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  1. My go to launch is in Sodus Bay next to Arnie’s Marine. Last time I was there was on 3/21/21 and the water was way too low to launch. The launch next to the Coast Guard Station was blocked with construction equipment. anybody launch there recently? thanks
  2. 3/21/21 Read a post the other day that the ice on Sodus was nearly gone. Did the 2.5 hour trek up and discovered the water at the end of the dock ( ramp next to Arnies)is no more than 6 inches deep. You couldn’t even launch a canoe there without hitting bottom. Still a fair amount of ice around the Krenzer launch. And yes, the ramp next to the Coast Guard station is still closed.
  3. Just bought some new spoons from R & R Tackle. Great looking spoons at a fantastic price. Do yourself a favor and take a look at their spoons. You can find them at: mytacklebox.com
  4. I saw no indication that work was being done to the ramp.
  5. Spoke with Tracy Durham, Town Clerk, via email concerning the boat launch next to the Coast Guard Station. Her reply was: “I would dare say that ramp might not be avail for a while”. If anyone notices the launch next to Arnies becomes clear of ice, please let me know. Bear Creek will have to do for now.
  6. Thanks. Bear Creek may be an option. I believe one must purchase a launch permit from the Town of Ontario. Am I correct?
  7. In case you were wondering: The launch next to Arnie’s Marine is still very much locked in ice. Buzzed over to the launch at the Coast Guard Station to take a look for open water. MUCH road work going on with detours and single lane areas in place but finally got to the ramp. Plenty of open water but the ramp is blocked off with construction equipment and rip rap. I have always stuck with fishing for browns in March out of Sodus. Does anyone know how long the Coast Guard ramp will be unavailable?
  8. Treman is fine. I launched my Fishmaster 196 at Treman last week. I use this site for water levels on Cayuga. https://waterdata.usgs.gov/ny/nwis/uv?cb_62614=on&format=gif_default&site_no=04233500&period=45&begin_date=2018-10-04&end_date=2018-10-24
  9. Out at 5:45am, went right to 155fow. Trolled until 9:30 when we landed a laker, 10 minutes later an 8lb steelhead, 5 minutes later a coho. Trolled until 3:15 when we got our next hit but broke off at the leader. All spoons, all 40-70’ down. Beautiful day on the water. IMO Sandy Pond seems to be more for pleasure boaters than fishing boaters. That’s fine but man that skinny water inlet sure gets crowded.
  10. Orange spoon took the steelhead. Purple/w black took salmon.
  11. All spoons and yes we marked quite a few fish. Most were down between 40 and 80.
  12. We set up in 100 feet of water at 10:30 AM Kept looking for 200+ feet of water but never found it. We caught two small kings and one 10 pound steelhead in 155 feet of water. Straight out from the inlet. The two small kings ranged in the 2 to 3 pound range and were both caught 50 feet down over 155 feet of water the steelhead came 70 feet down in 155fow. Drinking beer at 5:30pm. gonna go right back out to 1:55 in the morning first time at Sandy pond for us. I don’t much care for the inlet.
  13. Launching mid morning on 6/17. 5:30am launching on 6/18 and 6/19. I will holler on 71 when I start yanking them over the rail.
  14. We will be fishing out of Sandy Pond Wednesday-Friday. We will post reports. If anyone has any “good” news please pass it along. thanks
  15. Thanks for the report. Much appreciated.
  16. Same with us. Blank screen. Trolled from 6:30am until 1:00pm from 50fow out to 230fow. Surface temps steady at 54deg. Down 70’ temp was 41 deg. Did I mention blank screen? we were tickled pink to hook a steelhead and landed 1 laker. But man was it a beautiful day on the lake.
  17. Launched at 6:30am and pulled out at 2pm. Tried in close for browns for first 2 hours. Stayed in 20-30 fow. Had 3 hits but missed them. Moved out into 100-160fow and picked up 3 lakers on riggers/spoons. Very little to look at on screen. But man was it a beautiful day on the water. Water temp wanted to stay at 46.8 deg and 41deg down 90’. We did find some 50deg water straight out from the inlet. We thought it would be crowded being the start of memorial day weekend but it was not.
  18. Looking for bucktail jigs from 1/4 to 1 oz. Let me know what you have.
  19. Yowza. Makes sense. And spot on with the musky fisherman. It belonged to an old time musky fisherman.
  20. Found this in an old tackle box from a garage sale. anyone know what it is? the green part is lead.
  21. Trophy Seeker is correct. This is a 4 stroke.
  22. Motor is almost new. Save yourself some $$$$
  23. Back in September 2019 a good friend of mine and an avid fisherman passed away. He had been diagnosed with Leukemia in early 2018. In assisting his widow I posted my friend's SUV for sale on this site and ended up selling it to an LOU member. I am once again helping her by selling my friend's Boat, Motor, and Trailer. The BOAT: First word that comes to mind is OLD! If you ever had the desire to restore an old boat then you should check this out. This boat is from the early 60's. It predates titles for boats, so no title. It is a Sea King made by Montgomery Ward. It is a 14' deep V. My friend used it often on Cowanesque, and Tioga/Hammond Lakes. The boat has anchors, rod holders, 6 gallon portable gas tank, 2 seats with a third "jump seat" on the bow, and canvass cover. There is also a very old fishfinder in the boat. The TRAILER: Almost as old as the boat. The trailer is a 1971 Sears bunk style. two new tires on the trailer and two new spare tires (4.80-8). We found the title for the trailer. The OUTBOARD: This Yamaha 25hp outboard was bought new from Peters Marine in Mill Hall PA in March 2018 for $4,000. There is a three year warranty on the outboard so there is one year left of warranty coverage (warranty expires 3/12/2021). It is 25hp, electric start, short shaft, tiller. My friend's widow states that it probably has less than 10 hours of run time as he bought it about one month before being diagnosed with leukemia. This outboard also has a dolphin installed. The TROLLING MOTOR: The 40lb Minn Kota Endura Max was bought at the same time as the Yamaha 25. So it is 2 years old also. We would love to sell the whole package to someone for $4,000. But,,, we will also entertain parting out. If you are interested in something listed like the "next to new with no tax outboard" let me know what you are willing to pay. Everything listed is located in Mansfield PA. Thanks and good fishing.
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