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  2. Auto Pilot for a 1997 Thompson

    Hi grayfox! Thank you for your feedback. Do you have the octopus helm with your SiTex autopilot? Thanks Shawn
  3. Auto Pilot for a 1997 Thompson

    Hi Rick! Thank you for the feedback. I don't think that the sport pilot is available any longer but if it were that would be my choice. Do you have rack and pinion or rotary steering at the helm? Thanks Shawn
  4. I am currently in the market to put an autopilot on my boat and have a couple of questions. I have rack and pinion / power assist steering on a Merccruiser 5.7L with an Alpha one outdrive. I have been researching for some time now and come to the conclusion that due to cost and ease of implementation the way for me to go is to install a rotary helm(Octopus type-S mechanical helm) along with a compatible autopilot system. I am leaning towards the SiTex SP110RF-3 or the Simrad AP24. 1)Does anyone have any experience with either one of these autopilots or the octopus system? 2)When driving in manual mode(autopilot disengaged) does the Octopus or the auto pilot put extra steering pressure on the wheel? 3) Am I completely out to lunch with my selections? Thank you for any suggestions or information!
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  6. Sale Pending Sent from my XT1097 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I am finally going to let her go. This boat is fully equipped to troll for salmon, sneak around docks for pike and bass or just pull a tube for the kids. The only reason that I am selling her is because I have upgraded. She is in great condition runs like a top and everything works. The boat comes with: -(1) 1997 StarCraft 190 Fishmaster -(1) 90hp Merc -(1) 6hp Merc longshaft 2 stroke motor -(1) Prowler electric motor 55lb thrust -(2) Penn 620 manual downriggers -(2) Cannon downrigger mounts -(1) Fishhawk 840 thermal troll with probe -(1) Aurora plus ship to shore radio -(1) Lowrance HDS-5x With upgraded Airmar p66 transducer -(1) Hummingbird 785c2i GPS with preloaded maps -(6) Quick draw rod holders -(1) FM/AM/CD stereo system with removable face -(1) Willies planer board mast -(1) EZ steer connection rod for the trolling motor -(1) Extra Boat seat for the bow -(1) Attwood basic boat cover $8500 firm Feel free to call me at 585-260-2282 leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  8. OffTrack, I do believe that any youth under 10yrs old can be on the boat without registering in the tournament only as an observer. Furthermore, according to my understanding of the rules all youths are eligable for any and all of the money prizes offered in the derby therefore it wouldn't matter if the 63 yr old passed the pole to the 14 yr old. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck fishing.
  9. No problem guys! My crew and I have been at odds over this situation for quite some time. When tournament fishing my rule has been , if you touch the rod you bring in the fish no matter how tired you get. I totally realize that by passing off the rod the fish has a better chance of getting off due to slack in the line, rod position, accidentally hitting the bail release /drag adjustment or a million other things than can and due happen when fishing but, if the person is unable to finish the fight the fish is lost anyway. Take care gang and good luck fishing. Hopefully the rain will start bringing them in.
  10. Hey guys I just got off of the phone with Chelsea(sp) who was at the LOC office. She called Dave directly and here is the answer. The pole CAN be passed off and the LAST person who has the rod in his/her hands is the person who caught the fish. All persons who touch the rod must be registered in the derby. Thanks again for all of your support and good luck fishing.
  11. Thank you very much for the support guys! Pat, thank you for Dave's number. I will give him a call find out what the ruling would be. I will then let the board know what the outcome is.
  12. I am new to the board and I apologize if this question has already been addressed but, it is a question that has ben coming up for a couple of years now. Question: Can a pole be passed off to another LOC registrant if the person on the rod gets tired? (ie. 14 year old, 63 year old) If the fish is big enough will it qualify for tournament prizes? Thank you for your help!