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  1. I have fished Yankee Fleet before even did 1 and 2 day trips. I found that they charge a little more than the guys in New Hampshire. Both Eastman's and Yellowbird do 12 hour marathons. Personal choice for me is the Yellowbird as far as time of year May and June are good but it all depends on tide and day. Sometimes you can catch only a couple other times a bunch. I do about 20 trips a year between Yankee Fleet, Yellowbird, and Eastmans. My personal thought is that they are pretty much the same except the New Hampshire boats do a better job on fillets. I am actually going out Easter Sunday on the Yellowbird then 5 days the next week. April 1 - April 15 you can keep 1 cod over 21" and 15 Haddock then after April 15 15 Haddock per day. It may change as new regs come out May 1 2021 I believe. PJ
  2. No pictures but I would say average size was around 19" up to maybe 22" I do know an 18lb Pollack took the pool.
  3. I know we are in the middle of some great Lake O fishing but I had the chance to do a little party boat fishing yesterday. Went out on Eastmans deep sea out of Seabrook NH and had a great time. Limited out (12) Haddock on first stop all big beautiful fish by 10:30 am. The whole boat had limits by noon and we went searching for some big Pollack. By 2:30 it was time to head in wound up with the 12 Haddock and 8 pollack. Great trip and want to give a shout out to the Eastmans fleet mates work hard and are very good at what they do. Put fish in freezer never found a bone in any of the fillets. Imagine Filleting fish for 4 to 5 hours and not miss a beat! I had a bad experience a few years ago on the same boat they have really changed it around great time great fishing! Haddock season closes September 17th so get while you can! PJ Weber
  4. My downrigger balls are 13lb torpedo weights and I have a fishhawk X4D. Downrigger read 113' down with blow back X4D read 88'. If that is with 13's I would say your blow back with 8 lb would be quite a bit more. No expert here just my thoughts.
  5. I just bought mine there yesterday I have been looking for 6 months for best price Northwoods beat all others by far!
  6. The Bunny Clark out of Ogunquit catches a lot of fish. Uncomfortable and a little pricey but he catches fish. As other have said you can't beat Yellowbird or Eastmans. Went out on both this year and limited out I would stay away from Al Gauron gone down hill since owner died and kids took over in my opinion.
  7. See You Saturday Jon not sure I can get by your table without spending all the money I am bringing!
  8. Have not received to much interest so one more time then to an agent.
  9. I am selling my 2 bedroom 1 bath camp near Catfish Creek on Hickory Grove Drive in New Haven. Camp is not on the water but does have water access rights. Lot is 100x100 and has city water, septic, 2 year old metal roof, new gravel in driveway. It is the last house on a private driveway. PM me for more info looking for $32,000.00. Will be list with agent soon if no interest. Five minutes to Mike's Marina or Salmon country. About 15 to 20 minutes to Wright's in Oswego. PJ Weber
  10. If not sold would like to purchase PM sent. PJ Weber
  11. Hi guys I am selling my 1988 Baha 230 fisherman. Have decided to give up lake O to persue other fishing options. Included are: 5.0 lter mercruiser 2003 20HP Honda kicker electric start and power trim easy loader daul axle trailer raymarine 585 fishfinder Garmine 185 gps 2 Scotty 2116 downriggers ( 1 new last year) Big Jon planer board setup with otter boats Ray Jefferson camand control 1 400' copper setup on a shimano 800 tekota reel 2 10 eagle claw dipsy rods w/Okuma convector 30 reels with 1000' wire 4 eagle claw downrigger rods with okuma magda pro reels Numerous paddles and spin doctors along with spoons and stick baits Can be seen at Mikes Marina still in water at dock Asking $5500.00 pm if interested PJ Weber
  12. This is a little late but know that a few of you like to fish for cod and haddock. I went over to Hampton Beach NH for 2 days of fishing on party boat over father's day weekend. This time of year usually is pretty good but this year seems to be quite different. Started Saturday using jigs had a nice spot on the stern and wound up with 2 legal cod 1 pollack and a red fish for the day with a bunch of throw back cod and haddock bait fishing seemed to get even smaller fish. The new regulations are making it tough to get a meal (3 fish limit and 21" on Haddock and 21" and 9 cod). On Sunday went on a 12 hour marathon I usually have better luck on these trips however not this time only caught 1 keeper cod and a ton of 19" to 20.5" cod and haddock. Oh well weather was great and still nice to be out. Done now till fall when hopefully the Pollack will keep the lines tight. PJ
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