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  1. How long is the copper on the cv55
  2. Hi I’m looking for a 400 copper reel or reel, I’m located 1 hour south of Rochester but could also pay shipping
  3. 2 years ago I watched a guy at irondequoit bay with a beautiful center console boat with twin 250s on it pull up and start getting his boat ready while waiting to launch when he started up his engines and let them warm up for about 15 minutes in the parking lot. That had to be the worse boat ramp mistake I ever seen
  4. What difference does it make for someone who is an “essential” worker that has continuous constant contact with co workers? We ride to work together and work together, I’m gone for 14 hours most days so I spend more time with them than anyone else in my life. I see where you’re coming from but not everyone gets the luxury of just quarantining themselves from the world, so why should we only be allowed to ride together to work and work all day together but not fish together when we get a day off?
  5. I’m not trying to stir the pot but I work everyday with the 2 people I always fish with. We try to quarantine away from other people we don’t have to contact with but I feel if it’s safe enough for us to work together every day I see no problem with us fishing together too.
  6. Do you have any swivel bases you’d sell with them
  7. Do you know if the line will be inside or outside? I’m bringing the girls again this year and if it’s outside waiting I’ll dress them a lot warmer
  8. We’re a family of 5 and I’m the main source of income, if it wasn’t for a good paying job in the construction industry we’d be poor
  9. Are you trying to imply that people in the construction trade are over paid? Maybe we should all make $15/hr so our families can live off welfare to make ends meet and not put any money into retirement so the government can pay for us when we’re unable to work
  10. Why should the trailer only be used for storage?
  11. Do you think this would fit my Starcraft islander
  12. I noticed that last weekend when we were there, we pulled around the loop to get the boat ready(about 3-5 minutes maximum) and some guy pulls right in and backs up to the launch and starts prepping his boat. We went to the other side and launched and in the time it took us to launch the boat, warm it up while my friend parked the truck and pull away (probably 10 minutes) that guy was just getting his boat in the water. It was ridiculous and really disappointing to see a fellow fisherman me be so rude but Possibly he was just really dumb
  13. Does anyone know if the genesee river launch is open yet
  14. I’m pretty sure all three of those are closed, braddocks is open and dry docks
  15. I thought this year has been very good also, even on bad days I still scrape up 2 or 3 kings
  16. Is the boat wood free construction?
  17. Are you getting anything we nailed a double is 145 setting up first thing and now nothing, I got the 2nd place loc salmon out here yesterday 25.07
  18. That is a mr outdrive, I believe it can be used in place of an alpha out drive
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