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  1. Looking for some rod holders reasonably priced. I prefer the direct mount ones because I don’t have tracks on my boat
  2. Located in Wayland but I’m working in Brighton this week so you could pick up there. 2 eagle claw starfire 8’6 12-20# line with older daiwa sealine reels. The reels are the super hi speed ones that are like 6.2:1: the clickers work good but the drags aren’t as smooth on startup as soon ewer ones. One reel has like 6 or 8 color leadcore on it and the other is empty. I’d like to get $80 for the pair
  3. Fishkiller16 is the guy to buy it off, look him up on here and send him a message
  4. Where are you located I’m interested I’d the first guy isn’t
  5. I think they have a donation bin at the front door to help with the pen rearing though
  6. If you’re going to fish the finger lakes go to suttons in Naples and load up on Sutton spoons
  7. Call the people who make them like Amish workshops or whoever they’d know for certain but if it’s not a permanent structure you don’t need a building permit.
  8. Get one of the Amish workshop sheds, you don’t need a permit because they’re not a permanent structure
  9. You should go to suttons and see if he’d sell you some unplanted blanks cheap
  10. How do we get the prize if we win a door prize
  11. Would you ship rwo for $55? I’m working out of town so no way to pick up
  12. Aren't they illegal to use in the river because they have more than a 1/2" gap?
  13. Black in the mouth is the easiest way to tell, steelhead do not have any black in their mouth
  14. Well our governor has no problem looking past other federal laws that don't fit his agenda so I don't see what the problem would be
  15. Is the 170 a 470, 170 hp? If so what would be the price? I could pull it
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