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  1. 2 Penn 180 Reels 1 Abu Garcia Black Max 3 1 Diawa Procaster PMA 10s All good working order, drags clickers etc. send me a reasonable offer and take all 4 or will seperate buyer pays shipping, I’m in Elmira Watkins Glen area
  2. When I figured it at I switched to all spoons except for one flasher fly combo set straight back that was run very deep,
  3. Just a heads up to you guys fishing today, I fished yesterday morning. speed was critical, 2.9 to 3.1 and they hit everything you put down that was green or ladderbacked anything under that strikes were hard to come by FYI
  4. Thanks for posting a Sodus Report Did you take awater temp readingdown 50/60 at 140/160? thanks
  5. Thank you for the info and the positive comments and reply’s!
  6. Does anybody know of a good replica mount taxidermy person in the Rochester or General area? my daughter caught her first Lake Ontario fish today an 18 pound laker, looking to get a replica
  7. Thanks for the info, it’s a really nice morning. started in about 130 strong west wind, a little choppy, some fish marks, surface was 68 down at 100 to get 45 degrees. Two hits right away, didn’t get either fish, then a hookup on a big laker, weighted in at 18 pounds at North Rose scale. By then we were almost to Oswego, took about an hour and 45 minutes to get back to Sodus going very slow, very rough by 10 am thanks again for sharing info
  8. Thanks for the post, headed that way right now!
  9. Thanks a lot for the report, that’s about the same as it was 10 days ago
  10. Does anybody have any Sodus area reports from recent trips? Headed up Thursday am with a first timer! thanks
  11. Yes on line counter sent you a pm
  12. Hi I have a Browning Silaflex 10 foot PT29 dipsey rod with a Daiwa Sealine Great Lakes 47LC reel with 7 strand wire line, also has a twills tip. Can get it to Rochester if you want it, 100 bucks i bought two of them only need one
  13. Perfect morning, not a good sign when you hit the lake at 6 am and there are no other boats to be seen. set up in 125 headed out never saw much bait or fish out to about 200, saw a few boats farther east, not many. Circled back in to about 135 started to see a few fish and bait pods. Caught a small steelhead and one nice king in that water. 45 degree water was 100 feet down, everything above that was 50 to 60 degrees at all depths, Both fish came in mid 50 degree water about 75 down good luck
  14. Thanks for the reports, when I get information I will post it its helpful to have a group of reliable guys to offer basic info thanks again, maybe the salmon show up soon
  15. Did anybody fish the Sodus area over the weekend or maybe fishing today? any reports would be appreciated, looking to drive up And fish Tuesday just wondered if anyone was catching any fish! thanks
  16. St Croix Model number 7090 XXL 6’8” ultra lite glass fly rod, 1 3/4 oz rated for 6 weight line This Rod is in great shape and fishes well with two tips, one is a little stiffer than than the other. I am not sure why they came with two end pieces. I inherited this rod with a other rods and have only fished with it a few times, it is really fun! asking price is 75.00 i am I the Elmira NY area , also Watkins glen and fish at Sodus point all summer.
  17. I am on Seneca Lake, maybe a meet or drop off if that helps
  18. No shipping is not included easy to ship, very light with the aluminum box to make sure they don’t get bent
  19. New Price = 30.00 dollars
  20. First trip out, check things out run. Beautiful sunrise, light ripple on the water, water color perfect. NO FISH Rode around for a few hours washing spoons with a perfectly empty screen, no bait, no fish. Some bottom huggers in close not what I fish for. good luck
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