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  1. Found this in an old tackle box from a garage sale. anyone know what it is? the green part is lead.
  2. Trophy Seeker is correct. This is a 4 stroke.
  3. Motor is almost new. Save yourself some $$$$
  4. Back in September 2019 a good friend of mine and an avid fisherman passed away. He had been diagnosed with Leukemia in early 2018. In assisting his widow I posted my friend's SUV for sale on this site and ended up selling it to an LOU member. I am once again helping her by selling my friend's Boat, Motor, and Trailer. The BOAT: First word that comes to mind is OLD! If you ever had the desire to restore an old boat then you should check this out. This boat is from the early 60's. It predates titles for boats, so no title. It is a Sea King made by Montgomery Ward. It is a 14' deep V. My friend used it often on Cowanesque, and Tioga/Hammond Lakes. The boat has anchors, rod holders, 6 gallon portable gas tank, 2 seats with a third "jump seat" on the bow, and canvass cover. There is also a very old fishfinder in the boat. The TRAILER: Almost as old as the boat. The trailer is a 1971 Sears bunk style. two new tires on the trailer and two new spare tires (4.80-8). We found the title for the trailer. The OUTBOARD: This Yamaha 25hp outboard was bought new from Peters Marine in Mill Hall PA in March 2018 for $4,000. There is a three year warranty on the outboard so there is one year left of warranty coverage (warranty expires 3/12/2021). It is 25hp, electric start, short shaft, tiller. My friend's widow states that it probably has less than 10 hours of run time as he bought it about one month before being diagnosed with leukemia. This outboard also has a dolphin installed. The TROLLING MOTOR: The 40lb Minn Kota Endura Max was bought at the same time as the Yamaha 25. So it is 2 years old also. We would love to sell the whole package to someone for $4,000. But,,, we will also entertain parting out. If you are interested in something listed like the "next to new with no tax outboard" let me know what you are willing to pay. Everything listed is located in Mansfield PA. Thanks and good fishing.
  5. 2007 Honda Fit. Craigslist, Elmira NY, Cars and Trucks https://elmira.craigslist.org/cto/d/mansfield-2007-honda-fit-sport-4d/7115373152.html https-::elmira.craigslist.org:cto:d:mansfield-2007-honda-fit-sport-4d:7115373152.html.webloc
  6. Nautitroller, On Thursday 3/26/20 I launched my Fishmaster 196 out of Treman. Got in and out with no problems. Kicked up some mud but no issues. No issues in channel to the the lake. Lake level on 3/26 was 379.9. I have always found this to be my minimum level to launch out of Treman.
  7. 3 pics taken. 3 pics posted. Everything released except one Brown.
  8. Launched at public launch next to Arnie’s at 8am. Turned west at end of inlet. Interestingly there was hardly a whisper of a breeze but fairly large swells coming out of the east. Not bad but the large swells seemed odd to me. we hammered the Browns with a few Atlantic’s mixed in. Largest brown was 9 lbs. Lost count early on but we landed 25-30 fish. Three of us on the boat and we had 2 triples, and at least 5 doubles. Most were in the 5-9lb range and plenty of little guys. 20fow was best for us. J-5’s and 7’s. Brown trout pattern was tops but everything took fish. Best temp was 38deg. All planer board action. Pulled out at 3pm. Hey, note the life jackets.
  9. I was at Treman this morning (3/9/20). Used a long aluminum pole to check depths at each ramp. Very shallow at the ends of the docks 12-16 inches. Too shallow for my Fishmaster 196. Launched at Taughannock.
  10. Launched out of Taughannock at 9:30am. Water level very low, usual for this time of the year. No issues getting my Fishmaster 196 in and out BUT if you launch out of here be wary of the ladder at the end of the dock. Not sure what has happened to it but it has very little bracing and appears as if it is ready to fall off. picked up around 15 lakers, all went back in and to my surprise caught a pike on a spoon with a spin doc in front of it. no landlocked. water temp was 39.2 from surface down to 70’.
