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  1. lakerchaser

    Jigging setups

    Yes - but only the 4600 which is smaller than the 5500 and is also a left hand retreive and also is a display reel.
  2. lakerchaser

    Jigging setups

    Checked the site out. The ambassitor 5 amb is 70.00 bucks but made in CHINA. The C-3 made in Sweden is 119.00. This is the go to reel.. Thanks for info.
  3. lakerchaser

    Jigging setups

    My jigging rods are all medium weight 6 foot 10 inch ugly sticks wiith 3 inches taken off the tip. Reels are all garcia ambassitures spooled with 30 pound braid to15 feet of florocarbon 13 pound test/- then a barrel swivil and another 2 feet of floro tied to jig. Poles run around 35 bucks and new reel is 120 or used on e-bay around 50 bucks. You can spend more but you wont catch any more lakers than this setup A 8 pound laker on this rig will get your blood flowing. Git-um.
  4. lakerchaser

    Cayuga detour info

    Thanks ssexton.- much appreciated.
  5. lakerchaser

    Cayuga detour info

    Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under constructionor or open for traffic. Thanks.
  6. lakerchaser

    Cayuga 79 detour

    Cinnamon fish - thanks again for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.good fishing ..
  7. lakerchaser

    Cayuga 79 detour

    thanks so much for the info. can i get back the same route or are some of those streets one way. thanks again.
  8. lakerchaser

    Cayuga 79 detour

    Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under construction,Last time over i was re-routed all over cornell. .. It was not a fun trip not to mention the poor trailer and boat. Hate going through ithaca..to t-falls. Thanks for any info.
  9. lakerchaser

    Sutton Spoon Company

    i use 2/0 mustad and eagle claw 210 on my sizze 22 suttons. those usa eagle claw are rugged. sutton will sell you them already rigged with a single hook. Both hooks are grreat for jigs too. Good luck. 1/0 for smalr suttons.
  10. lakerchaser

    Motels around deans cove

    Sned acres campgrounds has cabins and RV rentals not far from deans 869-9787 and spruce row campsiie near the park has the same.Most other places are very expensive at least for me.t
  11. lakerchaser

    Cayuga lake

    Congratulations - that sure is a beauty. any measurements.
  12. lakerchaser

    cayuga jigging

    We did fish into 80 feet but no lakers or bait. Bait was at 140 and thats where the lakers were. It was calm so no problem getting down.
  13. lakerchaser

    cayuga jigging

    Yes - fished out of long point. jigged on the bottom then reeled up and thats when they took the jig.. Used a 1.5 jig with a white ice tube...
  14. lakerchaser

    cayuga jigging

    Caught many lakers over 10 pounds north on cayuga jigging in 140 water. Enclosed picture of wife with one. Great day
  15. lakerchaser

    Jigging for trout

    just as a suggestion. If fishing deeper than 75 - 100 feet go to a 1.5 jig and when drifting fling your jig out in the direction that you are drifting and let it free fall and your jig will catch up to your boat about the same time and you will be able to see it on your graph.Good luck.