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  1. I was out and that was some crazy sh,,.Did you get the 2 rainbows prior to that nutso stuff? The one was the most vivid rainbow i have seen from end to end.
  2. I have two high-speed Okuma 30 DS is there a barely used new this year. 160$ u pay shipping 585-750-3164 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Beautiful fish nice to keep L.O. trophy's rolling.
  4. I have 242 of classic NK colors not to be found and 44 silver streaks of various colors all in a maxi mate box. I do not want to split it up. 575$ takes all. Call 585-750-3164. I will send video of the loaded box. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Should be all good. Spray the steel with good paint.
  6. That is true rick, i am kind of curious who would accommodate this.
  7. LOL i heard they were plowing them.
  8. Two boats is your best bet, split it up more rod time per person.
  9. Thats a beautiful deal. What isn't is that we will be missing a year class for the next 3 plus.
  10. Smart troll will tell the truth to all deployed devices.
  11. Nice congrats to all. We need to see the scores as we go larry, that,s my only issue. Good job to all.
  12. Coho Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. I have been doing all of that fellas, not my first rodeo. Today was better than it has been, let's see what mama nature brings tomorrow. Will they show up in july , august, probably but let's see what kind of numbers we are dealing with.
  14. They are and several others as well.
  15. Fishing should not be this disappointing or difficult. People are getting very good catching fish, kings in particular. Bottom line is we need more fish.
  16. Not for nothing GillT that is a terrible picture with interference from something. I do hear you with the fish movement. It is more significant on your end the lake for sure.
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