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  1. Anyone interested in the mast PM me.
  2. What year is the motor how many hours and shaft length please?
  3. Load Rite roller trailer 2005 19' load rite roller trailer it's in NH ( you will have to come get it) here's the CL link. PM with questions. https://nh.craigslist.org/bpo/6114386713.html
  4. My .35's are my go foul weather guns for sneak and peek I've had the mod 8 hump back semi the 336c leaver and the pump gun with a peep they're light and quick. And deadly!
  5. No need all's good .35 rem 200gr will take down anything in North America less Grizzly. We're good Pap.
  6. Didn't say it was.
  7. Consider the.35rem also.
  8. NK lot 48 NK 28s, 10 NK 4-Ds, 5 NK mags $200.00 shipped.