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  1. I will just provide you with my experience I have used the gimbal mounts for over 20 years just like you have shown. It works fine with the booms out to the side when using light, 8# downrigger weights and fishing down to 80’ or so. When you fish deeper, with heavier weights, add on the drag of a dipsy with wire or lead core, cooper etc I found that the stainless “pin” in the bottom of the deck mounted rod holder the gimbal slides into really gets stressed and bends. The gimbal twists a little too with everything attached. I would keep an eye on those, I changed mine because of the fear of the loss of one breaking. i don’t know if the whole thing can “escape” but I didn’t risk it. i do not use the gimbal set up at Ontario anymore, bolted everything down to the boat! I do use the gimbals on the finger lakes. King fishing gets deep and puts a lot of stress on your gear! just my experience with this setup
  2. If you get to the French side of St Martin just head over to Orient Beach! You probably won’t be interested in fishing after that! Fresh Fish cooked on an open grille, while you wait at Boo Boo Jams you don’t need to dress up
  3. Lots of good info and opinions on transducers! The best guy though for you to talk to would be Yankee Troller, personally I wouldn’t invest money in graphs or transducers without talking with him just my opinion
  4. It’s actually entertaining to read this stuff that’s packed with B&B! Buzzwords and BS Then kill every coyote that you can, anytime you can! If we work at the coyotes and get over run with squirrels and rabbits maybe they will pass a law and offer a bounty on them!
  5. Thank you Mike! Merry Christmas to you too!
  6. I agree with Rob on both 1. And 2. With just a couple of observations. I live right in the middle of the private land that I hunt and watch the wildlife daily. Once the early chasing phase starts any of those three times of day are very active and you will see younger bucks even 2.5 year olds wondering around chasing does all day. If your specifically want to target big bucks, then it would be mornings or evenings. Some days it’s great in the am, some it’s great in the evenings and it changes all the time. The second rut is legit, but it only happens if the does in your area don’t get bred or it doesn’t take, so it’s iffy. I would say about a 20% chance of seeing a buck buck in the second phase. If you are satisfied with any buck, hunt just like Rob says, late season, brutal cold food source. If ones around, he will show right at dark
  7. Slimey Grimy A friend put me on it this year, and it works Not cheap, but it work on my fiberglassboat
  8. I assume that the tool you tried was the one that slides on the top that you can turn with a socket wrench, and it’s probably just slipping. Two things put a cotton rag on the filter and then tap that same cap type filter remover on. When you start to turn it the cotton rag binds tight and it should come off. or do the same thing with one of those rubber jar lid removers this works the same way but they are thicker and a bit more miserable to beat off he old filter when it comes loose the screwdriver beat through works but I would use that as a last resort, that can become a real hassle if the filter tears apart but doesn’t come loose
  9. That is a fantastic fish! And he did a incredible job! I have a couple that I want to get done and intend to contact this gentleman promptly!
  10. I am on Seneca south end, west side from April to October, full time from May 15 to September 15. My dock is two steps from my front porch, the water is about 12 feet deep off the end of dock. Just so you can visualize what I see.... Have been there for 23 years The fishing on the north end where the fish are stocked was pretty good this year and yes the fishing on the south end has improved the last two years. Not just trout and landlocked but bass and panfish too. There were tons of small bass this year, first time in many years! I did see two or three real nice small mouths too which i haven’t seen in years! So yes improving on the south end. The water could not be clearer and only changed with the storms, and the rough water. the algae and seaweed appear to change almost every year so who knows. i am not a biologist and can only tell you want I see, so yes south end has improved, and some of the regular trollers have too
  11. I am not a regular spawning run creek fisherman nor am I from the Rochester area. BUT I will be in Rochester for 3 or 4 days in the next week or so and I rigged up a spinning rod to give it a try! Any info on where to go etc, would be appreciated! Thanks
  12. Just a follow up to the net handle saga! I intended to follow up on the carbon handle but just hadn’t gotten to it! A holding company, Pure Fishing, I believe owns Frabil among a bunch of different other brands so we you call Frabil you get Plano. When the handle “folded” in late June, customer service lady tried everything but couldn’t help. I went on website, contact us deal, and sent an email to a “sales” type email address, filed in the boxes kind of thing. Didn’t hear anything BUT last Thursday I got a UPS package with a new handle from Plano Sales Dept! It isn’t exactly the same, actually way better design. So a little grease and some light tapping and it fits, snugly! a very big surprise So a big thumbs up to Plano/Frabil and if anyone has a broken handle I have the part number for a replacement!
