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  1. 11 pound black pancake style downrigger weights excellent condition 40.00 dollars for the pair
  2. Has anybody tried the other one from this same company, the one that mounts to the boat and folds down? its about 170 bucks if anybody has seen it or has one I would appreciate the input thanks
  3. Post a number where I can text you a picture of some see if you want them
  4. Just a quick report from today Friday 16 th really nice morning calm wàters fish all ways no current etc, easy going started to mark fish right away, set up in 120 to start at 6:50 am 6:57 95 deep rigger takes a hit and from that fish to 9:20 am is was none stop action it’s was hard to keep rods set a mix of small, medium and large kings between 120 to 175, the cold water was under 100 feet it slowed down but didn’t stop and I finished with a nice one at 12:36 pm Hooked 11, landed 8 lots of boats out 200 to 300 I did not see the need to go out there good luck to anyone who uses the info
  5. Thank you for the replys i will give it a go and post a report thanks again
  6. Headed up to Sodus this Friday does anybody have ant current info or reports? thanks
  7. That’s a bit too far away for me to come get thanks
  8. Where and when will you be at lake o or where could one be picked up
  9. Very lite fleas, not really a problem Chop was not nice but the strong wind made it tough I gave up and fished out picked it all up and went back in and fished out again you lose fishing time but you can control the speed and I got fish every pass
  10. Just a quick response after fishing this am i appreciate the responses it is helpful and everything that was said was right on the money! Cold water down about 50 feet from 80 out to 200, didn’t go any farther out lots of fish 30 down to 50 but they didn’t seem interested the ones from 70 down to 115 were the hard hitters today spoons and flys they didn’t seem to be picky, one real big one maybe my heaviest of the year thanks again
  11. Thanks for responding, good info about the same as it has been the last two weeks except cold water was way deeper last Thursday
  12. Anybody fish in the Sodus Point Area this weekend? any fishing info to share? startimg depth, east or west how deeo headed up in the am for a short trip, hopping to start in good water Thanks
  13. Exciting, the wave forecast was way off! Started with North wind and big rollers but fishable, set up in 120 Hooked up by 140. Really steady for 2 hours right at that 135 to 145 depth so I stayed there. Wind moved to northeast and the rollers turned to breakers so I and about 10 other boats headed in. I was in a 23 foot cuddly and it got sporty if you get a good day you will get worn out catching them
  14. Just returned from Sodus the new dock is very nice and fully operational at the state launch
  15. Thank you for all the info it does put a damper on this weeks fishing
  16. Thanks for posting but I have a question when you say removed the docks are you saying the main dock used for launching and securing your boat while you park has been removed at the state launch? thanks I have been launching there all summer and plan to go Wednesday, not sure what to do if that main dock is gone
  17. I may make a run to bass pro in the next week or so if I do I will contact you i could use that starfire and a reel
  18. I have a 3 foot Mast and one board if your interested Double Reel excellent shape post a number or email and I will send you pictures etc
  19. Thanks normally the regular guys may send something the guys that fish that proam usually run miles and miles away from the Sodus area anyway
  20. Any Sodus Reports from the weekend would be appreciated! Headed up Tuesday am just wondering if anybody found anything good. thanks
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