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  1. I have a Parker Micro Phoenix that is like new. Shot maybe 50 times. This has everything you need to go hunting or target shooting. Comes with a release, 10 arrows, 2 broad heads, target points. The bow has a whisker bisket, 2 pin sight, peep sight all new. The draw length is 26” and poundage is 40 to 50lbs, plenty to hunt with. This also comes with a hard case to travel with. 250$ takes all. Text or call 585-750-3164.
  2. Does anyone know if the ice is gone on the north ends of Cuyuga and Owasco lake. I want to put a boat in.
  3. I have four Shimano Triton 400 reels that are used but in great working condition. I also have two Okuma convectors CV 30 Ds. 225$ takes all 6 reels. 585-750-3164 text or call
  4. Just curious what the crowd uses to bring back the shine on a Shimano charter special. Mine are sun faded being on the roof all summer. I have used peanut oil, wd 40, 3in1 oil and it only lasts for a short period. I am all ears.
  5. I will be in the water by April 1st with my first trip the 2nd. My website is Hookedupcharters.com. I fish from the Genesee river and travel to where ever the bite is. Let me know if interested, good luck.
  6. You got to get there a lot earlier than 830 I would suggest 6 AM and that could possibly be late as the daylight gets earlier every day
  7. My friend has a place just east of taft bay north side. Lewis pt is good south side borios restaurant south shore.
  8. I still have these classic NKs and sliver streaks for sale included in a maxi mate box. There are some unique colors that the owner of NK had custom painted for me. I will send a video to whom ever. call or text 585-750-3164
  9. 100$ Takes all of these spoons
  10. Is the park at branchport wide open? thinking the boat wednesday
  11. Lewis pt is a great place to start. Jigging Rapala's, rotjaw, moonshine's shiver minnow. Natural colors can't go wrong with most days. Firetiger, glow perch are a good choice as well. Get some buckeye minnows rip them in half and put the head in the treble hook. I use the tail also. Godfrey pt is also a good place with a great tackle store as well. Hope this help's good luck. What is the deal with the collage access on Keuka?
  12. What the hell is that all about???? There never was a problem.
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