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  1. You can find a lot newer mag 10a’s for 250. No one wants them anymore because they’re slower than death and only pull 10# weights
  2. Did they even cost that much new? I bought basically the same thing you’re selling for $250 and that was a fair deal 3 years ago
  3. Absolutely, I have lots of his spoons and there’s always atleast a couple that are in the starting line up every trip
  4. https://m.facebook.com/pages/category/Fishing-Store/HAWKS-Custom-tackle-277138353029707/
  5. You can buy a clam Yukon tc thermal from runnings for 469 free ship to store
  6. Could it be used to zap your friends every time they break a fish off?
  7. You can buy a mag10 high speed that’ll pick up 20# weights brand new for slightly less than your asking for 20 plus year old riggers. Good luck
  8. Are any of them within reasonable walking distance to deep water for walleye fishing
  9. And for waves it’s gotta be 1’ or less
  10. I’ll start the bidding at $100 since there is no price or description
  11. Someone sold the trolling and big water edition on here in February for $50 plus shipping
  12. I’d rip all that foam out, they just paint the new wood on all sides and add an aggregate for traction on the top side
  13. I’d say as long as your fishfinder accurately tells you the water depth you will be way ahead of the game getting a down speed system like a subtroll, fishhawk or depthraider etc..... it doesn’t mean squat if you’re doing 2.2 top speed of your lures are doing a significantly different speed. Top speed basically means nothing. Also I use the navionics app on my phone to show my course and lake contours, it also shows gps boat speed
  14. A set of trolling bags off the bow pulls them right down in and makes them much more fish able in big water
  15. The only way you’d catch me offshore this time of year is if the inside was bath water top to bottom. I’m not sure about the Wilson olcott area but I’m willing to bet there’s a pile of big boys in the 100fow range
  16. Is that the best description you can give us?
  17. Or why bother paying that much when you could spend half that to go on a guided hunt and shoot a bigger buck
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