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  1. I’m 5’10 185 and a large is a little big for me, I’m guessing you’d be a medium. Franks great outdoor store has a killer deal on the trekker series right now
  2. Hello I sent you a message, I’d like to come Saturday and check it out please
  3. Thanks for meeting me half way and making a smooth transaction
  4. Tried it yesterday afternoon and we only caught 1 coho, there were lots of marks and seen a few porpoise, seen the police kick the guys off Summerville pier so I guess that’s closed
  5. Can we start by torching dsr? I looked the other day and it’s $85 to fish there now
  6. It was green glow frog spin dr and white 2face 8” paddle with stud flys that took most of the fish. Best water was 130 early and then the warm water pushed out around 10 or 11 and we got back into them in 190
  7. What a difference in boats, I tried every spoon known to man today and never got a release, we did end up 14 of 16 with all but 2 coming on flasher flys. Had 2 on meat and one good rip
  8. I’m not selling one but I was just looking for one myself and found penn 345gti was the best candidate, I put 300 yds of 65# power pro on it and 500’ of 45# test copper and it still has room for more
  9. Hi I have a bunch of kinked, busted in half and destroyed meat rigs I’d like to remake but I’m not sure what’s used to hold the teaser in place. On the atomik meatrigs it looks like a dab of hot glue but I figured it wasn’t because it’d melt the line thanks in advance
  10. I’ve bought 2 replacements since I had mine and paid $100 both times, I only paid 200 for the whole set up when I bought it years ago, price gouging is pretty shytty too
  11. How long is the copper on the cv55
  12. Hi I’m looking for a 400 copper reel or reel, I’m located 1 hour south of Rochester but could also pay shipping
  13. 2 years ago I watched a guy at irondequoit bay with a beautiful center console boat with twin 250s on it pull up and start getting his boat ready while waiting to launch when he started up his engines and let them warm up for about 15 minutes in the parking lot. That had to be the worse boat ramp mistake I ever seen
  14. What difference does it make for someone who is an “essential” worker that has continuous constant contact with co workers? We ride to work together and work together, I’m gone for 14 hours most days so I spend more time with them than anyone else in my life. I see where you’re coming from but not everyone gets the luxury of just quarantining themselves from the world, so why should we only be allowed to ride together to work and work all day together but not fish together when we get a day off?
  15. I’m not trying to stir the pot but I work everyday with the 2 people I always fish with. We try to quarantine away from other people we don’t have to contact with but I feel if it’s safe enough for us to work together every day I see no problem with us fishing together too.
  16. Do you have any swivel bases you’d sell with them
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