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  1. Carbon 14 Raspberry Carbon Happee Meal Charlies Special Hulk
  2. Interesting information from Captain Vince. I fish in the Sodus Point area, mostly July/August, targeting Kings. I have tracked my catch rates etc closely since 2015. This past season my catch rate per hour was very normal, the only thing that was noticeably different was the number of small fish, under 20”. I had my best year ever for big fish, but over half my fish were little ones. I did not catch anywhere near the normal number of 12 to 18 pounders.
  3. You may want to check with a dealer or two that specializes in “repowers” i had a good running 2 stroke a few years ago, Evinrude, stopped at a Honda dealer who advertised repowers. I was very surprised at the discount he gave me on a new Honda and the trade value on the 2 stroke. Pretty simple really, and it was way less $ than I expected! I know the Honda is awesome, it’s has the one touch option on the dash to change your trolling speed by .1 MPH, it is very handy deal
  4. I thought Frogger’s info was very interesting. Under normal lake level s it’s about 12’ off the end of my dock. For years we cut seaweed even in that deep water for swimming and boating. About 2 or 3 years ago the seaweed just disappeared completely and in our area it’s even gone from the shallow water. I saw nothing about any treatments or anything like that, just disappeared. Now for the last two years we get this nasty green slimey moss. Something changed for sure. it would be nice to know what is being done!
  5. I spend 4 months a year on Seneca. There are some fish this year and the lake is improving, it showed improvement last year too. I’m not fishing the lake at all simply to leave the fish alone and I think lots of the other guys around there are doing the same thing. I do boat ride around, tons of bait and a few fish, it’s improving. Maybe in a year or two it will be even better! I think the guys on here that read the negative stuff on here understand it was wrong and way off base. Go Seneca! ”Make Seneca Great Again”
  6. If anybody keeps track of there catch rate, fish size stuff i would enjoy hearing what other center of the lake port guys found this summer. The good weather days didn’t really line up good for me this year so my total hours fished was down significantly. from the 3rd week of June until last Thursday my catch rate was just over 1 fish per hour fished. That is about average for me over the last 10 years or so. This year I hooked significantly more small fish, 20” or less, Than I have ever caught before. Easily over half the fish count total. Was able to catch 5 big fish, which is also more than usual. Did not catch the normal number of medium fish, 12-15 pounders. I target Kings so it was normal that I only got one brown, no steelhead and no lake trout. just wondered if anyone else was interested in or had similar size patterns
  7. No Kings in Seneca! But it sure would be cool if they put some in! There is an abundance of bait in Seneca right now!
  8. Thank you Andy That is my dock and boat lift on Seneca Lake!
  9. Headed at to 120 just checking so to speak, good screens for fish, no bait. Several boats working that depth. Out to 160 and set up, not as many fish but some small bait pods. Not a perfect setup with the north wind but headed north into it. 200 feet had more fish, same type of bait pods. So I few north to south trolls 225 to 190 produced three kings, one nice one, one small and one medium. Fish seemed to be down 85 to 95 in low to mid 50 degree water, no bites when I dropped stuff down in the mid forty water which was 110ish. No shortage of bait or fish and I think if it was a bit less choppy , i was solo, I could have got a few more. Best of luck, on to bow hunting prep! 24.2 male, two ugly eel scares
  10. Great question on flipping! and to add another What is today’s big blow going to tomorrow’s water temps?
  11. Thank you for posting the temperature and depth information! and saving me about $100 in fuel
  12. Replicas are a bit more money but you will be glad you did it in the long haul
  13. Nice report! looks like the lake was way calmer than what the wave report predicted, again!
  14. Great job! love the “Shelly Shack” picture
  15. I think you would really get a lot from the Salmon Fishing School at the Greater Niagara Fishing! I was doing ok with catch rates etc , signed up for the “school” and learned a ton. It was a great deal, great guys and the show was really good too! i still use my notes etc that I took that day!
  16. Boat is still available, includes dry storage at Sodus Point TIL Labor Day this year! The boat catches fish!0
  17. I will post a picture of Bees wax stuff as soon as I go up again, it’s on my boat and i can’t remember what it’s called
  18. Hillside, great post and great pictures! congrats to you both, IMO it’s the crazy stuff that goes on that makes the better memories! We had a bit of a struggle with the netting yesterday too, but I’ll stop there because it was me!
  19. Thanks to All! Very entertaining and exciting fish fight! The fleas were there but the nasty little bugs were brutal! i have been treating my lines with this stuff made from bees wax, it really helps with the fleas. comes in a jar like a honey jar, sold as a lubricant for guns, Reels etc A guy told me to use it for fleas and it works!
  20. Beautiful morning, headed right out to 200’ Temp break was obvious so drop both riggers, one 85 down other one 95. Got one dispsy set and rigger #1 goes..... Hang on a minute, my daughter is with me today trying to get her first King, so the rigger fires and she says, I think we might have one over there! The drag is screaming, I set dipsy rod down and grab the rod, check drag, and hand it to her, tell her good luck! About 45 minutes later we get the fish on board, 40”, 24 “ girth and the head is 18” right t the gill line. Big Female! We ended up hooking 7, landed 6, a couple of other mediums others were little. Its like shooting your biggest buck ever the first time you go hunting, then what! Good Luck
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