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  1. If anybody fishes out of Sodus area today and could provide a brief report it would be appreciated! Planning to try to fish there Monday am, just trying to determine water quality, and flooding and general area depth of any decent fishing. thank you
  2. I have two Penn 180 reels in excellent shape I will sell you for 30 for the pair no line counters excellent shape, no rods pat
  3. The water was very cold today out to about 180 fow, then it shot up by about 10 degrees. the mature fish were staged right on thàt break
  4. Thanks headed up in the am, just wondered if the storms created muddy water etc
  5. Nick are u fishing today? just trying To hear what the water is like after the storms thanks
  6. Two(2) Penn 180 inshore reels Excellent condition Reels have been used on limited duty on the finger lakes , perfect size for lighter tackle rods trolling jigging etc 20 dollars for both(2) buyer pays shipping or I will drop off anywhere along Route 14 between Elmira Ny and Sodus
  7. Text me your phone number my number is 607-738-4168 i get up there once a week and if you still have it I will likely take it
  8. I Fishing was very slow thursday worst day I had all year fished 80 to 250 not many fish cold water was set up down 80 very consistent but not many fish ended at noon with two very small ones caught high in 55 degree water
  9. Thanks Nick Headed up Thursday Really glad your back to your updates
  10. Fished the Sodus area today if you are headed out be ready to battle the flea, it was brutal! it has super glue in it this year as it sticks and stays to everything the worst I have ever seen
  11. I fished yesterday morning right in the same area, there was a lot of bait and tons of fish. Stayed under 200 fought the chop and was still catching fish at 12:30 then headed in. Had 10 fish hooked, only two nice ones. other than the eve conditions it was great
  12. Try running your NK 28 spoons behind a dipsey with no flasher, that was my best combo yesterday
  13. I read your report last night as I was headed to Sodus this am. You were right on the money I started marking fish at 75 feet, first fish hit before I got the second downrigger set. it got better out a bit farther and the farther east I went. All spoon bit, did not get a hit on a fly. thanks for your help
  14. Is that the two that look like fish? send your cell and I will make you an offer on what's left
  15. Remington 700 SPS Stock Remington Model 700 SPS synthetic stock, long action excellent condition 25.00 plus shipping if required i am in the Elmira NY area
  16. Still for sale where do I txt u
  17. Ch 9 it will be my cell is 607-738-4168 if you want specific info send a text
  18. Pappy

    Sold / Closed Trophy Hardtop with 150HP ETEC

    If the boat is still for sale please call my cell at 607 -738-4168. i am on Seneca and would like to come look at it
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