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  1. I am on Seneca Lake, maybe a meet or drop off if that helps
  2. No shipping is not included easy to ship, very light with the aluminum box to make sure they don’t get bent
  3. New Price = 30.00 dollars
  4. First trip out, check things out run. Beautiful sunrise, light ripple on the water, water color perfect. NO FISH Rode around for a few hours washing spoons with a perfectly empty screen, no bait, no fish. Some bottom huggers in close not what I fish for. good luck
  5. Did anybody do anything at Sodus the last few days Thinking about a trip up to give it a go
  6. I have searched for colored tape to customize a couple of Protroll boards does anyone know of a source to buy the glow tapes thanks
  7. Price is 15.00 dollars and is on post
  8. For sure! We stopped with the heavy rigs, went with lighter rods and lighter sinkers like a three way rig with just one spoon. more fun and caught lots of fish too
  9. This is a lot of 14 trolling spoons and an Aluminum box. 4 Sutton spoons 7 Herters Spoons, Sutton knockoff 1 Luhr Jensen flutter spoon 1 Pine Valley spoon 1 ??? box with cork bottom 40.00 dollars can ship in a box with the spoons in the aluminum box
  10. Cleo’s for sale, the ones on the bottom that aren’t in the box are bigger and lighter, trolling type Cleo’s. the ones in the plastic box are the casting type that you can also top line with There are three dare devil flutter spoons i there two. these could ship in a padded envelope by mail
  11. The Jigger heads up the pancake weights are back on the market, if you are still interested send me a message and we I’ll coordinate
  12. Thank you guys for the help! it is brutal cold here today but I finally went out and took the cover off to test and jiggle wires, it worked. on the third hotwire I checked the switch flashed and I found a bad terminal connection, so I located the problem and it’s easy to fix. thank you both for replying
  13. thanks i think I have to start checking all conn3ctions etc too
  14. Thank you i don’t think I’m getting power to the accessories toggle switch i try that test
  15. My boat is a 1989 Rinker last summer I turned on the accessories toggle switch to run the radios, no power to anything from that toggle. Power or start and horn and bilge work fine, just nothing off toggle. found one of the linking black(neutral) dual metal clips had broken and was off the clip on back of lights toggle. fixed that I think anyway and still can’t make anything work. Everything looks hooked up correct, but doesn’t work. any suggestions to test something to isolate problem would be helpful. i don’t have meter to check toggle i have pretty basis wiring knowledge only pop out type fusses above switches all look ok thank you
  16. Sale pending iwill let you know if it doesn’t work out
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