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  1. Smoked salmon

    That sounds delicious. I can already taste that. Where did you get the maple sugar? And home much does 5 lbs of that cost. Lol
  2. Smoked salmon

    I use a similar brine but smoke alot of trout so i smoke them at around 180-200. it usually takes about 3 hours to finish. at about 1.5 hours i brush on a little maple syrup and then let them finish. comes out great every time. Lake trout taste excellent with this as well.
  3. losing lake trout

    Awesome catch and thank you for the tips.
  4. losing lake trout

    i picked up 2 at the brewerton show. i plan on using them next time as well. If this snow ever stops.
  5. losing lake trout

    Thank you I will try some single hooks and some scent thank you for the words of wisdom. I will take all the trout I can get. Lol. When I figure them out i will look for another fish to catch right now I’m trying to make it fun for my family and we like to smoke them.
  6. losing lake trout

    Thank you very much for the input. There are a lot of things i will take out with me the next time i go. I love to fish for lake trout. But most of all i love to smoke them and eat them. Call me crazy but i love the taste.
  7. losing lake trout

    Thank you gentlemen for the info and the giggles.
  8. losing lake trout

    For some reason im having bad luck losing lakers as soon as they break the surface out away from the boat. Is this something im doing incorrectly? Should i lighten my drag more for these soft lip fish? i usually use spoons with treble hooks. any insights would be appreciated.
  9. Cayuga Status on long point launch

    Thank you
  10. Cayuga Status on long point launch

    I went out of long point today. My depth finder showed 2.7-3’. Had no issues with my 20’ bayliner trophy. Didn’t find any browns but we had fun with some lakers in 160fow.
  11. Cayuga Status on long point launch

    Has anyone been to the launch recently? I’m headed over there on Tuesday and was wondering if the water is up and launch is clear. Thank you in advance.
  12. 11” flasher to roll or not to roll

    Now the 11” paddle that has no fin to kick it over should have to go around 2.3 - 2.4 before it spins. Is that Correct? And I have seen some people say to run it like a dodger where it slides side to side. I have never used these I got some in an old box.
  13. I picked up some 11” flashers and have heard they need to spin and don’t spin them. What are the pros and cons of these choices. T
  14. Spoon painting?

    She is just getting started but is really hitting it out of the park. She started selling some here recently and can’t keep them in stock. She keeps the price low and the quality high. $8 for stick bait and $7 for the 1.5 square bills. Hopefully she can get a bunch doe and do some swap meets or something. She is only 19 and trying to find her way in this big world.
  15. Spoon painting?

    Thank you she works very hard on them. If you would like to see some others @hookedluresny on Facebook