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  1. Seen two guys out on Honeoye yesterday. ?????
  2. What make? I have two savage smokeless. I’m just curious as to what you have.
  3. What might that new land cannon might be?
  4. He never did say powder configuration. I'm not sure that all happened, you couldn't see it he just tells you so,,,,,,,,
  5. Seen my biggest bucks ever in Iowa. Couple of booners and then some. Shot at a few nothing to show for it. It was shotgun only then 25 or more years ago. Good luck awesome state.
  6. The issue that I’m seeing through PayPal’s cause I did it through friends and families and they say they don’t see a problem with it but I will deal with that
  7. I tried to get some reels on LOU and i thought i was dealing with the owner of these reels and sent 600$ thru paypal. Come to find out it was not the owner. I should have been suspicious when they said they could only text. Then they tried 2 emails for paypal to send and only one worked. They wanted a confirmation pic to see i sent it, which makes sense to me. They were checking to see if it was sent and i never hear back. Then i just got a call from the owner who has no idea what i am talking about. WTF, Dirty rotten bastards that do this stuff should go to hell. If they spent their time doing something constructive they might be something. Hopefully paypal will do something to help. I have already filed the case. Just BEWARE !!!
  8. I’m with you Rick,Atlantics are a BIG waste of time and money. The returns are non existent for the most part.
  9. I have a Poulan PLB26 that is a year old and runs mint. 80$ Call or text 585-75zero-316four
  10. I have a used but great condition 13 diameter 15 pitch mercury prop no longer needed. 50$ text 585-75zero-3one6four
  11. My condolences Tawny. Sorry to have never met you. Ed has been our observer for the sodus pro am for the 5 yrs or so. I have known him for many years prior to that. He was a very knowledgeable of the outdoors. He will be missed
  12. I agree we need to fix the cormorant problem as well as the lampreys. That are the two most important. The survival of our very expensive and time consuming fish we stock is what we all want. What i am saying till these "killers" get taken care of, which will be years to fix the issues, they should be putting in more fish ONLY cause of the mortality we are all seeing in the big pond and tribs.
  13. I have 47 decoy weights. 65$ text 585-750-3164
  14. This unit is2yrs old and works perfect. I have the transducer and power cords as well. The cost for a new one is 620$. Upgrading. 450$ call or text 585-750-3164
  15. You always have something stupid to say. You don't think for one minute the anglers out fishing would not want more action??
  16. We lost a good man As I’ve just found out on October 1. Eddie Maxon a great Outdoorsman who loved his hunting and fishing. He was the originator of the Rochester Trout and Salmon Anglers. Eddie will be missed by all who knew him. And I’m sure he’ll be catching fish and chasing deer upstairs with his buddies. Rest In Peace my friend
  17. I have Garmin striker plus 9sv. Everything works have all the cords bracket and transducer. Upgrading. 500$ takes it. Lists for 699$. Call or text 585-75zero-316four.
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