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  1. Second what East End said, Axiom is a great unit!
  2. Gambler, I got the UV extreme in both sizes. The smaller size I ran behind my chinook diver and limited on walleye, although I had quite a few hits on the blades. My buddy ordered the same on Monday. What other colors do you recommend? I love how there is way less drag than a cowbell. i think you could even go a size larger.
  3. Lakers are off of Northeast all year. Just need to watch the previous days wind head to the colder water. Here are some of the nicer ones we caught this year. Deathtraps outproduced cowbells 11-1 last trip!
  4. Great job! Just curious, I picked up a Starcraft offshore to restore. I looks like your boat is the same, just curious what you think of it and would you make any recommendations on rigging, etc.
  5. So should I switch the battery selector to the house battery when the kicker is running? I don't think the kicker has a alternator on it, I think it just has a rectifier.
  6. One thing to help out on the Real vision. By default fish are color coded by depth. So you don't know if you are looking at bait or larger fish. To fix this go into preferences and go to "Color targets by". Switch it from "Depth" to "intensity". Now bait will display as blue, and larger fish will display as red. Works great on Erie, haven't used it on Ontario yet. In the 350mhz mode it will work to around 300ft.
  7. I've got a Honda 9.9 and when I bought the boat it was wired to the deep cycle battery. Is this normal? I know when I have the battery selector set to "Both" it will slowly start to drain both batteries. I'm thinking this should be on the starter battery along with main motor?
  8. I wouldn't want the weights, that would make it a lot lighter.
  9. why are you selling? I've been looking at getting one of these and wondered what you thought of it?
  10. Sorry what I meant by that was the sylvans share the same basic hull has the 21ft Islander which is more of a modified v hull. On my home waters of the central basin of Erie thats not the optimal hull design on our erie chop.
  11. My buddy has a sylvan, the ride can be very "rough."
  12. I already have a 22 Starcraft Bluewater. I used to have a 86 191 Islander and want to go back to a lighter boat. Is there a way to post the link? Thnx
  13. I messaged him. I think the Starcraft might have a better hull, although I've never seen that model of sea nymph in person before.
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