  11. Thanks Jeremy, ifishy, yankee troller for the info. I decided to check launches yesterday in my car before hauling the boat up. public launch next to Port of Rochester is a no go for me. Ramp and parking lot has about 5” of snow and bottom of ramp water is all ice out about 40’. BUT, buzzed over to Del Lago and won $400! Cruised down west side of Cayuga. Dean’s Cove road down to the ramp is snow and ice covered. We decided not to drive down. Taughannock launch looks OK. Bubbler was not on though???? pics are of launch on Genny and Taughannock. And as expected Treman launch all iced in.
  12. OK. I Would have thought the area next to the Coast Guard Station in Sodus would be iced over. Never launched in the Genny. Google maps satellite pics show, what looks like, a public ramp next the The Port of Rochester Marina at 1000 N. River St. Looks good from the pics and looks like it is closest to the lake. comments on this (or other) ramp?
  13. I see Irondequoit Bay launch area was usable 9 days ago. anyone in that area know its condition today (1/21/2020)? What about Sodus area launches? thanks for any info. Weather for Thursday and Friday this week looks good so far.
  14. On December 21, 2014 our home burned to the ground. The fire originated in my garage near the spot that I was charging my boat batteries. In our home was a Liberty Gun Safe with 19 guns and various papers inside. The guns and papers survived with minor (mostly water) damage. I tell you this because Liberty Safe replaced my fire damaged safe free through their warranty program. Liberty had three requirements for replacement due to theft or fire: 1) I had to have registered the safe when I bought it. 2) I had to provide pictures of the damaged safe. 3) I had to provide evidence that the contents of my home destroyed in the fire was not fully covered by my home insurance. I met all three requirements and I had a new Liberty Safe in my new house just days after the construction was complete. Liberty’s warranty program is for real.
  15. Another price drop. 421 views and not a single reply. Not sure why.
  16. 2015 Honda Pilot EX-L with VERY low mileage (32,624) and in GREAT shape. This is a ONE OWNER vehicle. This EX-L has every option that was available on the Pilot back in 2015 INCLUDING the Towing Package. Back up camera, XM/Sirius radio, 4 wheel drive, and all the bells and whistles. The color is Dark Cherry Red with a black leather interior. 3.5L engine w/ 5 speed transmission. This vehicle is 4x4 as well. This vehicle also has the third row seating! Original sale price was $37,800 and was bought at Williams Honda (Elmira NY) in 2015. Priced a little below Kelly Blue Book value. 32,624 miles as of 10/8/19 Clean and clear title. No accidents. PA inspection good till 10/2020 Asking $23,000 OBO This price is WELL BELOW Kelly Blue Book value A death in the family prompts this sale. Would really like to sell before the snow flies!! Great Vehicle Send me a PM and I will send you more pictures and my cell number. Located in Mansfield PA.
  17. If you have a Lowrance HDS you MAY have noticed that you lost your DATE and TIME function back in the fall 2018. You MAY have even had issues with GPS navigation. NOT ALL of the HDS units were affected. Mine was affected and I lost my DATE/TME last fall. My date and time re-appeared a couple months ago but it was INCORRECT. I finally contacted Lowrance. Lowrance has a software update fix. Go to Lowrance Tech support. email them with the issue and the unit you have. Make sure to tell them which Generation it is and whether or not it is a touch screen model or not. There is a different "patch" for each generation. I installed the "patch" today and all "seems" fine. I am going fishing tomorrow and will test everything out.
  18. Launched next to Arney's at 615am after waiting way too long for a couple of fishing boats to launch and move out away from the ramp. landed 2 kings, 22lbs and 19lbs by 9:30am and a coho around 10am. Had two throw the hook as well. Everything shut down for us after the coho at 10am. No bites from 10am until pull out at 1:30 pm. Our early bite was in 160FOW down 70 with a temp of 45deg. Spoons, purple/black and green ladder back. Quite a few boats out. great day to be on the water.
  19. Tomorrow is my good day. Thanks for the report, just what I was hoping for.
  20. FYI - I spoke with the township supervisor at 3:00pm on 7/31/19 and he informed me that the new dock is in and work there is completed.
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