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  1. Thank you for the response
  2. I noticed that last weekend when we were there, we pulled around the loop to get the boat ready(about 3-5 minutes maximum) and some guy pulls right in and backs up to the launch and starts prepping his boat. We went to the other side and launched and in the time it took us to launch the boat, warm it up while my friend parked the truck and pull away (probably 10 minutes) that guy was just getting his boat in the water. It was ridiculous and really disappointing to see a fellow fisherman me be so rude but Possibly he was just really dumb
  3. Does anyone know if the genesee river launch is open yet
  4. I’m pretty sure all three of those are closed, braddocks is open and dry docks
  5. I thought this year has been very good also, even on bad days I still scrape up 2 or 3 kings
  6. Are you getting anything we nailed a double is 145 setting up first thing and now nothing, I got the 2nd place loc salmon out here yesterday 25.07
  7. That is a mr outdrive, I believe it can be used in place of an alpha out drive
  8. We were out on my Starcraft islander, it was crazy at the launch when we went in about 3pm
  9. Were you out there in the Parker boat? We passed you a few times out there and were admiring the boat
  10. Thank you, is the parking situation pretty obvious? I’ve never been there and don’t want to ruffle any feathers
  11. Is there a cash machine to take money or do you have to wait until a certain time
  12. Expect double what they say is what I usually notice
  13. I’d rather head west than wait until 830 to launch
  14. I have one on my garmin and it was pretty accurate on canandaigua lake but not so great on conesus. Wish I could’ve bought mine for $35
  15. Would it be worth it to bring the fish to the lake to be released?
  16. You can’t beat the price of them on amazon or eBay, you can get them for approximately $30/bag
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