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  1. Yep, how embarrassing. Super Cab, NOT Crew Cab. Edited for correctness. Thanks for the compliments and yes it is a very nice truck,, Clean and Strong. Previous owner and I have kept the truck well maintained. This truck averages 5,000 miles per year!
  2. Thanks Pappy. It looks like the conditions for launching there have not changed much in the last few weeks.
  3. Pappy: where do you plan to launch? Last report I saw on here was that the water level was so low that the launch next to Arnies Marine was unusable.
  4. Just an FYI: I submitted the info to Rapala on 1/28/21. I did not receive a reply from Rapala until today 2/18/21. So, if you are waiting for a response from Rapala, be patient.
  5. Rapala is offering a free replacement if you have a certain rechargeable battery for your fillet knife.
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