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  1. I’m thinking the extreme blow back angle causes the water to not hit the probe square reduceing the actual speed.
  2. The blow back is really bad with the 8lbs. It will read 2.3 and when I kick it in neutral and the ball falls back to 90degrees the speed comes up. Lol
  3. Thank you I will have to see if my old rigger will pick them.
  4. I’m getting incorrect readings from my depth raider due to blow back I believe. What size ball do you guys run on your probe side rigger. I am running 8lb ball with back fin right now. I tried a fish type 8lb and was worse. Thank you in advance for you advice. I just got my probe and was very excited to catch a boat load. Lol I caught more with out it. I believe when I get a heavyweight I can run some consistent speeds.
  5. We are trying some new style magnums and hooks. With new holo treatment as well as glow. What do you guys think ? I will let you know how they did after tomorrow.
  6. Where do you guys buy bulk treble hooks. And which brand is your goto.
  7. She’s is thinking of doing some on a challenger type stick bait.
  8. What do you guys think of these ? My daughter just whipped these for the 4 th of July.
  9. I have good luck by Aurora for lakers And land locks. It’s like 120 or so. And on the west side is good as well. Just north of long point state park.
  10. Yup it is a rubber bait shaped like a fish
  11. We picked up a couple as well trolling. One hand over 15 alewives in her belly. And a fluke with no hook.
  12. Yup she did. And thank you for the kind words. She is working on some spoons next.
  13. Let me know what you guys think of these.
  14. https://m.facebook.com/hookedluresny/photos/a.173146160076126.1073741827.172524023471673/173146083409467/?type=3&source=44&ref=bookmarks
  15. My daughter also paints lures you can check them out on her Facebook page. Hooked lures. And these are only $8
  16. That sounds delicious. I can already taste that. Where did you get the maple sugar? And home much does 5 lbs of that cost. Lol
  17. I use a similar brine but smoke alot of trout so i smoke them at around 180-200. it usually takes about 3 hours to finish. at about 1.5 hours i brush on a little maple syrup and then let them finish. comes out great every time. Lake trout taste excellent with this as well.
  18. Awesome catch and thank you for the tips.
  19. i picked up 2 at the brewerton show. i plan on using them next time as well. If this snow ever stops.
  20. Thank you I will try some single hooks and some scent thank you for the words of wisdom. I will take all the trout I can get. Lol. When I figure them out i will look for another fish to catch right now I’m trying to make it fun for my family and we like to smoke them.
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