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  1. Spruce Row camping near t-falls - 607-389-9225 on west side. Sned acres camping near deans cove - 607-869-9787 on west side. both have web sites.
  2. That's a fantastic brown. Congratulations. Owasco can be rewarding but can also dish out the skunk. .
  3. Seems like around 40 feet down should be about right for the rainbows. best luck right off the points. for lakers, middle to south end near bottom around 100. Are those weed mats in your picture.
  4. I have a lowrance hds 5 ( no longer made ) that shows the jig in 150 feet of water as long as the jig is in the cone angle.If drift is too fast it will be out of cone half way down. Let jig go to bottom jig a couple times then start to reel up.The transducer is a 20 degree which is fairly narrow.
  5. Like sk8man said,Down the lake farther on 89 is deans cove with a nice launch for 7 bucks. Deep water immediatly and lots of lakers.Good laker fishing across lake off of college also..
  6. When the streak gets close to your jig, i start to reel up until he takes it or turns back down. i then drop jig past him and start reeling up again.. Sometimes they will follow almost to the top before striking. fun to see it on your sonor.
  7. Enclosed another one from long point last week. Jigged up from 130 feet of water on a white jig with a pepper tube.. I underhand the jig out in the direction of boat float so jig shows up on graph when it gets near bottom.then jig a few times and reel up about 10 turns. If nothing back at it. When i cant see jig i start all over ajain. If i see one suspende i reel just above or pass. Watch for those lines coming after jig. There are plenty of lakers on bottom that arent visible on the graph. Great fun on light tackle.
  8. Yes - but only the 4600 which is smaller than the 5500 and is also a left hand retreive and also is a display reel.
  9. Checked the site out. The ambassitor 5 amb is 70.00 bucks but made in CHINA. The C-3 made in Sweden is 119.00. This is the go to reel.. Thanks for info.
  10. My jigging rods are all medium weight 6 foot 10 inch ugly sticks wiith 3 inches taken off the tip. Reels are all garcia ambassitures spooled with 30 pound braid to15 feet of florocarbon 13 pound test/- then a barrel swivil and another 2 feet of floro tied to jig. Poles run around 35 bucks and new reel is 120 or used on e-bay around 50 bucks. You can spend more but you wont catch any more lakers than this setup A 8 pound laker on this rig will get your blood flowing. Git-um.
  11. Thanks ssexton.- much appreciated.
  12. Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under constructionor or open for traffic. Thanks.
  13. Cinnamon fish - thanks again for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.good fishing ..
  14. thanks so much for the info. can i get back the same route or are some of those streets one way. thanks again.
  15. Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under construction,Last time over i was re-routed all over cornell. .. It was not a fun trip not to mention the poor trailer and boat. Hate going through ithaca..to t-falls. Thanks for any info.
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