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  1. thanks i think I have to start checking all conn3ctions etc too
  2. Thank you i don’t think I’m getting power to the accessories toggle switch i try that test
  3. My boat is a 1989 Rinker last summer I turned on the accessories toggle switch to run the radios, no power to anything from that toggle. Power or start and horn and bilge work fine, just nothing off toggle. found one of the linking black(neutral) dual metal clips had broken and was off the clip on back of lights toggle. fixed that I think anyway and still can’t make anything work. Everything looks hooked up correct, but doesn’t work. any suggestions to test something to isolate problem would be helpful. i don’t have meter to check toggle i have pretty basis wiring knowledge only pop out type fusses above switches all look ok thank you
  4. Sale pending iwill let you know if it doesn’t work out
  5. Elmira Corning area also up in Watkins Glen area weekly
  6. I catch a ton of fish with the spoon behind the flasher, try short leaders and watch how the spoon darts around, crazy action triggers strikes. short leaders light drag set or bye bye spoon
  7. Hey Gambler if you don’t mind where do you buy your tapes for spoons and flashers thanks
  8. A week or so ago there is a picture of a cowboy that says “I love hunting and fishing and and like 4 people” i cannot find it anybody know what page or post again?
  9. I would meet you in Horseheads
  10. Hang on tree stand with 20’ of one piece climbing stick easy to hang both base is 18 wide by 25 deep seat is 13 wide by 8 deep good condition needs a couple of new ratchet straps 50.00 firm Elmira NY area
  11. I do still have them, I could take 35 bucks but nothing less thanks
  12. Caldwell Bipod used for 4 day hunt, like new conditio extends to 12 inches from gun, swivels, legs adjust for uneven ground etc No marks, scraps mounts to front sling swivel lug 40.00, very light will ship
  13. 11 pound black pancake style downrigger weights excellent condition 40.00 dollars for the pair
  14. Has anybody tried the other one from this same company, the one that mounts to the boat and folds down? its about 170 bucks if anybody has seen it or has one I would appreciate the input thanks
  15. Post a number where I can text you a picture of some see if you want them
  16. Just a quick report from today Friday 16 th really nice morning calm wàters fish all ways no current etc, easy going started to mark fish right away, set up in 120 to start at 6:50 am 6:57 95 deep rigger takes a hit and from that fish to 9:20 am is was none stop action it’s was hard to keep rods set a mix of small, medium and large kings between 120 to 175, the cold water was under 100 feet it slowed down but didn’t stop and I finished with a nice one at 12:36 pm Hooked 11, landed 8 lots of boats out 200 to 300 I did not see the need to go out there good luck to anyone who uses the info
  17. Thank you for the replys i will give it a go and post a report thanks again
  18. Headed up to Sodus this Friday does anybody have ant current info or reports? thanks
  19. That’s a bit too far away for me to come get thanks
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