  13. Wow! Thats really way to nice to fish with! More like the “Love Boat”! Whatever it takes to keep you sending all the great reports and videos, really I enjoyed your posts!
  14. Thanks for the info PoleSetter I will look at carbon fiber i don’t see why a Beckman won’t work but I called the customer service and they said it will not work.
  15. Great post, thanks! I don’t fish for the stagers either, if fact I already have my boat back home. Its the first time I have ever seen anybody list the same spoons that are my “go too’s”! I am all in on Moonshines, I doctor the Shelly Snack and would add a Happy Meal and a Hulk in the mis too! Good Luck and thanks again
  16. Thanks for the tips I will give it another try When I contacted Frabil a month or so ago, it was a no, but I will try again
  17. This seems simple enough but I can’t find anywhere including the manufactuer a replacement telescoping handle for a Frabil net. anybody else run into this and has any info the net itself is like new, the handle is aluminum and folded in half during a netting episode thanks
  18. Thanks Mike! It was my 7th trip in what I would call a challenging year with the weather and waves! The fishing overall has been good when the lake allows it! Its all about getting the right day! Good Luck
  19. After exactly three weeks of no fishing and a good wave report for Wednesday I couldn’t wait to fish! A great Sodus Bay sunrise and a perfect lake set up was right there! After reading the temp reports from along the south shore I went straight north to about 175’ and set some lines deep but didn’t drop the probe. Went to about 250 not seeing much, brought ball up from 100 down and it was warm to the touch. Dropped the probe and the down temp was very close to surface temp all the way down to just over 100’. By 300 temp at 125 was down to low 50’s and it was on! From about 330ish to 470ish I couldn’t keep rods set, pretty much had fish on for hours. Direction of troll didn’t matter, color of spoons was anything. Speed was 2.6 to 2.8. Zero flasher fly hits, all spoons and plugs. 280, 300 and 330 on the wire dipsy rods and 122 on the riggers. Ended up landing 9, losing 2. One was a swivel failure and one was snapped line on the down rigger release, fish hit and took off and snap! I am pretty sure it’s the only time I had two nets with me, I brought a smaller one because my big one is tough to use solo. Ended up using both nets because couldn’t get fish out of net before other rods fired. Just a crazy morning! Good Luck
  20. Thanks for posting a Sodus report! There always seems to be fisherman but it many reports!
  21. Nice report, thanks! just a quick question I haven’t had much luck with the wind and wave reports so far this year, so at 4 am this morning I canceled my drive up. NOAA was 1-3 and Marine Weather was 2 or less, both were 10-15 knots south. Windfinder had 8 mph south with very little wave action. it looks pretty calm in your picture, what did you find in real life! thanks
  22. There is really a lot of good advice here and it’s always an interesting topic to ask about! I think if you “track” your fishing results, loosely, keep it simple, you will find that when your fishing good, reasonably calm lake, real 2’ or less conditions with light wind speeds, able to change baits easily, keep lines straight behind boat, troll in all directions and use your electronics effectively your catch rate per hour will be way higher than when it’s windy and/or rough. When you hit those good weather days you will know it and your catch rate will show it!
  23. One more up of coffee..... And this will be a mental health issue too!
  24. Thanks for posting a report! Given the “normal” for this year you had a great day too!
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