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  1. Thanks again Ivan. The pre-loaded (Insight) maps on my HDS have always sufficed but I was taken aback by the fact that this lake did not even appear on the maps. I've always been curious about the Navionics Platinum cards. I have always wondered If they worth the price thanks Mudflat, I will check out the site.
  2. Thanks Ivan. I was hoping someone with experience with the Navionics cards would reply. Thanks again.
  3. I've had this unit for nearly 3 years and love it. I fished Cowanesque Lake in Lawrenceville PA recently and was surprised to see that the lake does not appear on my chart. Cowanesque is a man made reservoir built in the early 80's. comments? Does anyone have any comments on using a Navionics card? thanks
  4. Launched next to Arney's at 5:45am. Set up in 100fow, 80' down ( water temp 43deg) headed north. First king came in 160fow, down 80'. Within the next few hours all six spoons took kings anywhere from 50' down to 100' down. Got into 215fow and turned around and did it again. Purple, Green, Orange, Black,,, color seemed to make no difference. Even had our first triple of the season. We weren't the only boat catching either. At least a dozen other boats in the area. Biggest was 12lbs.
  5. We hope to get some striper fishing in this or next week. Do any of you know of a good deal on lodging anywhere between Kingston and Newburgh? Needs to have enough parking area for my boat. thanks
  6. Great day at Sodus. Launched at public ramp next to Arney's Marine. Turned west outside inlet, ran west for about a mile and set up. We were looking for Browns, planer boards and stick baits, 20 FOW or less. Trolled west. Chalky green water at 49deg,, looked great. Nothing for 1.5 hours, decided to go deeper. Crossing the 35FOW line a king ripped my J-7 black over silver. Still had the light rods out (magda 15's). Nice 10 pounder. Continued for rest of day with 7 kings boated, 4 lost early, 2 steelhead, 1 laker. The laker threw the hook at the boat, biggest laker I've ever hooked in to. And it keeps getting bigger. The stick baits were all that worked until 11am. After that spoons on riggers down 40 in 60 FOW. Most action was about 1.5 miles east of Hughes Marina. Pulled out at 2:30. All fish are still swimming except for 1- 7 pound king. Last year I bought a dozen "Badmo" spoons from a member on this site. They looked odd and I have never met anyone that has used them. Three of my kings, the laker and 1 steelhead came on a Badmo. Other spoons no work. No, I do not have any for sale, but they have worked great this year. its time, get to Sodus, the kings are in close and damn nice ones too.
  7. Does anyone know whether the docks are in place on the public boat launch next to the Black North Inn? On my way up on 4/23/18 and would like to know what to expect. thanks
  8. Launched at Taughannock at 9am. Good news,,, water level is much higher than the last time I was there (3/29/18). I would say 18"-24" higher. The ladder on the dock is in the water!. left inlet and shot straight across to East shore. Trolled north until we got to the power station. Is that power station still operating? Boards with sticks, riggers with spoons. No hits till we got to the power station, all spoons on riggers, all lakers, 80fow. Surface temp was 38 deg. Saw very few fish on screen. Was very happy to pick up half dozen lakers (8 passes in front of power station). Continued on North for 45 minutes, crossed over to west side, trolled back to Taughannock. All fish caught were in front of power station. Pulled out at 3pm. Great weather today.
  9. Visited the Conesus Inlet today (4/6/18). Our first time there AND seeing walleye. Did not see any pike but spotted 15-20 walleye along the Creek up to the spillway. Never seen this before, very cool. Get there if you never have before.
  10. I will second that,,, very nice and informative report. thanks
  11. FYI In case you use Taughannock launch: The Taughannock boat ramp will be closed 3/5/18 to 3/9/18 and perhaps into the following week. So states a sign posted on the dock. a contact number 607-387-6739 is also posted.
  12. Tried to launch out of Treman at 8am. Channel is clear but the water was so low my Fishmaster 196 got stuck in the mud at the ramp. Finally got it back on trailer and scooted up to Taughannock. No problem getting in and out here. Trolled West side. Worked the boards in close this time. Stayed in 30fow or less most of the time with sticks off the boards, both shallow and deep divers. Picked up 10 LL, biggest was maybe 22", but most were 12-14". Picked up a nice brown that was close to 3lbs. Moved out to 100fow for about an hour and ran the riggers down 80' and picked up 4 lakers ( the 22" LL took a deep diver off the board in 100FOW). Pulled out out 1:30pm. Water was a steady 37.7deg. i see a few reports of Browns caught out of Irondeqoit and Olcott. I assume Sodus is still locked up with ice?
