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  1. I can’t find how to change the boat classified title of my posting. anybody know how to do that thanks
  2. Lots of new pictures, can txt or email direct new price June 1 2022= 7000 will be dry docked at Sodus Point next week
  3. Based on everything I have ever read on here about Lakers I would do..... what ever Gambler says!
  4. TTT ready to go this week!
  5. Have you considered LOTSA or Trout Unlimited? donate to them and let them get it to the kids through one if there programs
  6. A little input i researched cell signal boosters last fall for my house. Based on what I learned I don’t think the technology , boosting the signal, would work on a moving boat. The device is very specific to the solid location, like a tv signal reciever so to speck and it has to be hard mounted and pointing right at the strongest tower nearest you.
  7. I have one black mag dipsy and also one #5 chinook diver, black. I will sell both or either one send me a pm if your interested
  8. I have two hang on stands, both 18” x 26”, fold down seat etc. also lots of climbing sticks will sell separate or put a package deal together for all of it or make you a set really not interested in shipping, but will help with getting them someplace reasonably close to Elmira NY will price it based on whatever someone wants!
  9. Pretty easy to do i your self! Halls Marine, next to Halls Lumber down on 15 just past Lawerenceville I’m sure will help you, great guys, very fair, honest!
  10. Send me a txt 607-738-4168 I might be in Rochester this weekend , might have an interest in it thanks just send your address, if I can coordinate with you I will try
  11. I fish out of Sodus, weekdays only, on good weather days. This is my 6th year dry docking at Sodus. The weather/waves were brutal all year, may it next to impossible to plan more than the evening before! Normal year would be 12 to 14 days from J7 etc Labor Day, this year 6 only, with one of those being a blowoff at 10. i target Kings so really can only comment on them, did not find as many fish or large Pods of fish, but my catch rate per hour was about like other years, just under one per Fishing hour. i think we will continue to see fewer fish because of stocking cuts and the elimination of pen rearing in various ports
  12. Thank you all for the help and advice! Trailer was repaired today by Gary at Eagle Welding in Wolcott as suggested! was lucky enough that axle held together enough to launch boat just a few hundred yards from were I had to leave it last week. Made it to Eagle without a further break and they did a great job squaring it up and welding it. Great people, great customer service!
  13. Launching boat yesterday and noticed back set of trailer wheels tilted funny. Dual axle Yacht Club trailer back axle frame rusted through and cracked. Still in tact but imo not safe to tow, boat and trailer in Sodus. anybody know a repair trailer place up there? has anybody ever had one of these welded? trailer is in pretty good shape otherwise thanks
  14. Agree! I spoke with the Town Manager earlier this year, nice guy, provided all the details. He understands and explained the dock was built to the exact specifications that the state required for the to get the grant $ to build the new dock. I asked about a temporary floater for this year, no money. The town has now applied for another grant to add something, maybe a floater?, to make it usable. He explained that might happen next year. The town people I spoke to were very informative, the two guys were both fisherman and they wanted it fixed too, just following the exact direction of NYS. Nothing is easy fishing from Sodus this year!
  15. I have been launching at Bay Bridge Bait Store this year, it’s been fine. i tried the public launch in early June and found it very tough and a bit unsafe with my 23’ Cuddy. There are people launching there, small boats, jet skis and bass boats. You can’t really tie off to the dock and park your truck.
  16. It was! You could really fish! Different combos and spreads, easy to change, not much flea! and you didn’t have to hold on with one hand trying to stay in the boat!
  17. Perfect conditions today, lots of boats too! Started getting stuff set at about 170’ , temp break was at 100 down, 47 degrees. Fished out to about 330 feet, not many fish, very little bait, went back around a little more west, more of the same but kept going out, at 388’ got a small king , Carbon 14 down 115. Landed fish and 330’ back dipsy took a high teens king in 400 feet. That was it, overall perfect weather, nice water, didn’t find many fish!
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