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  1. I have a Parker Micro Phoenix that is like new. Shot maybe 50 times. This has everything you need to go hunting or target shooting. Comes with a release, 10 arrows, 2 broad heads, target points. The bow has a whisker bisket, 2 pin sight, peep sight all new. The draw length is 26” and poundage is 40 to 50lbs, plenty to hunt with. This also comes with a hard case to travel with. 250$ takes all. Text or call 585-750-3164.
  2. Nice. Just curious as to where?
  3. Does anyone know if the ice is gone on the north ends of Cuyuga and Owasco lake. I want to put a boat in.
  4. Check your messages fellas.
  5. This is all any boat would ever need to catch fish
  6. I have four Shimano Triton 400 reels that are used but in great working condition. I also have two Okuma convectors CV 30 Ds. 225$ takes all 6 reels. 585-750-3164 text or call
  7. Just curious what the crowd uses to bring back the shine on a Shimano charter special. Mine are sun faded being on the roof all summer. I have used peanut oil, wd 40, 3in1 oil and it only lasts for a short period. I am all ears.
  8. I will be in the water by April 1st with my first trip the 2nd. My website is Hookedupcharters.com. I fish from the Genesee river and travel to where ever the bite is. Let me know if interested, good luck.
  9. You got to get there a lot earlier than 830 I would suggest 6 AM and that could possibly be late as the daylight gets earlier every day
  10. My friend has a place just east of taft bay north side. Lewis pt is good south side borios restaurant south shore.
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