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  1. This by far the worst spring bite i have ever seen since i started in the 70's. I can't figure why. The only place i haven't been is in the 300' plus range. That might be next. Maybe the shore fish got pushed out deep found bait and are happy campers. Many years ago this happened in sodus. This dilemma is not just here in Rochester it is from mexico to niagara. Yes the bite was ok in march, but now not so much. Lakers are around thank god to keep some rods moving. I am optimistic that things can and will get better, it can only go that way.
  2. Don't think for one minute that they won't do whatever it takes to try and get these installed on the great lakes. We need to keep our eyes and ears open and fight this issue once again.
  3. Still for sale Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Call me at 585-7fivezero-31sixfour Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I have two new Daiwa wilderness 9 foot rods with two new Okuma CV 30 D reels. These reels have 100 yards of 20 pound PowerPro line for backer and have new 10 color lead on them as well. Just put a leader on it and you’re good to go. 250$ for both. Call 585-7fivezero -3onesix4 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I have 16 stinger stingrays eight little stingers and probably close to 100 assorted spoons. 150$ or best offer. Call 585-7fivezero-3onesix4 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. This is fuel or whatever 1” ball valves with quick disconnect. 2 ends have a 1” male barbs. Everything is like new. Cost over 100$ last year. 50$ now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Too high, too low, they just can't figure it out it's not rocket science. What a bunch of Lamers.
  9. Looking for a 40 hp Johnson or little larger. Thinking of something in the 90s. Hope to hear from someone. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Alot of that water is already downstream from our docks heading to the big sea. What ever, it is what it is.
  11. Scottys all the way. With that piece of cable connected to the release you can see every dink that jumps on. You can troll a 11" paddle at 4mph if need be without a problem as well. The pad's themselves are replaceable, which i never had to do in using them for the last 10 plus years.
  12. I could be mistaken Rob, but this chart shows me that more is going out the Moses saunders dam than what's coming from the Niagara.
  13. It has come up maybe 2" in the last 5 days.
  14. I usually have 5' under my boat, now 28" that's crazy. Sucking mud when i start up, yay.
  15. Rob you got to be super shallow at your dock as well. Trying to stay ahead of this is not working out right now, that's for sure. They can send people to the moon but they can't find a happy lake level??
  16. I know are snow depth was down, very little rain, down 4 to 5" of precipitation. Come on, they can adjust that with the outflow at massena dam. This is crazy stupid lows that i have never seen, or anybody else. Docks, launches, bays, super low water levels. I hear 11" by April 2nd. That would be next to impossible with this short window. Any explanations, theories ?? Let's hear them. Meanwhile i am going to buy stock in Michigan Wheel. ( they sell props )
  17. Thank's Dan. Good info like this is always BIG.
  18. I have 2 used but like new 65" long 1.25' diameter stainless shafts for sale, 200$ or BO. I also have 2 5" 4 hole couplers that are in great shape as well for 50$. Call 585-7five zero-3onesix4
  19. Looks like you need another cocktail lol.
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