  13. Very nice! Thanks for the report, I just love these early reports.
  14. Launched at Taughannock at 10:30am, pulled out at 3:00pm. Air temp was 23 deg at 10:30 and 33deg at 3:00. The water level is LOW but was able to get my Fishmaster 196 in and out. Started to troll north after exiting inlet but too many ice chunks so we turned south on the west side. Planer boards with small rapalas and riggers at 70' with spoons was our plan. Picked up half dozen lakers on riggers and 4 LL (12 inchers) on sticks. Water temp was 37.1 deg from surface down to 70'. Ramp area clear of snow AND there was rock salt spread on ramp. Saw one other boat.
  15. Launched out of T Falls at 9:30am. Water Temp was steady at 38.9 deg from surface to 70' down which is where we had the riggers set when we started catching. Just north of inlet was dead for us. South of the inlet we picked up 12 lakers with one at an even 10lbs. Something whacked an F7 black over silver back 175' but lost it right away. Pulled out at 3:30pm with an air temp of 45 deg. Great day to be on the water.
  16. Wow! Thanks guys. I can now replenish with the new Yozuri Crystal Minnow.
  17. Yes JDK, it does resemble NMI. This lure runs shallow,,, maybe 3-5' down, no markins on it at all. I am still hoping someone can put a name on it.
  18. I bought several of these several years ago at a garage sale. Fantastic lure for spring LL. Can anyone tell me what they are and where to get more? Thanks in advance.
  19. Are you looking to buy a new gun safe? If so please read on. I do not have one for sale. I am NOT affiliated in any way with Liberty Gun Safes, but i feel obligated to tell you this story. In December 2014 my home burned to the ground. No sympathies please, we are over it. In my home was a Liberty Gun Safe with 17 guns in it, along with many important papers. After the fire was out and I was allowed to enter what was left I was unable to open the safe due to severe damage. I located a locksmith and he was able to drill through the side of the safe and get it open. Everything in the safe was OK but very wet. Some of the papers had singe marks, some scopes suffered some damage, and the rubber pads on the gun butts suffered some damage as well. BUT everything in the safe was saved. Now why am I telling you this? Here is the best part. After rebuilding our home I needed a new safe. I went to Liberty's website and began checking out the new lineup. I noticed a tab on the site that was named "Warranty". I clicked on the tab and discovered that if your Liberty safe is damaged by fire or theft Liberty will replace (or repair) it FREE!!!! I called Liberty and discovered that this warranty is for real!! I was told I needed three things: 1) A picture of the damaged safe. That was easy, we had many pictures from our burned home. 2) I had to have registered it when I bought it. I did!! And the person from Liberty provided me with my registration number. 3) I needed verification from the insurance company that they did not already cover it in my policy. I had a letter from my insurer stating that my losses exceeded my coverage for "contents". I sent the three items above to Liberty and had a voucher for a FREE safe within 2 weeks. I took the voucher to Gander Mountain and after a little checking I was given a new safe. FREE. I tell people this story each December. I am sure other companies would do the same but I was simply astonished by Liberty's warranty. Good luck with whatever safe you buy.
  20. Sodus 9/22/17 Launched next to Arney's at 7am. Nice SW wind until 9am when it swung around to the NE making it a tad rough. Fished until noon. Marked only a few fish. Never got any deeper than 150fow. Never took a hit. Never saw more than 5 other boats on the lake. Many boats fishing in the bay.
  21. No, not just the reels. 6' mast base for mast electric dual reels All new cables and switches for both electric reels
  22. Although I am still using the mast I can let it go now rather than waiting till spring. Note that this dual reel electric mast has brand new cables. I purchased them from big Jon just this past summer. The cables come with 20 feet of 16–2 wire, male and female power cords, switch Housing with rocker switches, and a 10 amp breaker. New cables for each reel. The big Jon part number for these cables is 51145/ASM2. The cables cost me $140 each, Plus shipping. There is also new 135lb line on both reels. I thought that I would really like electric reels but I found that I still prefer manuals. I just ordered a manual dual mast from anchorexpress.com. I will sell the electrics for $450. I live a little south of Corning NY. I fish Cayuga Lake and Lake Ontario out of Sodus and Oak Orchard often.
  23. 1). I have a big Jon dual reel electric with spanking brand new electrical cable and switches. Planned on advertising in March but if you are interested let me know. 2). Rochester's Craigslist under "sporting" has a big Jon dual manual with 2 otterboats for $400. 3). anchor express.com had a sale on big Jon dual manuals, new for $209, but the sale may have ended on 8/31/17.
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