavy use of the Minn Kota. What I'm ideally looking for is a battery carrier and one that can utilize the current plug end of my motor. Looking for any suggestions or advice. Regards, Bob Lyons
  22. Hi Folks, This has already been sold. Unable to change the listing to sold but thank you for your interest. Regards, Bob
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