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  1. A friend of mine is looking for a quality taxidermist who does birds, specifically a male an female Quail. would anybody recommend anyone? Thanks
  2. I will take those in on trade if you have some!
  3. Buy the .257 Roberts and I will include some leftover Nosler Ballistic tips likely worth about 20 bucks!
  4. RCBS reloading Dies for sale .257 Roberts .222 6mm 35.00 each set, shipping paid by buyer, these are under 2 # so shipping isn’t much
  5. TTT Stimulus Check Sale Price= 30.00
  6. Thanks for the reply! that sounds good as long as I can get in to hook up at 5:15 to 5:30 am usually Bach noon or a little after to park. easy in and out and you won’t even know I’m there im in I can send $ now if you want to do that thanks again Pat
  7. Thank you! Yes I would be interested in the information i have a 23 foot Rinker cuddly on a dual axle yacht club trailer i normally fish about once a week, during the week, from early June until late August looking for a place to park, pull in early am hook up launch, fish until about 12 back in park and cover and gone! Keep it simple! also I think you are involved with Lotsa too and the show i need a lot of gear and normally buy all my stuff at the show i would rather buy from a local guy who supports LOTSA etc, know anybody? thanks again
  8. Does anybody know of any Dry Dock options around 10 miles east or west of Sodus with a launch fairly close. exploring options for next summer! thanks
  9. I found info on LOU I think from SK8man that linked to a 200 # stainless cable that got good reviews etc. it was an on line buy during the peak of Covid, and it came in just a couple of days. I fished with it a couple of times and it worked fine. Also both cable breaks I had were in the cable not at the termination, the last one was 36 feet from the ball, I checked it. i would buy Cannons, but I do agree that it seems smart business for a few extra bucks to install high end cable from a reliable supplier. i hand direct the cable on the spool on the way up unless auto up because of fish on and also us my hand to act as a snubber on the bounce.
  10. I bought two downriggers from Cannon and on about the third trip out one cable snapped while lowering it, stopped and snapped. Same thing good by all gear including fish hawk probe. i contacted customer service and they immediately sent new cable, but denied any action on the lost gear. They simply said “we must have recieved bad cable from our supplier” this summer the same downrigger, with the replacement cable, snapped again. Based on a post on here I went to a different cable. i would say customer service was ok, neutral, but I won’t use their cable again. As another note I have two other Cannons manual crankers that are 20 years old and I have never had a problem with anything on them, hard to not be satisfied with that!
  11. I fish out of Sodus about once a week, four to five hours a trip. My good/bad time line is very similar to Gamblers only I started in mid May and really target Kings. June for the last couple of years was awesome, this year ugly. First three weeks of July was as good as it gets, August was very spotty, got fish but catch rate was way down from July. Two early September trips were better. A good year but not like the previous 2 or 3. In my opinion Sodus area will start to drop off over the next couple of years because of the pen rearing change this year, I like the port and the town but I think the king fishing is on the way down.
  12. Same as above on Alan Strouse, Strouse taxidermy in Lawerenceville PA He is a great guy, extremely reliable, very clean shop etc. He has the full mount form made custom so to speak for your full mount and he does perfect mounts. He did a full mount for me on a Big cinnamon bear, it is unbelievable quality. He also did a three quarter wall mount on a rock that mounts on the wall and it’s awesome. if you get one, get the full mount or the 3/4 wall deal, you’ll like it way better than the rug
  13. Nice morning, perfect weather, first trip up since early August. Surface temp was lower by 4 degrees, nothing else much different, cold water down deep. Started in 85 feet and fished out to 160, most marks were inside 120. Very scattered, a few pods, but very few. Caught a mature female leaking very mature eggs and one nice brown, only hits of the morning. Lots of boats, saw one land a fish. Talked to a group that went 200 and out, they found empty water. Good Luck!
  14. All good info, I think I will try a different brand and/or braided I had brand new Mason snap three or so years ago, I called and they sent me a new spool, it was almost like it was a common occurrence, I should have changed then. i take great care of my equipment and check the line all the time, time for a change thanks for the tips i really just want the f...ing spoon back!
  15. Yes- Mason 7 strand 30# i check for kinks and broken strands constantly with my fingers
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