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  1. I fished off Sodus on Thursday, temp was down over 100 feet to get in the 40's, it started at about 200 FOW and we just kept going to over 500 FOW. we caught two kings and one steelhead from about 225 to 500 FOW all down below 100 feet good luck
  2. Do you have either the atomic number or description of the flys?"
  3. Thanks I found 45 degree water last week in 160 down 85 did great, just don't want to run past them, I watched tons of boats do that last week
  4. Thank you for the info it provides me with a good starting point
  5. Thanks John the last two weeks on my way out I have seen some nice bass rising right at sunrise in the bay very tempted to fish for them but the salmon fishing has been great
  6. Sodus reports Has anybody fished out of Sodus this week? Any info on a starting depth etc would be appreciated, headed up that way on Thursday morning. Thanks
  7. Nick, Did pretty good today. Didn't set first line until just before 7 and had a decent king in the boat by 7:30. I stayed in the 200/225 foot range trying to work west working in and out, ended up with 6 good hookups and landed 4. All kings two in the low 20's two small ones, two runners escaped. Riggers and dipseys, no real pattern, color was green. The only real interesting note was temp, at 160 feet down 80 water was 50 degrees at 200 feet, down 80 it was 44, that was where the fish were! FYI
  8. Nick, Thanks for the updates i am headed to Arneys in the am if you were me what depth would you start in? thanks again i have been doing good right in 160 feet of water hate to leave the line but what I read says big fish are out deep, what do you think? thanks Pat
  9. I launched at Sodus on the 19th am, same route etc. I saw a ton of fish around 100 feet so I slowed and set lines and headed northwest. The marks were high around 50 to 60 but the cold water didn't start until 80 so I went deep. First fish hit at about 140 feet, down 85, a medium king. Stayed in and ended at 11 am with three kings two in the low 20's and a teenager. There were two or three boats inside me and they stayed in there so I assume they were on fish. fyi
  10. I had fleas but not what I would consider any worse than normal
  11. I was very close to you but didn't go past 225 feet, got one king, four hours. did not mark many fish or bait fyi
  12. Fishing this am was slow weather was perfect out the shoot to 130 set up and headed northwest not many marks and no bait one small king 8# down 100 over about 225 towards Hughes only saw one major bait pod with fish all over it fyi
  13. Thanks headed that way in am just trying to get a line on starting point i fish out of Arneys too
  14. Thanks for the info headed that way in the American way
  15. Mitchel 308 reels for sale Two reels and 5 extra spools Mitchell 308 ultra lite spinning stuff. Could be fished with or used for parts, good working condition. These are real reels, made of steel, seem to last forever, I still fish with one just collected all this extra stuff over the years. 10 dollars for all, you pay shipping. Hot to sell!
  16. I keep springs and screws, lots of parts for guns and fishing stuff. Very simple to fix, the amazing thing is they don't fail. I have looked at an awful lot of new reels by several manufacturers, nothing is even close to being made like these anymore. I just don' t use them.
  17. Two Mitchell 308's and 4 extra spools for sale. Also one extra spool that would be parts only. These are the older ultra lite reels that are not available anymore. I still fish with one of these reels, have for 35-40 years.i bought these as spares, parts and have never needed to use them. For lite weight rods, 4 lb test line. The reels both work, one needs a good cleaning and greasing 20.00 for all, you pay shipping I take paypal
  18. Rem 700 Long Action Stock Good shape, replace your woos stock with a synthetic, crops right in 25.00, I can ship, freight by buyer
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