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  1. Great to talk with you yesterday Jason we were popping bunnies while you were popping brown Awesome!
  2. Hail To The Chief!!!
  3. Thanks the advise is apreciated
  4. Buck tail jigs I've been tying trolling streamers for a bunch of years and a friend asked if I could tie some hair jigs for ice fishing, targeting perch and crappie. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
  5. I did paint my own for a while then kind of got away from it still have the stuff. Here in NH we a smaller spoon size than Lake "O" size so a little steadier hand is a plus.
  6. Pap here's what I have done in the past and it works good.
  7. Check Tiger GPS I bought a Hook 7 there for less than 600 eariler this year.
  8. Next in line please!
  9. Pusses the 40+ mph trolls down to .8. Lock it up.
  10. Wiring.
  11. All fixed runs great gonna keep it thanks for all the interest!
  12. Motor runs rough might be a wiring harness,my biggest problem is I can't climb in and out of it to work on (replaced knees) so I need to have others do that and I not going to keep asking other folks to work on my boat. The hull is in great shape trailer too.
  13. As stated above it's a 18' Wellcraft Center console. $5000.00 is pretty short money for something that doesn't need that much thanks for the input though.